Friday, December 5, 2008

Light Fare Today~

Last year I shared this idea I saw in a home here in my small town..
A few of us made one..or 2 ..or more:)

Anyway..just in case you have never seen this..they are fun to do..

You simply buy a glass block that they sell in hardware stores.. the kind they use to make part walls or shower enclosures etc..

and have someone or yourself..drill a hole at the back.. large enough to fit a string of mini lights.. insert the strand.. leave the plug hanging out..and wrap it like a present..It becomes a lovely bright and shiny gift!

Use caution..I never leave them on when I am out..
But I have touched my blocks and they are not too warm.I do have this one on a small coaster because it's on a dark wood table..I have let it peek out for you to see...But on my glass protection.


  1. What a clever idea and the perfect way to brighten up a dark corner. The hard part will be getting my busy son to drill the holes. I'll bribe him with a plate of cookies.

  2. oh nana i did the same post today too! soo funny! i wanted to share it early so others could make them too~

    gosh i never thought about heat once, i have serveral on wood too...

  3. Monique, This and Evie's lit-up wine bottles are two of my favorite decorating/gift ideas.

    Ingenious~ that's you. :)

  4. Those are gorgeous!

  5. I see a trip to the hardware store in my future. I had forgotten about them until I saw Jain's post and now yours - I must try them.