Monday, February 11, 2013

Sew Cute~

I have been Pinning Button Cookies since I first saw them..and have a few Pins on My Cookie Cutter board~
But Jody's..made me make them..I was making different little cookies that day and give them a try..hers on her cute bakery shop bag were just too sweet to not try :)
Thanks Jody~

I used the recipe I was trying out that day.. same day I made the envelope and wafer paper cookies..
The Martha Stewart recipe..

And they worked out just right..

I made two sizes..and I find they look like Smiley faces too..just add a curve:)
I've never used that little sewing kit..It's a keeper for me..
It was in our room at La Ferme De La Huppe in Provence.. most charming place I have ever stayed at in all my life..(I know I have not been many places..but..I am sure it is a very special place even to many long time travelers:))
See how every needle is pre -threaded:)?
You would think it was gilded in gold to me:)

These Button Love Cookies..would be great packaged in a Valentine way also~
Have a wonderful week~


  1. Cute buttons and great play on words!



  2. LOve them!!! I used to make button cookies for my children when they were small, I just love the look of buttons too. I am with you, I love my sewing kits and I have one from my husbands Nana that hasn't been used and looks like a little purse....cute.

  3. Monique, I love, LOVE your button cookies and how cute is that collage!! You are so smart! I have always wanted to make button cookies, but have never done so . . . maybe I will someday soon. We shall have to wait and see. It is for sure though, they would not be as nice as yours are! xxoo

  4. These are absolutely adorable - love them!

  5. What a delightful collage you have put together using your button biscuits along with the sewing kit from provence, All the things I love... Provence, sewing & biscuits. I've put biscuits last only because I'm trying to cut down !!!

  6. Je crois que pour une fois ma chère Nana je serais heureuse que l'un de mes boutons cookies me lâche ! Il tomberait très volontiers dans mon bec !...
    J'aime l'ensemble de tes merveilleuses photos.
    A l'aube de cette Saint-Valentin je te souhaite beaucoup d'amour.

    gros bisous.

  7. So cute. Now I know which board to go to when looking for a cookie. Thank you. ~Ann

  8. I dream about your shortbread squares and want to make them, but alas, I would eat them all by myself. I have no control when baked goods are around.

  9. These are the most adorable cookies!!!

  10. They are sew cute, Monique :) Yours turned out beautifully! I love plain little sugar cookies ♥

    I have that same sewing kit from a vacation a long while ago. I though too - how nice to have the needle threaded already. I'll bet that tape measured has been in your family for a long while :) We have one that belonged to my husband's father.

  11. :)
    It's so nice reading your comments.
    Fun to share ideas..
    What did we do before?:)

    I never knew I would end up being such a copy cat:)
    Have a nice day:)

  12. I saw those button cookies on someone's Flickr page and they were assorted pastel colors (tinted dough, not icing).
    So very cute!
    I'm intrigued about the place you stayed!

  13. These are such cute cookies! I love their simple prettiness, and the idea of turning them into smiley faces.

  14. Me encantan estas galletas en forma de botón, preciosas.

  15. The love of buttons runs in my family; my Grandmother, my Mother and now myself...I have an old mason jar full of my Grandmother's buttons - treasure them. My most treasured (but not as treasured as my Mom's sewing thimble) is a World War I soldier's sewing kit - small pouch made out of canvas - filled with old metal buttons, needles, thread and some scissors - bought it at an Antiques store years ago; if only it could talk!
    Love the cookie buttons - must try.

  16. Judy~
    ALL sound like treasures..I know what these things mean to you:)
    Thank you for telling me about them.:)

    Rosa..I am happy to have found your blog..It let's me also try to practice words I learned in high school during one year:)
    The place we stayed at in Provence..there are many photos on the site..It was a once in a lifetime for us I think~

  17. I adore the button cookies!!! I have them in color, last year did the Button fun post-) Yours look fantastic!!

  18. These are so cute! Never seen sew button cookies before. And now I am subscribing to your cookie cutter Pinterest Board.

  19. Ces biscuits en forme de boutons sont absolument superbes!