Sunday, January 20, 2013

..C'est l'Hiver~

Hmmmm..Snow snow and more snow..Howling winds..drifts..  shovel.. shovel..snowblow.. snowblow..
The gardens looking like this are very familiar to me..amazing how in a few months..color will bounce right back as if nothing ever happened!So many secrets and treasures under that thick white blanket..
I can almost feel the snowdrops taking in their  yawns..the scillas wondering when their time will come..My little Tree of Enchantment wondering how it could ever get so cold!
My Korean Lilacs and the Magnolia dormant as dormant could be..
I love winter..I love Spring..I love Summer and I love Fall~
I just always remember what is to come and can never wait!
It was better indoors today..
Looking out at the sun..remembering the beach:)..Watching my lavender grow:)
My daughter gave me lavender in a pot for Mother's Day last May..I brought it in and it is very happy..
So is MINT..hate mint in your garden? Bring it in..NON invasive:) And happy.
The whole week was a bit upside downish weather wise and baking wise..
I did make those Joy Of Baking scones again and added chocolate chips..

With that coarse sanding  sugar on top?  So pretty:)
I am still ISO a wood scone cutter:)  The old old vintage ones..

No luck yet..until then..these do fine..these are small..2 ~3 Inches:)

Love ♥s too~
You can find the scone recipe via a little trip down memory lane..through me..and Diane..

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I wonder How You Are~


  1. Yet more delicious baking, they look scrumptious x

  2. Would you believe we have NO snow? It was all gone with a few days of above-freezing temps and a day of rain. Poor Mack was just loving sledding two weeks ago and no nothing. So cold - frigid in fact here for the next couple of days. I am worried about my garden with no snow cover to protect it from this cold.

    I am on my way to follow the link to those adorable little scones :)

  3. Winter is really here in lovely those scones are, makes me want one!!!
    I shall remember to think of you when I am out and about snooping the antique markets for kitchen things!
    I am not sure if I have ever seen a wood scone cutter but I shall look.......

  4. I too love all the season. Our snow arrived last Thursday evening and was all gone by Saturday. Those scones do look delish. I love your recipes, photography and blog as always :)

  5. As I was looking at the large buds on a magnolia tree surrounded by snow today, I mentioned how amazing it is that they survive such bitter cold and open to such a lovely flowers in the spring.

  6. Susan..I actually thought today..that this is a very good winter blanket year for plants..but's hard to keep up..the roof..the driveway..paths..we need the kidlets to be 17 some days:-)
    I've peeked on Etsy..etc..I love looking:-)
    Have a great week everyone..

  7. Today I was actually thinking how short winter will be and in no time the drifts and banks of snow will be replaced with puddles. In the meantime, I am so tired of shoveling walks.

  8. Ah! better indoors today ... for you Monique it is because it is so cold .... for me because it is so hot.
    I've not seen one of those little wooden cutters in the shops would be wonderful to use.

    "All Things French"

  9. The winter wonderland has finally hit. Everything is protected from the bitter cold and waiting for its moment. Scones would bring that much needed comfort on mornings like these.

  10. I wish I could identify with all that snow.
    We have so few places in South Africa where it snows and then it never looks that much!
    I love the photos..especially the little vignette in the second one...beautiful!
    Your scones look scrummy
    Have a blessed week

  11. Always love to see what you've been baking, your scones look delicious. & So much snow, thankfully ours looks as if it's on the way out. never seen or heard about wood cutter shapes. I'll look out for those.

  12. I always love your photos Monique. So very pretty. I am dreading the cold temps and snow of Canada. I look forward to the time with my mom, but it has been 13 years since I have experienced a Canadian Winter. Not good. We have more snow here today. Perhaps this is the Lords way of acclimatizing me? I don't know! Peut etre . . . loving the scones. Look so tasty. Mmm chocolate, coarse sugar. What's not to like? xxoo

  13. Looks like a winter wonderland. Snow is always pretty when it's fresh fallen. Stay warm Monique.

  14. C'est bien agréable d'arriver chez vous ! De voir la neige dehors et après de se réchauffer dedans avec vos souvenirs et vos très très beaux scones !

  15. These look like the perfect treat after a snowy day! I can't believe I haven't made chocolate scones - that must be changed soon!

  16. Un gros plaisir pour moi comme je vous ai dit :)
    Une influence:)Positive..!
    Lucy try:) you may like..

  17. Yes, Spring is just around the corner. I'm starting to see the grass grow green in our Texas backyard already. Plus, more birds are chirping outside my windows. Looking forward to it.

  18. I am a big fan of snow and winter is one of my favorite seasons. Lovely raisin scones!



  19. Your photo makes me shiver, Monique. We have had only a few flakes this month. This could be another dry winter here in the Pacific NW. Our beaches are still beautiful in the winter but way too cold to walk by the water.

  20. UN aussi joli paysage et des scones tout chauds ... C'est ça le vrai bonheur ! ;o)

  21. UN aussi joli paysage et des scones tout chauds ... C'est ça le vrai bonheur ! ;o)

  22. Wonderful photo of the winterland. I've been too busy or maybe too lazy to get out and get some nice photos of snow this season. You're reminding me to appreciate what's around me....

  23. Today..was way too cold to snap fingers would freeze off:-)
    Oui..le vrai bonheur..les choses simples comme tu sais si bien.:-)

  24. J'adore one of your scones right now! Yum

  25. so cozy! I am dreaming of the snow now, since today will be another very hot day in Australia! :)

  26. You are very poetic Monique-) Beautiful words and gorgeous season! Scones are perfect for winter morning. Have a wonderful day!