Monday, February 25, 2013

Baked Bang Bang Shrimp~

We enjoy Shrimp..very much~ I have made Bang Bang Shrimp before..many moons ago~but not baked..I found this recipe on Pinterest..and I am grateful..but when I tried to go back..there was a flash from Google Chrome saying the site was flagged for suspicion..I don't want to lead anyone towards an error..I am glad I wrote the recipe down when I first saw it..I dare not try and go back..I won't mention the blog as I always do..for that reason..
So thank you   to the person who posted..but now I am leery ..
However I love the idea of Baked Bang Bang Shrimp and we enjoyed them so much I have made them again.:)

Baked Bang Bang Shrimp~ Adapted

12 Colossal shrimp
1/2 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup flour
Garlic powder to taste
Smoked paprika to taste
Salt and Pepper
1/2tbsp hot sauce
1 beaten egg

1/2 cup Mayo
2 tbsps chili sauce
1 tsp honey
1/2 tbsp Frank's Hot Sauce 

Mix the the dry ingredients  except the Panko .. add the wet ones and combine.
I like a thick batter so I added a bit of could start with less buttermilk..
Dredge the deveined and cleaned shrimp(tail on) batter and then coat with Panko.
Lay on a prepared baking sheet that has parchment on it~
Bake in a  preheated 400 degree  F oven for 10 mins on one side and 5 on the other~
(This time may vary..mine took less and they were huge:))
Serve with Mayo..recipe above~

Really good.
Delish actually~

PS Wonder if it is only w/ Google Chrome that these warnings appear on Pinterest..Not the first  time at all for me~?


  1. I am not sure about Pinterest since I am not on Google Chrome and these warning messages pop up every once in a while. People are able to report sites so I wonder if that may have something to do with an inadvertent report. I like to try to check my pins to make sure they go to the authors post and not advertisement or another site. AS for the shrimp I am glad that you found it.

  2. I love to check too now..and often don't pin if it just leads to nowhere..apart from Photography etc..I make judgement calls..But get to a site..and the next time a warning appears..

    Some I keep some I don't..if it's for charm's can lead to Tumblr etc:)

    Thanks for your input:)Aprreciated:)

  3. These look wonderful Monique...and since they are not fried...healthy!
    I am on Safari on my IPad....sometimes I get warnings. I am glad, who needs the headache of a virus!
    L xo

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  5. I'm quite happy to have this recipe from you! And, I have shrimp on my grocery list.


  6. Oh, my dear fairy friend, this looks fabulous. I am so glad you wrote it down too. We are shrimp lovers here and this sounds fabulous, with just enough bang in it! We are spicy lovers too. Your photo should be the front cover of Gourmet magazine. I would buy it!

  7. When we visit our children in Florida and go out to Bonefish Grill, this is one dish that they love. I like the baked version with the sauce on the side...much healthier. Thank you Monique for posting the recipe.

  8. Hi Karen..that's how I discovered Bang Bang daughter and Son-in-law favor Bonefish Grill in Fl..and they had it there..she told me about it and that's about when I made the first fried version..This one is better for us..and at home.
    I am such an eat at home person.
    Hope you all like it..
    If you find ways to improve let me know:)~

  9. Dear Monique, do I dare say you did a bang-up job?

    I think this shrimp dish looks delicious and I especially love the few ingredients needed to recreate it!
    I should also mention, I covet the tiny fish dish.

  10. Hi Sol..that darling little fish..swam all the way from France.. a couple of years ago..
    to our home here..
    A little set that I treasure too:)

    It came from Ronelle.. and here is a link because you would love her blog..

    I actually started saving Sardine tins because of her great presentations..and made little lemon moist wet towelettes because of her..
    It is amazing the venues....inspiration talks to different ways..on different days..from different sources..
    All of them..I am grateful for:)
    It is a covetous item:)

    I don't accumulate anymore..but I must admit to being covetous..and giving in sometimes..when the urge is overwhelming:)

  11. So nice, I always have a big bag of shrimps in the freezer from Costco. I should try this recipe.

  12. Pretty easy recipe, huh? I love hot things and shrimp.
    I get that message on occasion.

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  14. I have never heard of Bang Bang Shrimp but I can see from the recipe that this will be served at our house soon!!

  15. I like that the recipe is baked shrimp, very healthy for me, and I love addition of smoked paprika as well. Thank you for sharing-)

  16. They are really quite that good that we will make again and again..tweaking perhaps every time:)

  17. This is such a beautiful dish.. I love all the ingredients. Simple and impressive. My kind of dish, Monique1 I sometimes get that warning when I go to view a blog too. I just don't go. I'm thinking it probably is a mistake though!

  18. I have never heard of Bang Bang Shrimp. I love shrimp and have all the ingredients on hand. Shall try.

  19. It's new to me... love the name. As always, you make it look like a million with your perfect photos.

    Thanks for doing the dangerous legwork to get the recipe. I have a horror that I am going to do one wrong search and end up with monsters in my machine... argh!!!

  20. I love your presentation! Delicious taste!

  21. I know I would LOVE this recipe. We are shrimp lovers too :) Too bad about the suspicious site! I've not had that happen but I use Mozilla Firefox for my browser. Better to play it safe anyway.

    Copy and pasting tout de suite!

  22. They look delicious, Monique. We love our shrimp here too!
    Thanks for your kind works on the loss of my sister's little gson. They are struggling.

  23. Those look really good and I love this dish's funny name!



  24. The shrimp looks amazing! And you're so cute and funny about being cautious about those site warnings.

  25. :)

    I really get horrified and back away:)

    Hope you enjoy these..
    I am looking forward to eating them again...and again..
    Have a lovely weekend~

  26. Monique, I have had that warning on Pinterest as well. That someone has flagged that sight as being spam, etc. Often I go onto Google and look it up anyways, it is perfectly safe in most cases. I have a feeling for the dodgy ones and don't bother to pursue those. You can usually tell by the name. I wish I could eat shrimps. I am allergic to them, but the Toddster loves them very much! I may try this for him. He would appreciate! Spring is springing here this weekend. A little taste before it arrives for good. Just a teaser! Sending love on a sunny English day. You cannot beat the beauty of England on a sunny day . . . even at this time of year. xxoo

  27. We've too love shrimp and have made a version of this many times. I have heard of Bang Bang shrimp, but didn't know what exactly they were. Now I know!

    I too have noticed warnings using Chrome that I don't see if I go to Internet Explorer and I can't explain it. But I like Chrome so much that I'll put up with it...

    Have a lovely weekend Monique. It’s nice to be able to get out and visit old friends again.

  28. Love that these shrimp are baked instead of fried. The panko makes such a nice, crunchy crust. I use Google Chrome and haven't had that problem, Monique. I would back away too if I saw that warning.

  29. We love shrimp, but have never tried it prepared this way. It looks delicious! Anything with a nice buttermilk tang to it is always tasty. As far as Pinterest goes, I am always sad when something becomes so popular. Those of us who enjoy using it are often the ones who end up being stung by others wrapped up in their traffic schemes. Oh well,I guess.

  30. That's a lovely recipe, but I am curious ... do you know anything about the origin of the name?

  31. Hello..the only thing I can come up with is that the name originated from The Bonefish Grill..wonder where they got it:)