Friday, February 8, 2013

Knit One~Purl One~Froth One~Bake One~

Shamelessly,I am sharing my mug warmer..Tried a new set of stitches..knit one ..purl make the mug cozy..But my wool was nubby..and my needles were the seed stitch didn't really show up..But I had fun making it..crazy stitched some felt and sewed buttons..
I am TRYING to learn how to crochet with You Tube and YouTube is winning~ Sigh~

It felt good on the mug..though..with our weather?  More snow!!More Snow..all day!
Our daughters gave me a Nespresso frother for Christmas..and I enjoy it so much:)
Perfect froth every time!
Made some more sugar cookies..this time using Fancy Flours wafer papers I had..from before..all gone now..

I'll hang them from my Valentine's tree:)

I made the same hearts as last year also..

But this yr I used the Ateco food markers~  Hmm  they work nicely..but in 5 seconds all that black and red were all over Oli's fingers~

So..any tips?

I used Sol's Sugar Cookie recipe for these..I shared it here..

and used the same home made fondant as here:)

PS How cute are those arrows? They are Photoshop brushes that   I found here:) And how nice was she to give the tutorial!?



  1. Que d'amour que d'amour!
    Toujours superbe tes photos!
    J'adore ce que tu fais!!
    Bonne soirée! Bises

  2. Looks as though you are having fun on your snowy days. We had a bit of rain and hail today...short lived, though. Your cookies are adorable..I have no answer to little fingers and frosting!

  3. When I looked at the weather map this morning to see the blizzard hitting the east coast I saw that your area was covered in snow clouds! We received about 6" more inches of snow and my garden is now safely covered :)

    I wish you lived closer - I could give you crochet lessons. Maybe a class would be better so you would get tips?

    Love the V-tree, the cookies and those heart brushes! Wish I could offer a suggestion but I've never used the Ateco food markers. Hope it didn't get on any clothing.

    Your mug of latte looks delicious (and cozy) ;)

  4. Loved the title of your post. All so adorable. Your valentine tree with the love hearts on looks already for the taking. Don't have the cookie accessories like you, here in France so can't help. I'm sure he would enjoy them anyway, even if he had to lick his fingers.

  5. Que de magnifiques photos, c'est tellement paisible de visiter ton blog.

  6. Tout est toujours aussi beau chez toi ma chère Monique. Merci de nous émerveiller à chaque visite.

    Passe un beau week-end! xx

  7. My mom and sister are the knitters of the family, I have never really learned beyond straight stitch.Not to say I don't admire, with a touch of jealousy, everyone else's handiwork.

  8. Susan I wish you lived closer too:) Not just for crochet:)
    Have a great weekend everyone..I will get it:)

  9. Hi Monique,
    Such a pretty mug warmer. Your Valentine's Day decorations are so lovely. Hope you enjoy a fabulous weekend.

  10. Happy weekend from

  11. What a lovely decoration! I love your mug warmer and cookies, so elegant!

  12. You have a Valentine tree? How adorable is that??! So wish my grandkids lived closer.
    Going to check out the arrow tutorial. I always make a mess of those.

  13. Her tutorial is so will be fine..
    Great refresher on how to create brushes,,:)
    I made the tree last yr..and just kept it all decorated:) We have a 1 1/2 storey the 2 bdrs upstairs have large unfinished dry attic spaces..I put the bdr Christmas trees in there and the Valentines one:)That must be my lazy side:)

    Clothes..:)..dollhouses dresses..

  14. Oh silly me, why didn't I think of a Valentine tree??? I think I am too late this year but next out! All thanks to you! Hope all is well, Happy Hearts Day.

  15. Je suis très très contente de te lire et d'arriver juste à temps pour admirer tes coeurs...
    Les petits bonbons en bracelet me rappellent ceux que nous trouvions lorsque j'étais petite chez le marchand... en collier.
    Un grand merci aussi ma chère Nana pour ton gentil petit commentaire.
    gros bisous à toi.

  16. Monique, the only thing I've ever accomplished with a crochet needle was to poke myself in the right temple with it.
    Ok, I also managed to make cute little totes that I blogged about eons ago. And still use today. But that's where my expertise ends. Maybe we should all pay a visit to Susan's house.

    In regards to your V-Day creations, I think you might just make St. Valentine blush. So very pretty!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your cherubs!

  17. Love all your Valentine goodies on your tree! I have hands this morning covered with black ink and am wondering how that happened? I am such a mucky pup I think. I really get stuck in to my projects. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have a loving grandmother who lives close by to bake and decorate them goodies like you do! I am in awe of you. I wish I were so lucky, but perhaps one day . . .

  18. I never used food markers before, I bet they are so much fun to work with-) Very interesting and very beautiful!