Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Soul Food #132~Really.. Crafts:)

The last time we moved.. 11 years ago.. I had 3 old fashioned milk cans..I kept one and gave one to each of our daughters..
I had accumulated a few before..but had passed them on also..
I had one..in our garage attic..painted Provençal blue w/ some design I had done..folk art inspired~
Oh lala..not me at all anymore..

But..not too long ago..One caught my eye..on Pinterest..  She was so lucky to have a cute daughter to basecoat hers:)  I have cute daughters but they are busy loving my grandchildren:)

It immediately inspired me to go to my saved ephemera..and climb up the garage attic stairs..and climb down w/this heavyweight heirloom of sorts~

 I have so many saved ephemera from The Graphics Fairy..and found the perfect one..the one..she had used..the perfect one..in my mind's eye~
I am really happy I found that post..the ephemera..because now..it's no longer in the attic..no longer blue w/ wannabefolkart on it..it's  in the sunroom..~

A few fresh coats of white paint..a copy of The Graphic's Fairy Ephemera  and some Mod Podge~
And the day was done~

Remind me to take that little extra paint off the right bottom hand corner:)

Thanks to my inspirations..
I hope you have an old milk can from a flea market hanging around~

It felt lovely to repurpose my old can~
I was never really great at Folk Art~:)


  1. I am glad you like it too..Oh... my before ..was so bad I never took a photo:)

  2. What a great outcome, Monique. I bet you feel very proud, I know I would! You should link this post up with the Graphic Fairy's Brag Monday. She offers it once a week to showcase projects created using her images. Anyway, a beautiful milk can, for sure. :)

  3. So funny...i have three in front of my house right next to the front door. They are painted black. I got them from my Mother who also had them in front of her big house before she sold it. I love them so! They are really starting to fall apart....the bottoms are beginning to rust apart...
    Yours looks perfect! So you!
    L xo

  4. So nice !!...love it....xxx...

  5. Oh Monique, your milk urn looks so lovely. I have 2 in front of my house. It has inspired me to give them a face lift.They are still as they were made all those yrs ago. Do you use a spray paint, or just ordinary paint and a brush? The finish looks so professional.
    Love them.
    Barbara Lilian

  6. Your milk can is so chic and French Monique. Love how pretty it is painted white with the French graphics.

    You've brought back nice memories for me this morning. A milk can was one of the first things we bought when we first married. I had almost forgotten that...

    Have a great day.

  7. I was so excited when I found my first milk can:)

    I felt our home felt cozier..countrier..that goes back almost 40 yrs ago:)

    So I totally understand people's affinity with them..

    Maureen I have seen her Monday Brag and the ideas are so wonderful..this was not my idea:)

    So I feel I can only share here whilst mentioning of course the sources because I am grateful:)
    Thank you for the suggestion:)

    I put 2 coats w/ a brush and a last of spray.Up close it's not pro:)

    Have a great day!

  8. Now you have inspired me to track down the old milk can my mom had. it was painted green w/ some kind of tole painting on it from the 70s. Perhaps my sister has it? Perhaps she would let me transform it? ;-)
    Your little beauty is lovely! Nice to be down from that attic ~ Sarah

  9. What a beautiful milk can. I love that you painted it white and the graphics on it is perfect. Awesome job!


  10. I used to have a milk can too - early in our marriage. It was folksy also and I have no idea what happened to it. Perhaps a garage sale long, long ago. I love what you did with yours and I sure you are so happy you saved one. It just epitomizes your style.

  11. oh I wish I could have these! So beautiful!

  12. I have no idea what the milk can looked liked before but it is wonderful now.

  13. Oh, how lovely! I adore the type faces!

  14. All thanks to the Graphics Fairy:) and that cute blog~

    They could make lovely gifts too..personalized..With Photoshop you can personalize Karen's graphics..

    Susan you made me smile..folksy..country that was my style back then:)

  15. It looks beautiful! I love it.



  16. That turned out great! Can't wait to see what you do with the desk ;)

  17. Oh Monique, I love it. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for a milk can.

  18. Noah's Mommy..you still ahve yours:) Desk is still in my car:)

    Ann I hope you find one:)Thank you Rosa..

  19. Definately on my "to do" list!
    Happy weekend!

  20. How do you find these graphics!!! They make things look so amazing. Love that an old milk can can have a new bright life.

  21. Love it!
    I also save her graphics. I need to get some ModPodge...you are the second one today to speak of it.

  22. Just go to the Graphic's Fairy..most of my Ephemera is from her.She graciously shares with everyone who simply goes to her blog~
    She even has a search area:)
    Have fun:)

  23. Oh Monique, this is just gorgeous. Simple and pretty. I have always wanted a milk can. Never had one. You did a wonderful job with this. Well done you! xxoo

  24. You made this? Incredible! There are lots of people out there who would be willing to pay good money for such a beautiful and nostalgic piece. I'm inspired and will keep my eye out for milk cans.