Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some fairy nice blues dans mon jardin~~

The bees are enchanting me along with all the blues..You know..they never object to being photoe'd..they are gentle and sweet~ The baptisias are some of my favorite blue perennials..I just wished they lasted a touch longer~ Ok a lot longer~ They develop into large clumps that stand like focal points in the garden~ Many other blues are loving the Baptisias also..How lucky to have had these Iris blooming nearby~ A marriage made in heaven~ Have I mentioned I love blue in the garden? and so do the fairies:)♥ All the blues are fun to try and paint different ways~ The lavender a photo I took a while back and one of the photos Fifi featured in Romantic Prairie Style Magazine..Seeing it in print.. was a lovely experience for me.A little keeper moment~ It seems like 100 years ago that I made this cookie for Fifi.. It has nothing to do with the magazine..But to me ..way back then..yrs was Fifi..and it still is:) Savor the moments...The Keeper Moments. My blues will soon be a thing of the I am sharing them now in case anyone is looking for blue suggestions for their garden..~


  1. I, too, love blue in the garden--and bees! Your photos are lovely.


  2. Your photos are stunning, Monique. The only blue in my garden is in my hydrangeas. So pretty.

  3. Your style of photography is one of a kind. What can I say but your photos are awesome! Thanks for stopping by, always love to hear from you. Have a great week.


  4. I love to add blues to my garden. Wish I had your climate! Thanks for sharing, Monique. Love the watercolors you've done. I want to explore more with paint, but need to carve out a little time just for me.

  5. My husband adores blue in the garden. I can't wait to show him this. Merci Monique.

  6. Sarah..I keep hoping to see your journaling..:)

    I have time.. I never I do..It's not so bad:) You get used to it..Wish I had known~

    But differently:)
    Sam..that husband deserves blue if he likes it:)Your climate is so much warmer than mine..Don't know if they make it there..But I would love Wisteria..etc:) are full of inspiration:)
    Cathy your cookies today..keepers:) to visit you:)
    Thank you..It's so much easier to photo in light.. winter can be gloomy here..some days~

  7. Amazing bee photos!
    what camera are you using?
    a telephoto lense for closeups?
    Love your watercolors too
    You never said...keeping it under your hat, ahem.

  8. How did you get the snail and the fairy girl into that shot???
    Hmmmm...playing tricks on us?

  9. Carol.I am trying to learn through you:)

  10. Bues and purples are my favorite shades in the garden. Though mine aren't as lovely as you. How wonderful to see your photo in a magazine!

  11. Monique, I too, love blues and purples in the garden...our lavendar is just coming into bloom now and it is so pretty. This year I vow I AM going to pick some and dry it for the winter! I loved your photographs in the magazine. You did such a lovely job! Well done you!!! Love and hugs! xxoo

  12. Très souvent les fleurs bleues ont quelque chose de magique... toute comme cette merveilleuse publication... Je voudrais pouvoir me transformer en petite luciole ou petite libellule juste pour pouvoir rejoindre toutes tes merveilleuses fleurs...
    Gros bisous

  13. know I am a blue girl...never have enough!
    I adore your pics! Some of these flowers i have never seen.
    Give me blue and white and I am happy!
    L xo

  14. My head is stuffing full of Keeper Moments~ beautiful memories; all kinds.
    Gorgeous post - only have two blue flower accents in my garden - Prairie Spiderwort and Blue Daze; plus two blue Gazing Balls.
    Showed the flying Snails to my Fairies:) they giggled!!
    Blessings, Judy/Texas

  15. Fairy beautiful! We have the fairies flying in by the swarms here. I love your beautiful blues!

  16. Lucky bees to be in Nana's garden although...I'd probably rather be in her kitchen!!
    Did I know that you paint?? I LOVE those!

  17. How you must love the changing colors in your garden! What a the bumble bee...he must be very happy!

  18. Your photos are stunning, Monique. The only blue in my garden is in my hydrangeas. So pretty.

    Thank you for post..

  19. Beautiful the fairies and the bees too!
    And that journal ...ohh...your friend will tresure that.
    Bon weekend
    Shel x