Saturday, October 10, 2009

Un Conte De Fées..for Bakers and Cooks~

Honestly..sometimes your breath is taken away:)~When I first saw Hélènes' Blog..and I have no idea how I found her..many of you that is the case:)I sent the link to my husband.
It is so rich in photos and words and recipes and life itself~

People say I am easily enchanted..I some extent:)~ This book she posted about was no exception..not to mention the exquisite Nid D'Abeille she made from it~And my affection for Fairies.. and Fairytales~

She was kind enough to email me and tell me that yes..she thought I would like it~
It came today.. and I cannot wait to read every page..

Recipes.. to accompany Fairytales~

I made the Galettes today..the story is so cute!!

It is about an old man who asks his (Old wife:) ) to make him cookies(galettes) and she says she has no flour..he problem..go make some!:)


But.. remember it is a Fairytale after all.:)

I LOVE this little treasure..Merçi Hélène and for having it!

They had said perhaps 1-2 months delivery..~ It came within 2 weeks.
La Recette..

Orange and Lemon Galettes~(Cookies)

125 gr whole wheat flour..I used unbleached AP

100 gr room temp butter
100 gr icing sugar
50 gr ground almonds
20 gr milk..I added a touch of real almond essence
orange zest..and lemon zest

(I love this.. 2 tips of knives:) )

1 tip of knife of ground cinnamon
For golden glaze ..1 beaten egg
For decoration

100 gr candied orange and lemon peel..small dice..

Sift flour on work surface..make a well and add ground almonds..cinnamon..and zests on the butter and icing sugar in well and work w/ tips of fingers until you have an unctuous creamy substance:)..Slowly bring into the well the flour and almonds and rub w/ tips of fingers until you get a consistency resembling sand...add the milk/almond essence until you have a nice cookie dough consistency..w/out working it too much.. Wrap in cling wrap and rerigerate ap 30 mins.

Take the dough out ap 5 mins before rolling it out.. cut w/ a scalloped cutter of ap 6cms in diameter. Cut a circle w/ another cutter of ap 2 cms and place on parchment ap. 5 cms apart.. brush w/ beaten egg for glaze and top w/ candied peel..bake at 180 C..for ap 15 mins or until golden..


Fairy Good!

And I love that it was done by pasta..w/ a well:)


  1. Christine Ferber, c'est aussi la Reine des Confitures .Quand vous viendrez en France , vous irez la voir dans sa boutique en Alsace, à Nierdermorschwihr!

  2. that is sooooooooo adorable! lucky you finding the friend who cooks with fairies! i love your crowning touches, exquisite!

  3. I KNEW you had a magic wand! oui, Alsace est vraiment féérique!

  4. Tu as beaucoup de chance le livre est superbe et tu as fais de beaux gâteaux
    Je suis d'accord avec toi, j'aime bien aller me promener sur le blog d'Hélène
    Et enfin, j'ai plusieurs livres sur les fées et j'ai même réalisé mon arbre à fées, comme je l'appelle, je le montrerai peut être un jour
    Bon week end

  5. Mais quelle chance. Je suis heureuse pour toi. Que j'aime les biscuits que tu as fait.

  6. The cookies look great. Orange is my favorite ingredient for desserts. I'll have to check out the book.

  7. What a charming cookbook, Monique. Sounds like something I'd imagine in your home. The cookies look delicious, I could go for one now. I will look and see if they have the book available here.

    I stopped by because I have a question. I purchased anchovies in coarse salt and oil (fresh from the olive bar, not a can). How do I prepare, do I rinse the salt from them? I hope you don't mind me coming here first to ask. I want to make pasta sauce with them. Hope you're enjoying your weekend and cookies.

  8. oh these cookies are enchanting Monique. Indeed like a fairy tale itself. Cute story and the 'tip of knife' made me smile :)

  9. M... I can just hear your excitement over this NEW book! Love finding that book you can get lost in...I know we shall all reap the rewards of it you share all your accomplishments with us! I'm counting on it!!!!Photography is the best as always...xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...It SNOWED today!!! the 10th of october....Have I lost the little child in me?... I was Not happy... about it

  10. So glad I stumbled on your lovely lovely blog today, it's always nice to find other blogger out and about on the net!

    I must tell you that I like like like your nice blog!

    Agneta & Sweden

  11. Eh bien tu n'as pas perdu de temps pour te mettre en cuisine avec les fées ! Je suis heureuse que le livre te plaise. Voilà de quoi occuper tes longues soirées d'hiver ... et les vacances avec les petits enfants ...
    Grosses bises à toi

  12. The mix of the ingredients sounds really yummy. tip of knife... I use this proverb in german all the time...

  13. Good morning~

    Tracie.. We rinse our capers..I must admit though to regularly buying capers in salt but anchovies in a can like sardines or a small jar..all in oil~
    I hope your recipe turns out well..

    Sinnlighet..Does your name mean Sunlight? I am off to peek at your blog..

    Kathy my husband told me about the snow..

    Too soon!! I wonder if yours lasts as long as mine..:)

    Leafing through the little book I was wondering who will love it later..I do that now that there are all these little ones:)
    Chapot votre arbre m'intrigue beaucoup:)

    Merçi..have a great day..It;s our Thanksgiving lunch today ...

  14. Recipes and fairy tales! That must be a really cute book. I love the photo of the cookies with the star.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Oooh I love new cookbooks and this one looks just fabulous. Those are lovely cookies and sound wonderful!

  16. Oh I love gingerbread houses and cookies in general! I thought I had every book I could get my hands on about gingerbread houses... Thank you so much for this new one!

  17. It's not a surprise that you make friends so easily :) This does sound like the perfect cookbook for you and the cookies are enchanting! They sound delicious!

  18. Raffinés et sûrement délicieux ces biscuits fait avec amour, c'est là toute la féérie.

    Passez une belle journée.