Thursday, December 4, 2008

My First Darling Baker's ~


Jain at onceinabluemoon Initiated this first Darling Baker's petite tryout:)

I think it's a success..
I brought some to my daughter's home and we all enjoyed a cup of her dark hot chocolate with one of the marshmallows on top..It melts into the rich creamy chocolate and gives it a nice not to sweet..sweetness:)

I don't think I would have ever tried w/out Jain's kick off to our little group of DBs~
She was kind enough to share the rceipe also..
If anyone wants to try..I give it 2 thumbs up..

On their own they are pretty tasty too.

Here is the recipe link..

Just click on the PDF file and thanks to the creator..there is the recipe for you..Thank you Browniepoints and Jain.


  1. so beautiful monique! i love yours, well, they look french!

  2. They do look french with the background and frosted glass :-)

    Monique, they look so wonderful and how in the world did you ever cut them so straight? Perfection as in everything you do!

    I am looking forward to doing mine next week.

  3. It's me that deleted above..

    Too rushed to tell you I used the pizza cutter like the recips said M..

    I had typos..
    I still don't know how to edit:)


  4. Monique, the marshmallows look perfect.... Did L and M like them?

  5. They love Marshmallows Cynthia......yes.. we cut up bite sized ones for M.. Lulu.. kept dunking it in his hot chocolate and taking it out and biting it:)

    They have a great mom.. she smiles..:)

    Did Addi love hers when you made them?

  6. Hi Monique... and I just have to say, they have a great Nana too!

    The marshmallows, they look wonderful, and yes, perfect! Love your know I do!

    Mine are on the countertop, drying.

    What recipe? I couldn't find where to click! Duh.

  7. Never mind... I found it! Someday, I'll get the hang of this.

  8. Cute, cute, cute and very 'Monique'. I couldn't find the PDF to click on.

  9. yes, a success, they look super!

    Great picture! Picture perfect :)

    Pizza cutter, good idea! I have my ingredients! Will attempt mine soon. I've never been darling, LOL, never been a baker, but I can be a darling baker?

  10. Lovely picture M...we enjoyed our marshies too. I will post a pic this weekend.

  11. They look excellent! I will use the pizza cutter...I love it for cutting brownies...