Monday, June 4, 2012

Deliciousness~ Scallops~

Friends had us for dinner a little while ago and made The Early Summer LCBO Food and Drink Scallops~ We were hooked..and I have made them twice since..Soon the recipe will be online..the magazine is so beautiful..some of the best food photography around~Until the recipe is posted..I made do for you by scanning~
They are wonderful chefs~They served us 3..I did 2 for us...but 3 is better!:) And we will make these again and again~ La Recette courtesy of F and D and D and N:)
You won't go wrong.. They are perfect! I bought the biggest scallops I could find at Costco because we like their fish etc,but next time I will pick them fresh individually at the store of choice..Better to have all uniform sizes.. in the past we have been lucky at Costco for the scallops.. this time..the huge scallops were maybe 4 in the bag:( the rest? Quite ordinary in size~. Buy the best and biggest and freshest you can find~


  1. Looks very lush
    We're not meant to read that recipe I take it..
    What is LCBO? I'm in the dark ages..

  2. You can't see it?

    I will try and scan larger..:)

    Soon it will be here:)

    It always takes a while before the current issue's magazine recipes are posted..

    Many many wonderful recipes..
    We live in QC..but my husband golfs in Ontario..we buy wine there..and then we receive the magazine.
    It is a top quality..foto/food magazine:)

  3. Monique you put a smile on my face, your too je ne sais pas!!!!Di

  4. Humm une recette qui se fait attendre et qui nous donne déjà l'eau à la bouche!...
    Gros bisous à toi ma chère Nana.

  5. should have that pic of yours in that Food and Drink magazine....I would like that recipe too....scallops so hard to find our side of SA....they keep them for the the salmon......
    In Cape Town there is abundant numbers of fresh to buy....
    you are so lucky to get at your local supermarket!
    Shel x

  6. They look wonderful Monique! Too bad Todd and I are both allergic to shell fish! You make everything look so wonderful You are a great food artist! xxoo

  7. What beautiful scallops Monique. They are a real treat for us. Your pictures, as always, are amazing.

  8. Now I want to try to this. Cool page. Thank God you shared the recipe. Worth a try indeed.

  9. Monique, thanks for posting the recipe. I am going to make these for Moe this week. He loves scallops but he doesn't get them often because I'm not a big fan of them.


  10. I just saw big beautiful scallops in the local fish market and I'm making a bee line back there to get a few. If I squint I can make out the recipe. I can't wait for the magazine to arrive.

  11. It all looks so pretty, but I don't eat scallops. I'll just admire from a distance. ~ Sarah
    Glad you stopped by for tea. ;-)

  12. So exciting to see a new recipe for my favorite scallops, Monique. Easy and delicious!

  13. Super easy and I love the fact you end the process by baking..almost assures perfection:)

    Tea was delightful~
    Have a great day everyone.

  14. Oh so YUM! This definately on the menu this week. Since I am still in FL it will be perfect. Thanks for visiting and leaving thoughts on your blogger friend.
    Happy cooking!!!!

  15. You are right the LCBO magazine is fantastic; I have it on my coffee table right now.My husband LOVES scallops; thank you for sharing this recipe...I had been looking at it. He will get a happy surprise this weekend. It is fun to come and visit without having to worry about my blog; I will stick around your little cozy corner mon amie.

  16. I am happy for this Rita:) Thank you.We will stay in touch!~

  17. Tomorrow for dinner I am off to find big beautiful scallops!
    My dear Nana those pics are simply magnificent...magazine worthy and then some!
    I want to lick the screen!
    L xo

  18. Linda.. Something tells me we are friends..Friends say nice things to friends:)x

    I really think you will enjoy them though:)
    Especially the way you cook:)

  19. I am always looking for scallop recipes and this one looks awesome!