Monday, November 17, 2008

Love Letters...

I look at every e-mail I get from my daughters as love letters..
When I am home ..across the street from one and her family and maybe 15 minutes away from the other and her family.
Or when I am miles away.
We're close..but I still love the written note.. even if it is the new net way.
Because I can read them again.. and smile..or laugh out loud..and because I can enjoy the candid photos they often attach of their children.
I save them all.

And the newscasts ..the latest everything they do..
from actually having a whole sitting up for the first time..
Their first day of school..their first steps.
My daughters are amazing at keeping us up to date one everything.
Last night Lucas..our Lulu.. caught what his brother Max had and his mom has.. an ugly bug that gives you a very upset stomach..Poor darling is 3 now and realizes this is not normal ..

He woke up with his favorite pink blanket not so pink:(..
His tummy still upset he still needed trips to the bathroom.. As his little body was reacting to this upset stomach.. he asked his mommy if he was doing it the right way..:)"Like this?"

3 and pre-school is... I guess the transitional age.. of letting it happen without knowing.. and knowing.
She is always so in tune with her small boys ..she never misses a word action..a reflection.

He was hugged.. taken care of..kissed and put to bed in a clean fresh nest.
He loves his mommy and his eyes light up every time he looks at her.
I know..I see it almost every day.
It's a wonderful feeling to see your children be role models for yourself..


  1. monique i have felt blessed since we meet in cyber space so many years ago... i have loved our friendship and daily emails, but i love you having this personal space, to speak so poignantly from your heart. you are able to embellish all that i know about you, but in such a huge beautiful way. your girls are only apples from the tree, they learned all the love and joy in family that you shared, they are carbon copies of their wonderful mommie~

  2. Mom..I love that you have a blog now, but you cannot make me cry every morning with your beautiful stories. XXXXX

  3. How perfectly sweet, Mme. M!

    And it made me cry, too. Happy tears. xo~m.