Saturday, July 4, 2009

Forgive my July 4th Indulgence~

But it's good to be Prince of July 4th in Canada~
I am one today:) And I loved the Bouncing playground my parents had for my big brother..big cousins and friends and I today..

It was so much fun!

Even though I am the smallest for now..I got up! On my own..
I had a fun party.. lots of guests..great food and a cupcake tower..Pretty little gifts.. and my first ever sweet.. a cupcake:)

The weather was very iffy.. But I will only remember the sunshine of this day~

There.. Nana had her fun~

Thanks for letting her indulge~


  1. such sweet indulgence! who cares about the weather, they had a ball!

    first sweet ever? omg, if only i had never ever started...

    happy 4th from ca to ca~

  2. What a fun 4th of July! It rained, rained, rained here, but the kids did take a dip in the lake in the one non-rainy part of the day.

  3. awww . . . what a little sweetie pie! Looks like he had a Happy Birthday!

  4. "Birthday Prince" Too adorable for words. What a wonderful day.

  5. What a sweet post, Monique, and Happy Birthday to Noah.

    I always enjoy seeing the "rear end" pics of little ones. Definitely a cute look with a diaper padded bottom.

    Imagine the fun your little boys will have over the years together. Very special....

  6. The sweetest boys ever. Just give me a spoon.

  7. I love Sara's future prince Noah - they have the same chubby little hands. Too cute - looks like everyone had a wonderful time including Nana.