Friday, November 27, 2009

Soul Food #32 and a Glittering Martha Craft..

The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination. ~Ward Elliot Hour

Before I know garden entrance will look like this until ..April..
Thank goodness for Spring:)

I just have a little wait..

But holidays and good cheer are in between..birthdays..and Valentine's..etc...x country skiing and fresh fallen snow..fires in the fireplace.. warm cozy meals.. dinners with friends..
They help a lot....

The above photo was altered with a Photo Editing program..It's fun to try different things...

I found a cute fun idea at Martha Stewart..for Glittering Photos..

This is a photo ready for glittering after I uploaded it to Martha's Site.. and it's now ready for glitter...

The possibilities are endless..

Have fun!

Go see.. you may want to make some Christmas Cards.. 2 yrs ago.. I made some black and white photos leaving just certain color and glittered those..

In her November magazine a friend shared with me.. she has that very idea there..I must have gotten it from her 2 years ago..and had forgotten..
But back then this handy little editing program was not online..

Hope you like it...

Glittered cookies will be great too:)


  1. you have been full of glitter in my eyes long before martha or altered pics~

    and all too soon the path will be a faded memory...

  2. Oh, Monique! I am all for glitter! I love anything bling bling (not overdone, though). Glitter makes things look extra pretty :) Having said that, your photos are always so magnificent, there is no need for glitter, except for fun!


  3. Well !!! that was fun! I saved the Martha site to my favorites...thanks for sharing, GLITTER is my middle name!!! Tried it on an ornament photo...cute. Your right the possibilities are endless...Thanks for sharing M, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. I love that first shot and I remember when you first shared it :) I hope we don't get as much snow this year and we have the last two winters!

    Thank you for sharing the glitter idea. I'm off to look!

  5. Oh wow! The way you altered that photo is really neat. So artistic.

    Thanks for sharing the glitter tip.

  6. I've always enjoyed your soul food.

    Those cards sound interesting.

    We've been gone for the past two weeks on a 40th anniversary cruise. I'm finally back and catching up (I wasn't willing to spend the $$$$ for shipboard internet).

    Yours is always one of my favorite sites -- it's good to be back visiting with you again.

  7. C'est vrai que l'idée est intéressante ... J'adore le site de Martha Stewart et je trouve maintenant son journal ... LOin, cher et péniblement mais j'arrive à l'avoir ! J'en suis ravie !

  8. Là je suis jalouse, j'aurais aimé faire cette photo, c'est fabuleux, féérique, tout ce que j'aime

  9. I love anything with glitter!! It's so popular right now and MS makes the best fine glitter anywhere. Thanks for the reminder - I need to get some cards out for glittering.

  10. oh to be in the snow for Christmas, we missed it sonowing by 12 hours last winter when we left London, just a tad too early, oh well, it will be watermelons and iced drinks for us this Christmas. Pretty idea to glitter some cards. Stay warm and cozy...

  11. I used glitter last year to perk up some store bought cards. Seeing your post just gave me a new idea!

    A resolution this year is to get better at Photoshop. Ha, we'll see...I wish I had your expertise.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  12. Monique, your blog is exceptional. I have not seen another like it. I am so curious to know your background with your photography. Are you self-taught. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  13. Nice the glitter :-)

  14. Oh Thank you Monique for sharing! Glitter is a girl's best friend! Your photos always enthrall me. always, always and always..sigh

  15. thanks for the glittering info...and I adore those cookies, even without glitter. And of course...a striking photot, as always!

  16. OOOOOH, I love glitter! What a wonderful idea! Now I have an idea for a card--we'll have to see if I carry through with it!

    I love your winter scene. I've never lived with that much snow. I wonder what it would be like?

  17. I saw her show on the glittered photos, it looked so neat to do!
    I like the idea of the glittered cookies!
    Margaret B

  18. Ohhh So beautiful!!!
    I really like your blog! =)
    Thank you so much for your reciepes!