Friday, June 22, 2012


Did I tell you I enjoy these? I used Graphic's Fairy image..How great is she to share all her "Treasures" with us.?I have had so much pleasure working w/ her ephemera. Anyways..This journal making a good way~ I have finished my package of Avery paper that is supposed to feel like fabric.I find it stiff and will return to the freezer paper method printing on fabric.. The design is not always as clean and sharp..and the fabric doesn't hold as well..but I like the softness..The Parisien graphic is done w/ fabric. Next one..will be with fabric..I'll let you know which is better. Have a great weekend~ It's a long one here.

I am saving this one for a special occasion..what I mean is a special person..You have to be a little introspective and romantic..or sentimental.
Par la suite j'ai su pour qui~


  1. I too enjoy the Graphic Fairy's images. Sweet little journal. I have only "journaled" a little bit....oddly, I seem to collect the little books. There is a message here, I think!

  2. What a lovely way to start the weekend than with one of your journals. The mosaic on your header is just beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Thank you..Collecting little blank books is quite harmless and leaves the road open to inspiration:)
    . So quiet today..last day of school here~

    A soft hot hot.

  4. Beautiful....just like you!

  5. Just beautiful! You inspired me so, I made one this past week for a young friend of my son to give to his "sweet""))
    I am loving your header.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Happy long weekend Monique!! I love this journal page. You are so talented and creative. I cannot even fathom how to get anything printed onto fabric. It boggles my mind. I see things and almost buy them, and then think . . . oh heck I can just draw this myself! DOH!! Love you! xxoo

  7. You can draw it! Marie I have a tutorial here on my blog w/ freezer paper printing on fabric..It works!

    Shel..I bet it's beautiful!

    Bisous Lindaxx

  8. Bonne St-Jean! Que c'est joli, j'aime bien.