Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soul Food #108~

Every artist was first an amateur.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

And many are still and will always be:)~
Upon a lovely suggestion to paint the boys at the bus I once showed on my blog recently....I played with my paints again and enjoyed the moments~
Everything I paint is small:) My friend has a huge book like this one..and I wonder if I will ever broaden my horizons?:)

I love that Max and Lucas knew exactly what this was..and Max said :"and after Lucas changed into his Darth Vader costume"....It sounded exactly like what I told you here..

I said to his mom..:"Has he been reading my blog?"He's 4..and no..

I scribbled these words on my journal.. I think I will never forget what growing a foot can mean to a child~

If everything was so charming..and innocent in life:)~

PS my apologies I do not remember my source for this texture.Thank you to whoever shared it~

The Weeping courtesy of a lovely farm I visited the gardens thereof..having been welcomed in by a kind gentleman that is a relative..and owner of the adjacent adorable home~
Thank you~

I appreciate your indulgences for all my Soul Foods~


  1. which do i love more, your photos or your paintings.....hmm its your words too, the whole package nana, YOU ALWAYS DELIGHT ME!

    off to get new computer right now :)

  2. Ditto Jain~

    Thank sweet..
    Yes go get a new computer right now..I love you present.:

  3. My heart just sighed with happiness. You know I love it all. I am anxious with knowing that my son is soon to fly the nest so I am torturing myself with the keepsakes and memories of when he was little and everything was innocent and sweet... it was just yesterday, really. It goes so fast :(
    xo isa

  4. These are so beautiful...they both look so real...I love the note...and you are no amateur.
    Have a super week!
    Shel x

  5. your paintings are charming. You are inspiring me to paint as well....i'll wait n see if that day ever comes. but the feeling is there :P

  6. I have tears in my eyes reading and looking at this beautiful post...
    Once again you have fed my soul Monique!

  7. I am happy you do not make me feel embarrassed.
    It is so true that encouragement..instills joy in one:)

    Isa..Linda just had this ..her son just went off to university..She gets it too:)

    Zurin I am sure I will fall on the floor when I will see your art:)
    Have a great day everyone..

    Thanks Shel:)~

  8. Love that you share your paintings with us; a great start to the week and wonderful memories for you grand children.

  9. Monique, so much of you comes through in your art, photos and words. You touch my heart.


  10. Delightful post! Thank you for brightening my morning that is filled with rain and cloudy skies at the moment.


  11. How precious! Little ones say such cute things. What a delightful post. You have caught such wonderful moments in your journal....

  12. Quite a talent, young lady! You have captured the spirit of the children and their relationship... that is precious!

  13. ... Suuure!! You will!! I prefer medium formats... but when I work on a big paper sheet... Bliss. So much space to play with color on!!!!!!!! :)

  14. Beautiful ~ you have captured the essence of innocence and purity in this post, and your photos and paintings are exceptional.

  15. This post is so full of heart and soul! What a perfect pair to paint and I still smile at the foot story! Smiles are good things :-)

    What a gorgeous, huge sunflower!

  16. What a delightful story! I can hear the love for those little boys in your words and see it in your artistry!
    I am so happy you shared this darling story!

  17. Both the photo and the painting are wonderful! You create magic with your grandchildren. I love that he showed you his right foot. Aren't they the most fun ever!
    Mine come in the house yelling "Grandma, Grandma" and I always yell back "Who's here?" and I come running and they come running and we meet in a hug. I hope it is something they always remember!

  18. Je suis toujours admirative en découvrant l'art...
    Je trouve ton dessin rempli de sensibilité... Il te ressemble certainement.
    Gros bisous

  19. Monique,
    Your watercolor is amazing. I wish I had half of your talent! Even my Olivia can paint and draw better than I. :)

  20. I love the watercolour of the two brothers. You have a great style!

  21. Je suis bien sensble envers vos gentils mots.
    Thank you:)

    Jacqueline.. they will remember that always:)

    You are so not looking like a grandma:)You just love like one..
    Susan..I can't wait to see a MR're so sweet.

    Maureen..try:) You will see.. To be true..I draw like children also.

  22. Thank you for your encouraging comments!

  23. This post was such a delight, Monique!
    Childhood just flies by and I love that you are recording events in the lives of your grandchildren in photos and drawings. You did a lovely job with your watercolor. Such talent!
    And the comment about growing a foot was so adorable!