Thursday, December 3, 2009

Short Grey Days of December~

Still there is beauty to be well as fun..
While away..Jacques said..when we get back I would love one of those Brown Bag Apple Pies..Kim's..

Perfect day for baking a pie in a bag for an hour.. the aroma is wonderful..
It's a fun recipe..I have mentioned it before..and no my bag has never caught on fire:)

La Recette..

7 cups of prepped apples
2 tbsps flour
1/2 cup sugar
squeeze some lemon

toss with cinnamon and cardamom to taste..

Put in a pie shell..
Top with this crumb topping:

1/2 flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter

I do what Kim does and double the topping..

Place in a brown paper bag close it and place on a cookie sheet bake for 1 hr in a preheated 425 degree oven/

Ever since I read a book about a girl opening a pie shop in NYC..I top my pies w/ trees:)Made out of leftover pastry dough~These pies..

Keeper recipe..hope you like it..Kim if you're out there..I still think of you often:)

Even rainy gloomy days have cozy comforts.. in December~



  1. Beautiful M....I will have to try sounds wonderful and looks wonderful too!

  2. I'm glad you said..."no the bag does not catch on fire" that was my first thought. Is it the steam from the apples that keeps the bag moist? I must try this! Isn't blogging amazing...M, I wish you were my neighbor...we would truly be kindred spirits, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. These gray days are perfect for baking! I've not tried this method but it looks interesting!

    It looks terrific!

  4. A wonderful memory of Kim ♥ and a keeper recipe!

  5. love the snow, makes the pie taste better! a tree grows in brooklyn, i have seen your trees, who knew!

  6. Great post as always nana, and that pie, well, I'll be right over!!!

  7. I love your photo--we don't have any snow yet, and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I wish it would hurry!

    Apples, cinnamon and cardamom. Oh, yes.

  8. J'aime ces flocons de neige qui tombent sur ton blog, moi aussi j'attends la neige, pour l'instant ce n'est que de la pluie, cette pie tombe à pic pour nous réconforter
    A bientôt

  9. "There is beauty to be found" ... I couldn't agree more. It's really so true. What a beautiful post. And the pie ... it is clearly made with love. There's something about winter that changes everything.

  10. My photos suffer just that much more due to those grey days of December... but yours certainly haven't! Beautiful, Monique! I'll have to give this a try - it looks absolutely delicious!

  11. I agree with Lori. Monique your photos are always works of art. Don't you love it when Jacques puts in a request? It seems more special when I bake something Moe asks for.

  12. I love when you first shared this pie with us, M ~ and I love it still!

    Beautiful photos. xo

  13. Tout à fait délicieux. Quelles belles photos.

  14. That's an interesting pie in a bag. :) special and fun indeed!

  15. Jacques a du goût ... ;o)
    Bises à tous les deux et bonne soirée