Monday, May 30, 2011

Soul Food #92

The Heart Knows How To Find Something Precious~ Fyodor Dostoevsky

I simply love Lily Of The Valley~ They are my mother~

They line our driveway in parts..and even grow in our driveway:)

But it's still an affair of the heart..I love the perfume.. Crabtree and Evelyn..Yardley.. Coty,Taylor of London..Woods of Windsor..etc..

They multiply almost as quick as dandelions:)

But there is no way someone can be indifferent to it's charm.

As I left my friend's home one day..I left with a small bouquet of Lily Of the friend said..Here:"Le Bonheur".. every 1rst of May when she lived in France,people gave each other bouquets of these.. and it meant.. I wish you..Le Bonheur..Happiness.
I loved that..I have some in our home right now..and as my husband walks by he says..They smell so good don't they?
I agree..

The lovely little Bonheur card in my collage to the left.. was found at Au Plaisir de Bien Manger~ A beautiful blog..with wonderful food..and crafts~
Had to get the Lily Of The Valley in here before June~ We are still May..

My wish..

Le all of us~


  1. Bonjour Monique,

    Again what a healthy in heart, body and soul you lead!

    Your pictures are simple and fresh, where did you get the ribbon. I wonder if I can find that here in Quebec City?


  2. You know I so wish you happiness too, so much nicer when said with flowers...

  3. Hi Monique,
    What a lovely post. I too, adore Lily Of The Valley. So delicate looking, and charming. Have a wonderful day!

  4. I learned so much about the Lily of the Valley here today;I also love that dainty flower. merci Monique. Je m'en vais visiter ton amie chez Au plaisir de bien manger.

  5. Lily of the Valley - My favourite. Reminds me of my beloved Grandmother. They grew in her garden and her name was Lily.


  6. I love them too...they are my birth flower, they won't grow here in AZ. I miss them.


  7. Monique, I wish YOU happiness. What a lovely custom. I'm going to remember it for May day. Wish we could grow Lilly of the Valley here. To think that you have them growing along and in your driveway. I should welcome them multiplying like dandelions, which we have plenty of. Je vous souhaite le bonheur, mon ami.
    ~ Sarah

  8. Que c'est beau....I hope that's the right translation...I only have one dandelion here..they are so scarce!!! Your photos are amazing...the Lily of the Valley and the one of Lulu and the dandelion....
    We have that custom with frescias on the 1st September here to welcome in Spring!
    I wish you were near to me to send you a huge bunch!
    Love and happiness to you

  9. Refreshing post, Monique. I love the flowers and the pretty photos.

  10. Le Bonheur to yours too Monique.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. I too love Lily of the Valley, ours are just passing now. My husband has picked many of them for me since they started blooming. Wonderful post!!!!

  12. Lilly of the Valley - reminds me of the Yardley English soap and talcum powder we used to have here... Had always loved the scent but have never seen the flower in real life.... They are gorgeous in your photos, Monique.

  13. C'ets vrai que c'est important, chez nous, le rituel du muguet le premier mai ...

  14. I wish for you much happiness too Monique.

  15. They are so pretty the way you photographed them. I love them too but oddly they have not multiplied much for me yet!Also they are just starting to bloom here I noticed today.

  16. Ginette..I bought the ribbon in a Walmart..perhaps 3 yrs ago..small small bobbin of it..for a baby shower I think..I have seen friends/bloggers..Kathy in particular..with sweet ribbons also..
    I am enjoying the Lily stories..thanks so much..

    I am happy you all like lily of the valley's so romantic..

    Carolyn you are so ahead of me in so many your glorious gardens..I always find it so surprising..and now to hear your Lilies are later..another surprise..

    Dear on with the words..:)

    Arizona has other things:)Like no snow in April:)

    PS ..I love the name Lily.

  17. oh these are beautiful not so common here though, i love your little one blowing all those wishes about too!!
    Wishing you happiness and health

  18. Beautiful Monique. I wish you happiness and joy. (((hugs))) xxoo

  19. Wishes of happiness to you too, Monique. Stunning photos...sigh.

  20. Hello Monique~ I've got a favor to ask...I would like to invite you over for a visit to see a very special post I've written. I would love it if you could take a few moments to stop by.

    Lilly of the Valley are one of my favored blooms as well.
    Thank you sweet friend,

  21. C'est bien beau et j'aime les photos :)

  22. I know what you mean about how they spread :) Now I have them in areas where they weren't supposed to be. But they are so charming and the scent it so beautiful they are forgiven.

    Le Bonheur, always :)

  23. wishing you happiness too my beautiful friend!
    loveeeeeeethis post!

  24. Hi there,
    You have a lovely blog. Love the black background against your beautiful photos. I LOVE Lily of the Valley. I had it on my wedding cake years ago---such a sweet delicate bloom! I am wondering if I can grow it in the Northwest? Hmmmm---will have to check into that. Have a very happy day! xoxo Kim

  25. How did you know Lily of the Valley was my birthday flower? :)

    How very delicate, elegant and lovely, like the author of this blog.

    And I agree, no one could be indifferent to their unsurpassed beauty and charm.