Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My friend is hosting a Darling Baker's Soup Week..
I chose French Onion Soup because I never tire of it and I LOVE it.
I started it this morning before work..and planned on serving it for lunch tomorrow to get a nice crisp daylight photo for her:)

I caramelized my onions a whole new way at 7.30 a.m..

The new way,was found Leslie's Blog
She's got a lot of exciting things happening right now and I found her via Foodgawker.
So off I went to work after caramelizing them her new way..and came home much later to discover that my husband thought we were having it no crisp clear daylight shots..Juts a snowstorm blistery loads of snow accumulation day dinner here in the North Pole:(

It's so good..

I caramelized 4 onions..thinly sliced in the my small red Staub Cocotte...
Then put my Cocotte on the stove with a tablespoon of butter..some thyme.. and garlic...reduced with some sherry ..maybe one ounce.. a shot glass full...
added one liter of beef stock and a fresh bayleaf from my bayleaf tree.. and simmered a bit..adjusted the s and p.. and added my DSIL's ingredient..1 tbsp of fine Dijon Mustard.
I made some grilled bread w/ a rubbing of garlic after it's grilling..
And topped my steaming soups with the crouton and grated swiss cheese..
Broiled till golden..a few sprinkles of fresh parsley..
The fire in the living room roaring.. a side of Caesar salad..and a glass of red wine.
Snowstorms..lead to unexpected cozy simple dinners..This is one of them.


  1. this is my favorite soup, but scott won't eat it... neat way to carmelize too! it looks like a symphony of flavor miss m!

  2. Tu adores, une soupe à l l'oignon. Moi aussi........

    (Monique, I swear that I never write French to anyone but you. I see your name and your French phrases and my brain reverts to my studies 40 years ago.)

    Leslie caramelizes onions in the oven using a similar method as Cook's Illustrated. ... Seems like a wonderful method compared to standing over the stove.

    Yours looks delicious.... I can almost smell it. :)

  3. What a beautiful description of your dinner...Sorry for your snow, we just had rain...
    The soup looks excellent...I don't know what to make for the DB soup o rama...I want to try something I have never made...

  4. Beautiful, as always, Monique. It sounds like a perfect dinner; everything! And your narrative, to match.

    I adore French Onion Soup, too. I must go check out the new technique on Leslie's blog.

    Thank you for the tip and link!

  5. Thanks ladies.. Mary you both have a true knack with French.It's fum for me:)

    I really liked her method.It's win-win..:)
    I may make a new soup or a tried and true for Jain.. Few daylight hours to play with and few at home time.
    It's just so much fun her DB's.

  6. French onion soup is a favorite in my home. The best part is the crispy, cheesy crouton that has absorbed all the wonderful onion flavors.

    Perfect for a cold, rainy day.

  7. Wow, you got a head start on the soups and dinner or lunch your photos are still fabulous!! Everything you make just makes me want to try it...can you believe I've never made this soup but love it when eating out.

  8. MMMM, sounds and looks wonderful! I've never met an onion I haven't loved ;) We had soup twice this week!