Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Rolls Yet Again~

When volunteering to bring a special hors d'oeuvre~
I often opt for ...

They're fresh, crispy,pretty..
Spring Rolls~

And Deliciously healthy~
I use rice paper wrappers..
Wrap shrimp..cabbage,,rice noodles,sprouts and an array of veggies..My husband watched me making some Saturday morning early and said.."Tu es si patiente"~
To me it's something I enjoy doing..even the smaller miniature more 2 bite sized ones like these..

It always takes me one or 2 to get back in the swing of things:)~As you can see in the little open flap..
But then the method slips back into place and it goes more quickly and effortlessly.
The kids preferred the Cheesies.


  1. LOL I had already planned to make these this week Monique! You validated my choice!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Your blog is fabulous! I just became a follower- I could learn a thing or two from you!
    YOur spring rolls are little works of art. And they are so healthy too. Yummy!

  3. These are such a lovely idea to bring to a spring party. The women especially would love these healthy treats.

  4. I have never made them myself. I assume the wrapping takes a little bit of practice but can't be that hard. Yours look wonderfully yummy.

  5. Oh Monique, I bought the wrappers to make these and just haven't got around to it. Your photo might just be the inspiration I need.

    I love your presentation.


  6. Des rouleaux printaniers très sympa et tout frais.

  7. superbe, les recettes et ces si jolies photos,bravo!
    bonne soirée,

  8. Mmmm! I never had one. They look scrumptious.

  9. One of my favorite things in the whole world...
    But yours are such petite little darlings!
    Yummmm...I have everything to make these...maybe this weekend!

  10. I love spring rolls and will never get tired of seeing them in your blog!

  11. Ms. Monique, I made those recently for the first time. My only problem were the rice papers got bigger and bigger as I went, and they were too gummy. What did I do wrong?

  12. They do look so healthy, Monique. Doing anything like that can be very relaxing if you are in the right mood for it.. like kneading bread. What do you dip in???

  13. Hi Donna ..I never had that problem w/ the papers getting bigger and gummy..I wonder why..I don't leave them in for water long..just untill supple enough to roll..

    We dip in peanut sauce or a Tamari/ ginger..etc sauce ..Or Wafu
    Any asian sauce is delicious..We love adding Wafu to the veggie mix .
    Hve fun..

    Have a wonderful day/weekend~

  14. These are so pretty and elegant! I love the glimpses of colour in the filling, peeking through their wrapping.

  15. Love this. They look delicious! Good job!

  16. Look how pretty!!!!
    Certainly a feast for the eyes Monique...
    I bet everyone comments on them while taking one and asks...Who made these?

    Peeking through the rice papers and seeing all the colors...magical.
    and you do have patience...
    I visited a place in Lansing where I spent the better part of 2 hrs. picking out "Hard to find" cooking items to replenish my pantry...
    Why did I not see Rice papers!!!!
    Hopefully I can find them here.
    Always an inspiration,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  17. Your spring rolls are perfect, Monique. You've given me the incentive to make them myself. I usually buy them at my farmers market and dip them in peanut sauce. Your presentation is lovely.

  18. Good morning! I just stopped over from Yvonne's Stone Gable... you left a comment {about her blog being your new Victoria mag} ... that I had just said to my husband ...
    I was catching up on some magazines of my own... and I said to him... that there are blogs as good, if not better than all these magazines!
    Then I read your comment and laughed out loud!

    Your blog is fabulous...
    I love the sweet "French style" burlap bag you filled with springtime goodies and left on your neighbor's doorknob. What a kind gesture few people take the time to actually DO ~
    You Inspire Me!

  19. I still remember the first time you shared these - I was in awe. Why, have I still not tried them! I must fix that. They look so fresh and tasty.

    Cheesies? Do you fill some with cheese for the boys?

    Cute idea!

  20. I love those spring rolls, they look perfect!!

  21. A healthy and tasty appetizer can be hard to find. I think I'd hover around this platter at a party ;-)

    I haven't made these in a while and should do that soon, just for a light dinner or lunch. I think this type of work can be meditative vs needing patience.

    Enjoy your day!

  22. These would be so great for me to pack for lunch as I am trying to eat healthier at work.

  23. I've never made these, Monique, but everytime I see them in a restaurant, I order them.

    I really, really have to learn to make them at home. They are so healthy and make such a gorgeous presentation!

  24. I've never made miniature versions of spring rolls. I've only made full sized versions. These are lovely. Wonderful finger food! And such gorgeous photos!!

  25. most of the spring rolls we get here are deep fried not really healthy these look wnderful what a different way to do them yum!

  26. These are cute little mini spring rolls. Great appetizer size.

  27. These are one of my favorite delicious and healthy treats. I'll have to try the miniature version.

  28. These spring rolls look wonderful!

  29. Ah, I recognise the side of the bamboo steamer in the first picture. Healthy and delicious!

  30. Monique ~ I adore the way you made them in the miniature size! They are so beautiful, and almost too pretty to eat. (Almost...) ;)

    Very, very nicely done! xo

  31. Mmmm..the rice rolls look delicious! I think i'm going to go out and buy some now :) Your photos are making me hungry.

  32. Simply luscious! Can't wait to make some...Great blog, I am now a follower. Thanks for the wonderful pics too.
    Carolee ~