Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chocolate and Pear Jam~

I have had some time on my hands~ And have perused blogs..I am always astounded at how a new post ..reminds me of a recipe I saw months before and promised myself to make and didn't..

It was the case when I landed at Jasmine's Blog~Right away the sound of this jam sounded decadent..and right away I remembered her beautiful blueberry chocolate jam..

So I tried the pear one..

I had a few pears on hand.. some fine orange..a lemon..etc..

And decided to try it~

Predicted for the canning day was for a beautiful cold crisp.. sunny .. that fallish golden way afternoon..
And I was dying to try the new labels I had printed up~
They're so victorian looking~From the beautiful Blog The Vintage Moth..
I don't know if you have been ..if not the trip along the keyboard is worth it..
Ahh..Luscious Labels for Luscious Jam~

La Recette

Confiture de poires et de chocolat~
1600 grams of pears,peeled,cored and chopped in cubes
1050 grams of sugar
Juice of 2 small oranges
Juice of 2 lemons
350 grams of dark chocolate 70% chopped.

Mix the pears and sugar and juices and bring to a boil for 1 minute,stirring occasionally.
Remove from stove.And add chocolate..MIx until melted and well combined.
Let cool room temp.
Then refrigerate 24 hrs.
The next day..rewarm and reheat on medium heat to 105 C.

Pack in sterilized jars .. leave 1/4 inch from top..and Hot water bath for 15 minutes.

Printable Version.
Thank you Jasmin for this lovely ,new to me recipe~

I made a smaller recipe..less than half because I only had 3 pears 1 orange 1 lemon..It made these 3 jars..We figured out the equivalences.Next time I will be most certain to have the number of fruits required..too delish.
C'est un délice dit mon époux Jacques..(Et c'est vrai.)

We had small croissants .. warmed them a touch and placed some of this treasure atop.♥


  1. but..... it's wonderful!!! great idea and beautiful execution as usual! kisses

  2. MMmmmmmm....looks and sounds delicious!
    The labels look amazing, so is nice to get out blogging again and to see your gorgeous recipes!!!
    Margaret B

  3. ooh that label is perfection! and the jam too im sure. pretty always.

  4. Monique ~ Just to let you know that I visited the vintage moth and have saved some of the lovely labels too! and some other images as well. such a wonderful site :)

  5. Je fais de la confiture de poire/chocolat et en effet un véritable régal... Beaucoup de bonheur à regarder votre blog.
    Merci pour l'ensemble de vos gentils messages.

  6. I am sure the jam inside is every bit as delicious and gorgeous as the labels!

  7. Coucou Nana....déjà l'association poire-chocolat sans confiture est extraordinaire, alors j'imagine la confiture...Cela doit être un moment de bonheur intense au palais des papilles....

  8. So beautiful Monique! The jam sounds incredible!
    I have jars but I have still not gotten up the courage to make jam...
    I love the labels...I am going right now to get some for me!
    Thank you so are such an inspiration!

  9. OH my - this looks soooo good and I love the label! It's that time of year - I can't stop thinking about food and new recipes!

  10. Bonjour Monique~ the jams sounds delectable and I so... love that beautiful vintage sticker.
    Have a lovely week-end.

  11. I think you would all love it..the little pieces of pear:) with the chocolate.. Just divine..and easy!

    Next..the blueberry one..

    I agree those labels are a thing of beauty..Such generosity on the net~
    Thanks..Hope you all enjoy it..Well worth making.

  12. I'd never have thought of something like this - but I am seriously in need of some now! Gorgeous.

  13. I am so happy I picked up a few more small canning jars during my errands today! This sounds so delicious, Monique. I am not afraid of canning any longer ;)

  14. oohhh, I can just imagine a spoonful of this jam on a warm croissant or biscuit. And it's so pretty dressed up in those sweet little labels.

  15. Love that pretty jam label, and the jam sounds fabulous too.

  16. Hello Monique, ho my comment yesterday did not work.
    I said:
    "Yum, Yum, this tastes much I wonder!"
    Sweet Kisses, Miette

  17. Oh my MOnique! This jam looks and sounds soooo good! Oh, pears and chocolate. What a delicious and unsual combination!!! xxoo

  18. I thought it was such a great idea too..that's why I wanted to make it and share it w/ you~

  19. I don't know where to start... between those heavenly labels and the copper ladle.. lovely work, Monique. I do need better labels for my jellies... a magic marker on top is just wrong!

  20. Pears and chocolate? As my son said when he was very young..."Mom, everything is better with chocolate!" I think I have to try this and I love the label. Everything you do is a work of art!

  21. Oh, does this sound wonderful. There is an abundance of pears right now, too! Perfect. I love the labels.

  22. Chocolate & Pears, Oh My! What a wonderful flavor combination~ those labels are lovely! Thanks for the link :-)

  23. You know how much guilt I have over blog recipes I meant to make and didn't?
    I am not a Bonne Maman :(
    Hehe :)

  24. this sounds wonderful. i will be following your blog for more great recipes.
    thanks for your kind words about my shop, via Auntie Bliss.
    it is aprreciated.

  25. Isn't chocolate in jam amazing? I will try your recipe. Clarice

  26. how is it possible that I'm SO far behind on comments? But I promise you had seen all these posts..indulged in the beauty and the presentation, the inspiration, the originality..!