Monday, December 17, 2012

Peace On Earth~

Sunday Night..last night... a group of  lovely carolers came to our home..I think it is a tradition now..they collect food for the food bank..or $ donations..the snow was gently falling..many carried candles..Ages..from under 1..up until adult..
Three were right in front of me and caught my eye most as they were right there.. on our balcony porch..the others were down the stairs and up the path..
A young boy maybe 6..a young girl maybe 5 and another young girl maybe 8..

Holding these candles as I the dark of night with snow swirling by the was magical.In a different magical way~

And they sweetly..Little Drummer Boy..Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum..
Watching these angels..I could not help myself but think of the tragic recent events~They have never left my thoughts for very long..

I will remember..

It was as if the carolers and snow were blanketing our street with such comfort and peace.
As if they were caroling for them ...their sound floating towards the heavens..
It moved me even more than in the previous year..  with reason...and as I bent to place my offering in a wicker basket ..(I didn't have things on hand that I would feel good about giving..)the little boy said.."But We Came For Food"!And everyone laughed..  so innocent honest..I reassured him that they could buy  some things they may need to add..
I am certain everyone was touched Sunday night..and God Bless the little boy who actually make everyone smile~For one brief moment all was well with the world~

We had company this weekend and all shared our sorrow and thoughts..
It had been planned in couple I had not seen in three years..they are great grandparents now..
All of us..  could not imagine going through such a horrific event.

We shared memories..stories and drink..
It is comforting to talk about these things..and more so..while sharing food..breaking bread~
I made Susan's Nuts..there is a reason for me mentioning people and recipes...

If you are still looking for nibbles.. these are great..I have been sharing recipes with Susan..for years ..through the magic of the web..  we have shared   being moms..spouses..then becoming nanas..creating blogs..sharing Christmases..

I never tire of mentioning how grateful I am to those of you that I have formed bonds with over the years~
This time of year..reminds me to tell you even more..
To thank you for your is amazing what you can sometimes share through an email..that in just too hard to do..
I will always be the one who says it too my life:)How much I care..when I do.
The boys  are immune to it..(do you know how much nana loves you? "Gros gros gros comme le ciel~"the girls have it repeated to them so often..and Jacques also..

It's my nature.

So this is my mushy post..thanking you all:)

Even the dessert..I made..was from a dear blogger/Marie~

I made the mini versions..that you saw here..You will find the recipe there:)

and had enough left to make a 4 inch for 2 one..This year I added pomegranate seeds..because they seem to be plentiful right now..and we enjoy them so much..

We had many desserts that night..Diane's Pizelles..  made with her mom's pizellle maker...beautiful always..and Clara's little twists..shortbreads..cranberry bliss bars..magic bars..

I hope..the carolers did SO well  in their gathering of goodies for the food bank.

And I thank them..for a moment in time~

Peace On Earth~


  1. It is us that should be thanking you for all of the wonderful magic you create throughout the year for us Monique. Your carolers sound delightful. It made me think of Europe.

    Love the pretty cheesecake with the pomegranate seeds. Very festive.

  2. The Friday tragedy is unspeakable sad. I am so glad the carolers came out and sent their voices up to Heaven for the newest little angels.

  3. I always love to come visiting at Christmas time, Monique. Your posts are uplifting and inspiring and so very creative as always. How wonderful that carolers came to your home and sang for you. I'm grateful for your friendship as well and hope the holiday is a very special one for you and your beautiful family.

  4. Monique, Your posts touch my heart. All of them.
    This one is especially touching and uplifting but at the same time brought tears.

    Wishing you and Jacques and your wonderful loving family, a very special Christmas. ~Ann

  5. Ma chère Nana,
    Je pense que nous tous nous te remercions aussi d'exister tout simplement... J'aime tes mots et tes merveilleuses publications... les gentils petits commentaires que tu me laissent... Mille mercis pour cette amitié outre-atlantique...

    Gros bisous à toi, aux tiens et Joyeuses Fêtes.

  6. EVERYTHING you do Monique is heartfelt and full of beauty.
    Thank you for your generosity!

  7. Thank you Monique for sharing with us your wonderful day you had with family a friends How uplifting it must have been having children singing carols at your home at this tragic time. Our thoughts will be with all the families.
    Joyeux Noel to you and your family.

  8. Never has Christmas been more about showing our love and devotion to our family and children than it has this year. Hug everyone tight and share the joy.

  9. Beautiful post to make us us stop and be thankful for what we have. Joyeux Noël Monique!

  10. This recent tragedy has touched so many people so profoundly. Being the parent of young children, Lindsay is having a very difficult time with what happened. I love the idea of the carols floating toward Heaven.

    I too cherish our friendship and shared recipes over the years - as we add another year to the number. It is friendship and family that helps us weather the bad times and sorrow and the hope for a happier tomorrow.

