Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bee Happy~

A few months ago..I saw this fun video on Youtube..
The author was so nice and sweet sounding..she made it sound easy from the get go..and they are..(Thank you Mayen!)
Enjoy! They can decorate so many things..
For Queen Bees:) and anything you want to make beeautiful~

Who can resist those little faces?


  1. How CUTE are THEY!?!!
    Monique, you find the most fascinating and unique things on the internet.

    I'll bet there are certain little boys who are crazy for Nana's bee-u-tiful bees. :)

    Just darling! xo~m.

  2. these are so cute! beeutiful nana, whatcha putting them on? did you ever order the hive cake?

  3. Heard the buzz, Nana, came to see! Actually saw the buzz over at FG and flew over fast! LOL! congrats on FG!

    You come up with the CUTEST!!!!!!! Adorable!

    Bee yoo tee full!

  4. OK, I'll bite!
    They are adorable! Leave it to you!

  5. Ahhhh, Monique, how cute are they!

    Have the boys seen them? Nana makes bears and bees (and lots of other good things).

    What are you going to do with them?

  6. Hi girls..I have made them already!

    These were in my archives:)Lulu loved them:)

    I shopped all aft. yesterday with one DD.. so I went into my reserve..I had put these on a cake..No beehive yet..Maybe on a future trip to the US.
    I had ordered one from a canadian company .. ..and after almost 2 months of being on reserve..on sale..I canceled the order.. 2 days later.. it was in stock..but they did not honor the coupon they had sent me because by that time it was expired.I was so surprised!
    So I did not order.
    I am accustomed to wonderful CS at
    Anyways..There's always more trips to the US..I hope:)

    Cute pan and the kids would love it.(Great excuse!)

    Honestly..I'm so grateful for everything we have at our disposition to learn on the internet.
    So nice when people share their great ideas.


  7. They are sooooo cute, M, and sweet too, I'm sure ;) I have to watch the video to see how - You find the best stuff!

  8. Adorable! Brooke, my co-blogger, did little marzipan bees to decorate a cake (Nigella's chocolate and honey cake I think), but used almond slivers for the wings.

  9. Well, I can't resist those beeming little critters. Adorable, M!

  10. Those are so cute and tiny, I'm not sure I could make those and not get frustrated or hand cramps.