Monday, August 31, 2009

Soul Food 19

"A late summer garden has a tranquility found no other time of the year."
- William Longgood


  1. Merci, Monique! You just uplifted my spirits with your lovely photos.

  2. There's that dragon fly again!!! sun flowers...pointing their heads toward the sun. For my lesson in waiting mine is pointing toward the son...too...Vintage dinner sounds wonderful along with your omelet. Now that D. has lost 50 lbs. he will entertain eggs for dinner, before that it was aways ..."I really don't like breakfast for dinner"!!! Your never to old to change !!!Lol. Love the "golf pro" on your precious...D. would love that, he makes clubs and all the Grandsons are equipped!!!!
    Have the best day M. xoxo~Kathy.

  3. Very beautiful, Monique. I love the shades of yellow in the garden, especially sunflowers.

  4. This makes my heart smile. You must have an amazing garden!

  5. Your sun-flower compilation show so much warmness and summer... its wonderful. The sunflowers in our garden are blooming just as well.

  6. This makes me smile wide! It just says sunshine and carefree days to me. All of the shots except for the gorgeous little guy in the center could have been taken in my own garden and those small little yellow you know the name? They grow wild here in the garden and the grove and even some ditches and when people ask I just say brown-eyed susans but I'm pretty sure that's not right. Would love to know the real name if you know? Is there a new baby in your world yet?

  7. Un grand MERCI pour la gentillesse de ton message à l’occasion du mariage de mon fils, en leur nom et le mien. Très belle cérémonie suivie d’une jolie réception, avec larmes d’émotion et un immense bonheur. Celui de construire une vie à deux.
    Je viens de voir tes billets, je craque à fond d'un sentiment très fort...bravissima...

  8. Merci beaucoup pour votre visite...ça me fais plaisir de vous connaitre moi aussi!

  9. Lovely, late summer sunshine in your garden, Monique! Who is the wee blond in the center?

    I spied some new charming photos on your sidebar :)

  10. Good evening!

    Marsha.. they are to me all small or bigger:)Rudbeckias or Black eyed Susans ... I know..they are different the wee ones..But they still are yellow w/ deep brown almost black center..they are tall though not short..

    The new wee one is not here yet..Mommy was told to pack her bags last week so you can imagine..:)
    She looks wonderful..the boys are great too:)

    Susan..the wee one is a friend..I was with him a field and he just looked so adorable:)Ours are adorable too but not so blond like the sunflowers and goldenrod and wheat ~

    My goodness Kathy..50 lbs! What an achievement..The clubs were Lulus bday present:)

    Thank you for your nice comments everyone..Have a wonderful evening..

  11. That's lovely, Monique..
    Keeping good thoughts for the new baby!
    I have black eyed Susans. I took some from my mom's house when we sold it..
    They never grew...Then I dug up a lily to move, and lo and behold there were Susan's the next year.
    It was like she was telling me, "You planted them in the wrong spot!"
    They always make me think of her...

  12. Ohh what beautiful beautiful photos. I went today to a few parks around the town and got some nice shots I think, but these are really gorgeous.

  13. Ta mosaïque jaune est une merveille de lumière et de douceur. Les tournesols sont déjà tout secs chez nous... malgré le temps magnifique et chaud d'hier, ça sent l'automne.

  14. Are you able to share your roasted pepper recipe picture on your right?



  15. Thank you!

    Anonymous.. The recipe is from Chantal at Les Assiettes Gourmandes..At least 1 plus year ago..

    3 large peppers (1 green, 1 red et 1 yellow), 3 Tbsps of ricotta, 2 Tbsps of crème fraîche, 80 g of goat cheese, 1 garlic clove et du basil, and black olives.
    Grill les poivrons in the oven and wrap in cling film or aluminium...Let cool
    Cut the goat cheese and crumble. Add the ricotta ricotta, the crème fraîche, the garlic,crushed, and your basil chopped. Chop the olives and add..
    Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary.
    Peel and remove seeds from the peppers and cut into strips..
    Place cling wrap in the ramekins and place the strips..hanging over the sides of the ramekins...
    Place your filling inside and place the strips back over the filling...

    Wrap.. and keep refrigerated until set..Turn over on a service platter and decorate more:) Serve w/ crostini..crackers.. .

  16. Thank you for your quick reply I will try it on the weekend! I hope to let you know how it turned out....also, I hope it will be as beautiful as your picture!


  17. Refreshing and relaxing all at once!