Sunday, March 15, 2009

St Patrick's Day~

Funny ,you may think... for a French canadian girl to participate:)

Truth grandfather was of Irish descent and married a French girl~Their last names prove it..
A love story I am told~

So here is my tribute to St-Paddy's Day.. my being part Irish:) The green eyes..
A festive table thanks to friends:) last year..Warmed my Irish/French heart~

Irish Green Topiaries:) So pretty and fresh after our looong winter!

...Little add-on..A tag of course~

Apart from the 4 leaf clover Killarney Spoon and another w/ Killarney at it's heart in my collage from family..
I do treasure this pin I add on to my clothing every St-Paddy's Day..
See the small clover w/ rhinestone pin?

Dinner was thanks to one of my DD's who made a Stout Stew..
and brought leftovers..I simply added the shamrock shaped puff pastry tops~

She even brought Cornbread muffins that were out of this world~

I made a Ricardo dessert..
Chocolate Mint Tarts..

The tuiles are glucose syrup tuiles w/ pistachios..(for the green effect:) )

and sugared mint~

The interior of the chocolate tarts are Crème De Menthe and chocolate ganache..

Thank you made this dinner easy for me..

Have I told you J really enjoys beers? Like wine?

He even likes the glasses that go with..

French.. French Canadian.. Japanese..Irish..Scottish..:)American..

Italian.. Mexican..all of them!

For this festive day~

Have a wonderful celebration everyone..


  1. Once again - you amaze me with your artistry!
    It all looks so lovely.

  2. Love your celebration, M..Happy St. Patrick's Day! Yes, fond memories of last year!
    Enjoy the day, sunny here..good for the parade in the city!

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Monique! Beautiful collage and that dessert is singing an Irish tune to me ;) I love, love the tuile! Beautious!

  4. A beautiful collage to start the part and every photo kept getting better! Happy St. Patrick's day to you Monique...wish I could join you for tea and a piece of that tart. I'll save the Irish beer for Jacques.

  5. Monique, Beau! That dessert looks downright delicious! Yes, you always make a festive table. So nice that your DD made it easier for you.

  6. oh wow that Guinness shot is incredible, really its beautiful. je crois que j'ai, hmmmm peut etre 50 photos de Guinness, mais ca c'est un bonbon pour les yeux. bravo! et il y a beaucoup de canadiens francais qui sont lignée d'irlande, la mère de ma grande mère était irlandaise. hehe. vive st patrique!

  7. Beautiful Monique. The tart looks incredible. And that Guinness pic, I have to agree with Mallory, just plain amazing!