Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Have Fun and Play~

I really like this feature at Bighugelabs.

It's so easy..You can do some with family photos..food..vacation shots.

Easy as pie.. Pick the Magazine Cover and experiment!


  1. I would buy this magazine filled with your creative talent in a heartbeat! Fun shot, I'm off to find bighugelabs.

  2. fun cover, and you deserve it!

    ps, your link is not working...

  3. Great cover, Monique !
    I will have to go play but my skills are limited...
    How Do you make a clickable link??

  4. Hi jain..Oy it's not a link:(

    I must learn..Just Google Bighugelabs:)

    Until I know what I am doing..

    Sorry everyone..

  5. Great cover! I love it!ploga

  6. Monique, I'm amazed it took you this long to start your own blog, but happy, nonetheless. Congratulations!

    Now, who do I have to bribe to get more hours in a day, just so I can keep up with all of you guys?

  7. Monique, how clever....It may be from bighugelabs, but your creativity makes it special.

    Love the picture of your praline cheesecake. It looks positively sinful (in a good way).

    I think La Table de Nana would make a wonderful magazine filled with Monique touches.

  8. I like seeing you visit and I appreciate your comments..

    I am learning from you all:)

    Thanks..hope I can keep it up..


  9. I could be real :)

    I want to have fun too - after Thanksgiving, I think. I will bookmark it.

  10. Cleaver, Monique... a best selling magazine!