Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birthday Lunch Out and About~

At France's~

We of course needed a refreshment~

I asked for the special table~
Looking out at the water~

The lake is starting to melt..the sky was blue..and with the camera you can see clear to the other side~

It's like Carmel~By~The~Sea:)(Kidding Jain:) )
This resto is the faculty club as I mentioned..It's a University but houses a college too..I was one of the first yr grads there..in the 70's..as you walk out of the resto and look across the street some of the on campus housing for professors..is right there..I like the 70's look of this pic.. (Pioneer Woman) I don't have PS CS2 so this is as far as I get..

The college itself..the old building..is beautiful..

Next time I will drive up and take a pic!

The inside is quite faculty clubbbish.. tasteful..I like all the wood..We eat in a sunroom/dining room with windows all around overlooking the water..

The food was as good as last time.. We had the escargots again..Jacques had rack of pork~

With veggies and mushroom sauce..
I had the Napoleon of Fennel and Eggplant w/ salad.

Jacques had the Profitéroles for dessert and I succumbed again..

To the crunch of the beautiful maple syrup CB..

It is just so perfect..

Everyone was as nice as can be.. We had a lovely time..If you look closely enough..you will see our wonderful chef..my daughter's MIL..

As we drove past the front..Jacques said..look there she is in the kitchen..she saw us wave and opened he window with a big smile to wave goodbye..the stone..the blue..the way she looks and her name.. of course reminded me of France..right here.
A perfect day for J.


  1. oh i am so happy to see these pics! is just like carmel by the sea, well goes university in quebec kinda feel! actually its wonderful, very old world charm indeed!

    your pics are so good, the food looks fantastic, the decor warm and inviting, oh no wonder you love it there so much!

    i can't get over a frozen lake... you tell me it cold all the time, a pic is worth a 1000 words...

    beautiful bday for all, thanks so much for sharing, i loved it! and that cream brulee... omg~

  2. A beautiful celebration ~ such a lovely place. Carmel-by-the-Sea! :) :) :)

    Thank you for taking us along Mme. M ~ I, too, can see why you love it, beautiful surroundings, fabulous food, wonderful memories and the family connection. Perfection! xo~m.

  3. A picture perfect B'day celebration for J. Lovely,lovely!

  4. Your photos are beautiful, Monique. And what a lovely birthday lunch.

  5. The joy in the day shines through in your post. What a beautiful setting for a resto and your food photos are fabulous.

  6. That sounded just perfect! A lovely day!
    I really had to look to see the chef, but finally she appeared to me!!
    Oh that lake looks so cold!
    But the place looked warm and comforting! :)

  7. I love those old Club style dining rooms. Comfort!!

    Both your dinners look great, but it is Jacques Rack of Pork with a mushroom sauce and that lovely mound of mashed potatoes that is calling my name.

  8. What a beautiful place, Monique. I love the old-world charm and your lunches look delicious. What a delightful way to spend a birthday!