    Beautiful dessert! I'm off to look at the recipe :)

  11. What a sight that must have been! I have never had carolers come to my home. I have carolled, but not with a candle. The events at Sandy Hook will never leave my mind. When I have been a bit short, or wasn't that thrilled lately about going to one of my children's many events, I have had the thought that at least I have them, and that I should be happy. Merry Christmas to you. I enjoy seeing what is up at your beatiful blog. I love the top picture. Joni

  12. Ann..I forgot to mention..the main course was your Osso Bucco..
    We have had no power all day..Just came back on.. off from 8 AM until 5 ish..lots of snow..
    It's a different Christmas this are all spot on..
    Our eldest a kindergarten teacher..she's cried many a tear over all this she told me last night and she has a 4 year old son..
    our other daughter..couldn't even watch the news as Oli was saying..mommy..why are you sad?

    Like your Lindsay Susan~

    She has a 3,5 and 7 year old..


    My friend built snowmen with her students yesterday..I took advantage of the no electricity and our time with Oli (babysitting)to build a nowman/girl..(he doesn't say the S.. with snowman:) or snow pants:) )

    Had it been last week? Maybe I would have just colored..:)
    So now we have a snowgirl at the entrance of our path~
    Just like you Joni..I am thinking differently.


  13. I never knew Walmart was one of the highest in % gun of selling places:(
    We just heard this on the news..

    I noticed in FL..they had a dept for hunting and guns..But this has surprised me and with all the $ they make..I hope they discontinue selling arms.
    That's my Christmas wish.

  14. What a wonderful delight. I remember back when I was young and we went carolling with our church group, in the country! It didn't occur to me that it would bring pleasure.

  15. How uplifting it must have been to have those carolers at your door. This is a good reminder that there are more good people on earth than otherwise.

  16. We will have a neighborhood group caroling this Thursday night. I always look forward to this tradition.
    You know I feel the same about the friendships I've made through our blogs. Treasures! Thank you for being a bright spot in my days. ~ Sarah

  17. Sending you much love across the miles my dear touch my heart!
    Merry Christmas...peace on earth to you and yours...
    Bisous xo

  18. Such a sweet and tender post Monique. My brain stumbles to try to understand the meaning of such tragedies. I cannot . . . but I am grateful for a heart that knows the difference between right and wrong and which feels great compassion for those who are hurting, especially at this time of year which should be nothing but magic. I am broken when it is not. I send you and your family much love and Happy Christmas Greetings. Joy is that even amidst such tragedy we can find peace in our hearts in small and simple ways. Love you. xxoo

  19. How beautiful Monique! I am so glad that despite what happens that we can feel peace and love and there are those doing their best to help life others. I love mush! I am just typing up my children's journals to give to them for a surprise Christmas present and it is embarrassing how mushy I am in them, but how can you express the love you have for a little child? There are just not words.

    Thank you dear friend. I am soooo glad I found your blog those many months ago. You too always lift and bless me! Have a blessed Christmas.

  20. You are very blessed Monique to be so highly thought of and that you send and give so much happiness to your blogger friends!

  21. Happy holidays to you as well, Monique. I am loving getting back to visiting my favorite blogs. I am glad you balanced your sadness over the horrors of last week with lovely thoughts of singing children, safe and well for the holidays as they should be.

  22. I wish we had carolers coming to our door!
    Monique, Susan is the loveliest person, I can see why you two are such good are both cut from the same cloth...big, open hearts!
    I love your noël images, in the spirit of the season..I can hear bells in the background...

  23. Beautiful and sensitive post. Love your photos as usually. The best we can do is find beauty in everything around us. Which brings me to the question:) - the very first illustration that says "Peace on earth" - did you create that and if yes, how?

  24. Julia..I did..but it is created with digital kits that I bought last year here..

    go to her will see many many kits..I think I bought 2 or 3 kits last add your own things:)
    It's a delightful shop.

    Thank you for your kind comments..


  25. Your mushiness has melted my heart. Lovely post and sentiment.

  26. It is a lovely, lovely way to be! Your good thoughts are so appreciated are you and your beautiful blog! I must tell you this: As I was reading about the carolers and came to the part about the "The Little Drummer Boy...RumPaPumPum" the song was playing on the radio... at the exact spot... "RumPaPumPum"... such a funny coincidence... or a sign perhaps!?! :)))

    Please add my prayers/good thoughts to your own for "Peace on Earth". May I also add " people of good will"? It's a little specificity I borrow from my sweet little mother-in-law.

    Thank you for sharing such a well detailed description of the carolers...I could just picture it all. Our family used to go caroling when I was young but I have not seen actual carolers (outside of professionals hired for special parties and the like) in decades! Such a good idea to use caroling to gather goods for charity! Well my friend, so sorry to ramble on, thank you again for all your generosity of ideas and sweet spirit. It is all much appreciated.
    Wishing you and your lucky family a blessed and happy holiday!

  27. Tracey..such a dear comment:-)
    Thank you.x
    And Karen too..
    You're all a lovely bunch..
    Don't know what I would do without you.:-)

  28. Lovely post, I love the first photo the best!-)) So cute. I wish you a wonderful new year and happy holidays!