Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soul Food #99~

Texture,Courtesy of les Brumes~
4 cute boys,courtesy of their moms

Found this little place straight out of the 40's.. the boys love it.

Close your eyes
Have no fear
The monsters gone
he’s on the run
And your Daddy’s here

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Boy.
~ John Lennon


P.S.. see the 4yr old?

Any ideas where I can get Harry Potter round glasses for him here in Canada?Just decorative:)


  1. That first foto looks like a painting beautful Monique. And arent the Harry Potter glasses cute.... :) Every little boy shd have them :))

  2. Great summer shots of those beautiful boys, Monique! It looks like an old-fashioned swimming pond.

    I wish I could help re the glasses but we're not there yet ;) I know Mack will love Harry one day!

  3. so cute, they are having a ball, i loved l's pic today too, will chat manana with you, still smiling over our day, and loved taking you on the picnic :)

    i will look for glasses for~

  4. Monique, looks like wonderful fun. That first image could be a painting. Amazing what the photo textures offer.

  5. These little ones are so precious! I love your grandmom style!
    Blessings to these wonderful little boys!
    xo Yvonne

  6. Beautiful post Monique, and one of my favourite John Lennon songs. xxoo

  7. Beautiful, beautiful boys! Real blessings.
    Shel x

  8. Thank you~

    I'll look here also jain..I know he's young..but he loves HP..Not that he has seen more than 5 mins of one of the movies..:) But we have stickers etc..

    and everyone talks of harry..and they have the Legos:)

    It is like an old fashioned swimming hole..but with a 40's community center ice creamery.. etc..

    Too cute for words.

  9. Monique it too reminds me of the 40's where in Quebec is this place, when we visit my in law's it would be fun to go with my kids.....?
    Were going in August.


  10. There is something magic about summertime with children and you captured it; Merci!

  11. They are so delicious! I love little boys!

  12. Will look around for the glasses here Monique...I will let you know!

  13. I found some..too funny $3.99 shipping to me?


    Let's all wait till I visit the USA..Thanks everyone:)

    Have a great afternoon:)

  14. OMG! $40 from the USA to Canada??? :((( Unbelievable!!! Hope you find some there.
    The pic is sweet and beautiful. So heartwarming.
    Monica xo

  15. Si mignons ces bambins... l'âge de l'insouciance, hum!!! que c'est bon!
    Gros bisous.

  16. such beautiful boys and he would be so cute in those glasses ha ha

  17. Bonjour Monique,

    I'm sorry to be a pest but were you able to find out the area that your daughter's took the children swimming?


  18. The boys look like they had a great summer day. Summer is so fleeting and children grow so fast. You have a wonderful photo to capture that time in their life.

  19. Ginette..I was are not a pest.please email me and I will give you the details..weekends are too busy! She went back with her family this weekend and it is soo busy!
    Have a great day everyone..

    Ginette..there is a little sign on my blog written email me..on a should work!

  20. How precious Monique. Oh to be young and carefree again.

  21. Sam..I just tried to watercolor this..and That's what I wrote at the bottom..Carefree!:)

  22. Yes! he's a beautiful boy and would look so very cute in Harry Potter glasses. Lovely photos Monique - have a wonderful and safe week. xx

  23. M..
    Your previous post...amazing.
    I know that mag, Your friend! such an honor.
    A sweet tribute to her.
    Have you googled HP glasses?
    You would think everyone wants them.
    What a magical swimming hole and sweet re-TREAT.
    superb shots M.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  24. Did you find some glasses? I shall look here, don't know if you have any of those science type stores...I know there is one at WEM.....I'll let you know!
    Margaret B

  25. This place looks idyllic - what a charming way to spend a sunny day.

  26. Lovely photos. You might be able to find harry potter glasses at a Toys R Us or Mrs. Tiggy Winkles?

  27. Thank you..I bet Santa will have some for the stocking:) It gives Santa lots of time~

  28. Great photos Nana :)

  29. Thanks for finding glasses Noah's Mommy..and free shipping~ Brilliant!

    Jessica.. I bet TRUs would have some.. I'll try this first lead..then I can shop by finger instead of foot:)Thank you everyone..Have a great day!

  30. thanks for the lennon quote. je suis triste aujourd'hui. needed it.