Monday, May 2, 2011

Soul Food #88~

Forsythia is pure joy. There is not an ounce, not a glimmer of sadness or even knowledge in forsythia. Pure, undiluted, untouched joy.

Anne Lindbergh (1906 -)

A little idea I got at my friend's home~ She entertained a few weeks ago and when I saw her that week she showed me what one of her friends/guest had brought..a darling tulip arrangement with a branch and garden gloves hanging from the branch~
It's funny both J and I said..we've seen those boots..Maybe CTS years ago?

Oh well..

Imagine my surprise in going into a Dollar Store w/ J and finding 2 little boots and matching gloves?

I thought I would share the idea..It's so cute as a hostess gift:)
I used Forsythia's from my neighbor/friend's garden and my first daffodil~
Hope this makes your inspiration flow as it did mine.. so many arrangements could be made..Also cheerful for just your own home.. as in my case.. or outside..or inside.

Forsythias welcome Spring here~ The first shrubs to bloom~

Yellow~ One of y favorite colors~And I did love this song .. Remember~?

My first daffodil is being seen everywhere:)It's traveled..the dining room..the kitchen..and then the front porch..


  1. Oh those wee boots! So cute with the gloves on the side :)

  2. What a joyful way to start the week. I love yellow; it makes everything brighter.
    It will a little while before Forsythia or daffodils make an appearance here.
    Those boots and gloves are so charming.

  3. Monique your pic's is a soft Soul Food Monday, yellow is not a good color for me, but for everything flowers etc.
    Your blessed to have the time to do and enjoy all of this!


  4. What a sweet post. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  5. Yellow dominates the scenery here as well with daffodils and forsythia. Time to trim back the roses when the forsythia bloom - always a happy time.

    What a darling idea for a gift that any gardener would love to have.

    I don't think I remember that song but it is lovely!

  6. i don't think we have Forsythia's here what a shame. Love the gorgeous little boots so cute. and a well travelled daffodil how sweet ha ha

  7. What a refreshing post, Monique....the blooms and the daffodil tell me you are well on the way to summer now....happiness!!
    The cutest little boots and garden gloves I've ever seen!
    I will hop over to that song now!
    Shel xx

  8. What sweet boots and gloves Monique.Lovely colours. so spring!

  9. Monique it's moi again, do you put them in very little water and how long will they lasts?

  10. The vase has normal amount of water..and my friend gave me the forsythias a few days ago..they are still lovely..but they are on the front porch..

    have a nice afternoon

  11. I love this idea! I have never seen anything as cute as those boots and gloves at our Dollar Store here but I am definitely going to look.
    Thank you for sharing this great idea and as always you staged it so well!


  12. I love that idea Monique... It is so cheerful especially with the never ending grey weather. I have a rather large forsythia in my yard but sadly, I cannot cut the branches as I worry about hurting it... I know, rather eccentric of me.

  13. I can only admire and wish I have access to a dose of pure spring like this!

  14. Your little boots are very cute. What a clever gift with the added forsythias branches. I've seen someone use the large boots filled with flowers for a spring tablescape. I'd simple love a pair of these colorful boots for rainy days. Well, if we ever see rainy days again here in TX. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  15. The boots and gloves are adorable! What a cute idea! I enjoyed the traveling daffodil!

  16. Bonjour Monique - I love those boots and gloves - just gorgeous!
    Thank you for the lovely ideas. xx

  17. Aww. That floral arrangement is beyond cute!
    And there's no question, Forsythias, are the cheery side of Spring.

  18. What a great idea! I am so glad you shared it with us. I adore the boot as the container and then to hang the darling gloves on the branch. My parents had a huge forsythia bush. Isn't it amazing how we love the things we grew up with.

  19. Oh what a brilliant idea! YOu come up with the best inspiration and the most gorgeous images. I'll have to look for these!

  20. Hi!

    This is my very first time here and I'm loving your blog. These pictures are so beautiful!

    Drop by my blog if you have a minute. It would a pleasure having you there.


    Luciane at

  21. I love your whimsical side.
    So cute.


  22. What a delight to come visit your beautiful home on the web. I just love the little boots and garden gloves. Clever!

    I'm so happy Spring is emerging at your house; such a beautiful time of the year. Flowers and the new blooms bring such joy to the heart, yes? Thank you for sharing. xo ~m

    P.S. Lovely song (I had never heard it before) ~ it reminds me of you. :)

  23. the cutest post Monique! Que c'est adorable...les bottes, les gants and who would think a forsythia could look so "mignon"!

  24. Ahh.. thank you everyone..hope you can come up w/ monochromatic ones..I think all white would be so pretty.Finding the all whites is the sport:)
    Brooke White was on AI a few yrs back.she was refreshing~
    Enjoy your day~

  25. So adorable and unique. I think your Dollar Store must be better than mine :-)

    Thanks for the has started my mind rolling!

  26. Oh I LOVE those boots & gloves overflowing with forsythia branches and your lone daffodil! I would have squealed with glee if I had seen them at the dollar store~ How delightful!!

  27. Those are darling! Wonderful picture.
    Catching up, things have been very unsettled here.

  28. What a pleasure to discover your beautiful blog with all theses nice pictures. Thank you for sharing, tes photos sont comme un joli rayon de soleil, elles rendent heureux le coeur et les yeux!