Sunday, January 15, 2012

Soul Food#123

"A snowflake is a winter's butterfly"
Author: Hero Arts

Comments disabled for this post~
I love looking at photos of my alphabet boys~L~M~N~O~
We had 7 inches of snow the day I took this photo of our first alphabet boy..when he got off the school bus..Friday..
His mom was all bundled up waiting for him..They are like breaths of fresh air these boys..I watch them walk home..L relieved of his backpack and lunch box..his mom carrying them.. she,looking much like a very tall 6 yr old from the back:)
In the very early..his dad waits at the bus with him.
I never want you to feel that you have to comment when I post photos of my "alphabits":)These years will fly by for me.This way they are part of my little blog and I smile when I look back:)
When I won my Blog To Print at Susan's..seeing some of their photos in the book.. made me know I would continue..occasionally w/ their photos.
Have a great day~And forgive me my indulgences:)~

The only thing is..I don't know how to disable comments:)I no avail~:)


  1. So beautiful!
    Please don't disable comments :((

  2. Ok ..Anna..I am easy to convince..I cannot figure it out..Thank you..
    I can relax now.
    Have a great day~.

  3. I love seeing the families of my blogging friends. I'm looking forward to grandchildren (soon?) and I will love sharing their photos!!

    "L" is a beautiful child. You are so fortunate to have him near you.


  4. I hope you have one soon also.
    I too enjoy seeing my blogging friends and their families.
    It is a great great blessing to have them close.Perhaps my greatest at this time in my life:)

  5. I cannot get over how grown up he is...

  6. It seems whenever people disable comments I have something to say... I wish more people included an email, to be honest. Your pics are so good... it is a joy to share them with you... not like seeing ugly blurred things of kids and grandkids that people make you see on their computer! EEEEKKKKKK!

  7. Monique, Your fans would be so disappointed if you disabled comments.

    Time really does fly. Seems like just yesterday that L was born.

    I love your alphabet boy posts.

    ~ Ann

  8. When you write a new blog post, there's a little button with 'Post Options' in the bottom left part of your window. You can disable comments on one particular post only ;)

  9. Thanks for being so nice..And Monica..I ahve appreciated some of your posts that had that:) There is a time I think that it can be so appropriate:)

    I love seeing nice reactions about the boys so i will keep it..but for future things..this is great to know..I had tried it though..2 ways.. I will try again as a practice.
    I appreciate your help:)

    Ann..You knew m too when L was about to be born:)

  10. Ahh Monique, your little "L" is growing into a very handsome young man! We are privileged to share in their little lives.
    Thank you for sharing...beautiful photography.

  11. Please don't disble your comments; I did that for a while and put it back on. It is a good thing to hear for our friends on our blogland.
    You know how I enjoy coming to read you and say Bonjour to you Monique.
    I have been having a difficult time with Blogger for the past few days; my comments don't appear, I end up with blank pages etc. Sometimes; I find I should quit and go with Word Press, but I don't think I am techie enough for that.

  12. Rita.. maybe it's a temporary glitch?

    I know Wordpress is too much for me:) Did you Google you problem?
    i would never disable comments:) I love the visits..It's just that I didn't want to put anyone on the spot..
    I am going to google for you.

  13. Monique,
    I love seeing your Alphabet boys, your L makes me think of ours, what he would look like, I love your sharing. Such a beautiful family and such and adoring Nana.
    All that snow my goodness it is raining here we so badly need it but we were swimming a day ago. so different in our part of the world
    Stay warm and safe and thanks for sharing your boys with us

  14. I love telling you that your grandkids are cute! Somebody better tell me when I get some!
    Yes, a blog makes good photo storage...I am doing the same.

  15. Are you kidding? That boy is delicious...I could nibble his ear in an instant...I love little boys...they are the sweetest.
    I am having a vicarious Nana experience with you...I am going to be really old by the time my boys have kids...they need to find a girlfriend first...unlike their Mommy...they are shy!
    I love seeing the alphabet boys...keep me coming,

  16. Monique, you think too much! Your blog is your little space for anything that strikes your fancy. I love to see photos of our little boys and although I don't know them personally, I feel that I am like an aunty living next door and watching them grow up... A Snowflake is a Winter's Butterfly... they are there only for a moment, capture and share them while you can...:)

  17. Please don't disable comments. Absolutely no need! I adore seeing photos of your alphabet boys. Love that term, too. ~ Sarah

  18. I'm glad that you don't know how to disable your comments. I always wonder the perspective of a nana would be like. People always tell me that your children never fully grow up in a parent's eyes, and I'm only beginning to see that now after I have a little one too. This post is very sweet.

  19. So pleased you didn't disable your comments, Monique, because this photo is as near to perfect as any I have ever seen.

  20. I'm glad you weren't able to disable the comments. Otherwise, how would I tell you I can just see the love in your heart every time a photo of L M N or O appear :) I never realized they came in that order!

  21. Susan..Jain coined the word:)My girls made the sequence:)

    I feel the same way when I see Mr.Mack:) the Christmas one is adorable..bottom right:)

    Thank you,you all made nana smile broadly..x

  22. Oh please dont disable our joy of letting you know when we appreciate you sharing a moment in your life.
    I never feel that I have to comment on anyone's blog but when I do it comes from the heart.
    I agree that you need keep posting, it is a wonderful way to see snippets of your life, a friend of mine told me that she thinks of her blog as a magazine just for her, a type of journal that she can look back on.
    Keep up the great posting.
    On a personal note I love visiting blogs that are shorter in verse but loner on thought.
    Enjoy! Kelley

  23. No fair trying to turn off the comments! Naughty naught!! What a beautiful photo. Isn't it wonderful to see it in book form and what a treasure it will always be to the family. Your sweethearts are growing right before my eyes too. How quickly it happens. I love it when you share these family photos. Have a beautiful day.

  24. Please, don't disable comments! I love share my thoughts with you...

    That picture is so beautiful!

    I wish we had snow here... It looks and feels like spring.



  25. Rosa it amy come soon..It felt like Spring here too for a while..but now winter has set in for certain..more snow and freezing rain today..But the last few days although so pretty.

    I will continue then:) When the moment arises.
    have a great day everyone..Jacqueline I love your family fotos too..

    Kelley i was so glad to see you post again:)

  26. Your snowy background looks like mine now. And the sweet smile on that boy warms all our hearts.

  27. Oh, look how BIG L has grown! As handsome as ever, too.

    This picture makes me smile ~ and I love your little touches, Mme. Magical!! Beautiful!

  28. Girls..You know how I love everything YOU do!~

  29. Tu as bien fait de ne pas interdire les commentaires. On aurait été" frustrés ... La photo est si jolie ... Bravo !