Friday, June 5, 2009

Un Air De Provence~

I adored Provence~ We hope to go back one day~
I was reading beautiful blogs last night and was Googling a recipe I keep searching for..Poulet à la Provençale,au Miel de Lavande~I even made my own Lavender Honey..I have tried 2 recipes and not even close:(

We ate it in Provençal.I would love that recipe!
My mouth still waters at the taste of it..and all my senses are awakened from that trip.

I found a few Lavender recipes and this one caught my eye because I had a beautiful unused fennel bulb here..

I found the recipe at Travel and Eat/France~

Lavender/ Fennel/Onion :)

Beau et Bon!

Easy as pie:) to make and I still have a tiny bit of lavender left until this season's lavender blooms..Did I mention I lost 2 plants? And will replenish? loved by me:)

Next I have to get cracking on a folding table to accomodate my little tablecloths I bought there..For outside.They don't fit our Hexagonal table that we have for our ever growing family:)

A delicious..quick fix dinner w/ a salad on the side~

La Recette~

For the dough~

115g flour
1 pinch of salt
50 g butter cold and cubed
2 tbsps cold water

For the garnish

75 g butter
1 Spanish onion cut in thin slices
1 beautiful fennel bulb cut in thin slices
2 tbsps of fresh lavender flowers or 1 tbsps of dried culinary lavender blossoms chopped
15 cl of crème fraiche
2 egg yolks

Mix the butter and flour until it looks like crumbs:) Add water ..make a boule:)

I used 2 ind. removeable bottom tart pans..perhaps 4 inches across.

Prick bottom w/ fork and blind bake at ap 400 for 5 mins//Remove blind baking components and bake an additional 5 mins..

Meanwhile.. Melt butter and caramelize the onions and fennel..add seasonings..

Mix the 2 egg yolks w/ lavender and I added some Hebes De Provence..

Put the filling in the blind baked crusts.. add the egg yolk mixture and bake at ap 375 for 20 mins..

I am not linking to a recipe as I have changed things..

Top w/ some more dried lavender and sprigs of fennel..

Un Air De Provence..? Définitivement!

No matter when or where we ate in Provence.. there was a particular,appreciated,"soin" (caring..attention to detail...)

Did I mention we loved Provence?


  1. I love lavender to cook with as well as for linens. I'll have to try this recipe -- but fennel is a rare find on the prairie.

    I have a great lot of lavender in the herb beds at Linderhof -- the cultivar that does best on the prairie? Provence!

  2. You make me want to put in some lavender in my little garden! I can just imagine that heavenly fragrance wafting through the yard... mmmmm.

    The tart looks lovely. Another one of your lovely recipes on my 'to-try' list!

  3. Bonjour Monique,
    I love lavender honey too and miss Provence so much. I will have to try this recipe and we'll eat at the farm table... love this time of year!
    Happy Weekend to you!

  4. I take it you loved Provence :)

    Beautiful setting and I love the

  5. I was just thinking about your pretty tart and forgot to add how delicious it looks! Merci for the recipe!

  6. Susan you made me smile:) The plates are from last yr~

    HomeGoods in the USA..they only had 2,and they were so all your HomeGoods:)
    The tart is good,even w/ no cheese! I like the way they suggested to placing a dampened paper on top..instead of a lid that creates press the paper on the veggies..I used parchment..added Herbes De Provence.. to my liking too:)

    The translation is often quick..but I know you all get the ings..etc:)

    I hope you all have scales.I love mine!


  7. Please tell me when you are opening your house as a bed and breakfast...

    the only problem I see with that is

    I may never leave.


  8. Wow, your photos are exquisite! I'm glad I found your's interesting and beautiful!

  9. Tu as raison d'aimer la Provence; C'est une région exceptionnelle ! ;o))
    Il faut absolument que vous reveniez. Il y a tellement de belles choses à voir. En ce moment, les lavandes sont en fleurs et il y en a partout ...
    J'essaye ta tarte ... simple comme une tarte ... cette semaine ... Elle me fait trop envie pour attendre !

  10. Ohh wow Monique. Just wow. This is art.


  11. Hélène.. ma seule peine c'est de ne pas avoir vu la lavande lors de mon voyage~J'ai aussi manqué les tournesols en Italie~
    Par contre.. j'ai vu les vignes lourdes de raisin!Tout était époustoufflant pour moi:)
    Ce soir en dînant..nous avons regardé un de nos films.. Cassis ,Gordes,Bonnieux et Lacoste.
    Que de beaux souvenirs.
    Je pense souvent à vous maintenant:) J'espère que vous aimerez cette petite tarte savoureuse..

    Ms.Flowers(Love that name:) ) I hope you like it~
    Thanks for your nice comments.