Saturday, February 2, 2013

You've Got Mail~

Loved that movie:)~
And I have been loving the envelope cookies I have been seeing here and there~
So I made some Martha Stewart Sugar Cookies~
And Made some Fondant~
And took out some new stamps~
And Food Coloring..
And twine..
And small sugar hearts..
And played~

And played some more when I found these oh so cute adorable printouts on Pinterest  from someone I love to Follow~

Coloring Paris~
I love them and saved them in an Altoid's tin too:)

Envelope inspiration found here....but first and foremost here..who had found them on Cake Opera...(Don't want to forget anyone here:) )
Fun to make:)~
You could personalize..

Personally..I am not nuts about actually eating fondant cookies..but I am not the sweet eater here..I like to decorate with them..make gift tags..shower favors.. holidays.
Little canvases.


  1. Happy

  2. what a love letter that would be... enchanting.

  3. These are the loveliest envelope cookies I've seen so far. I keep meaning to make some for my aunt Laurie, who's a pen pal of sorts. Maybe this will be the year. :) ♥♥

  4. So cute Monique! And such fun to do. You always present these things so beautifully. I am not surprised. You are the cookie master. Would love to be given a gift of your sweet little canvases. Your friends and family are very lucky indeed! Love you much. xxoo

  5. Wouldn't these be fun to make for that special someone for Valentines Day Monique.

  6. love this, Monique...saw it on your P and just had to pin it! Will see if I can get around to making it...would love to give/send it it to H at work in Paris...will be such a surprise for him.

  7. Splendide! So lovely!! ♥♥♥

  8. What a gorgeous love letter. Looks too good to eat.

  9. Great idea Ronelle:)

    And Val..They are cute..and they keep:) H could keep it on his desk:)

    Have a great day..
    Glad you enjoyed..I did too..:)

  10. What valentine wouldn't be giddy to receive one of these envelopes. ;-) So pretty!!!

  11. How beautiful...and romantic :) It's fun to play with new ideas - a wonderful way to pass the winter. I will have to look at your inspiration!

  12. These are so pretty - perfect for Valentine's Day!

  13. C'est une très jolie très romantique et très gourmande vision de Paris !

  14. Oh these are just the sweetest things I have ever seen...a love letter!
    Bisous xo

  15. J'espère que c'est la version que je verrai un jour:)
    Provence ..nous y sommes allés et avons eu un coup de coeur..Je m'attends à un coup de ♥ différent..mais aussi important.
    Linda..I would mail you one:) But they break easy and I have no idea what sending food that is not professionally packaged entails:)
    Plus if it broke..Oy:)

    Winter does give u s a chance to gardens to tend..
    Many many indoor moments..
    In a way..I do love that.

  16. Dear Monique, they are so beautiful, amazing idea for some Vacation party-) Or "welcome back" party. My girl, she is 11 years old, she is dreaming about Paris, would be nice surprise for her, I have to bake them-) Thank you!

  17. Yours will be so photogenic Yelena:-)

  18. Those are so adorable, Monique. I agree...I'm not a great eater of fondant cookies, but the fun is in the design. Yours are fabulously creative!

  19. What a great creation! So pretty.



  20. I just took my first cookie decorating class and had a chance to work with fondant. I can see its potential and it will be fun to play with it. It isn't my favorite thing either but it makes a very festive cookie. Love your Paris theme.

  21. What fun Cathy!
    Thanks everyone..It is great fun.

  22. Perfect! We love that movie too and often play it as background when puttering in the kitchen. It is so sweet and cozy. My girls always tease me and say the main character is me...I think it's our similar philosophy on books. ;).
    You baked a perfect embodiment of pretty!
    Tracery xox

  23. Ahh..when I was younger my daughters used to say I was like Diane Keaton:)I loved that:)
    It's amazing what they can say that stays with you~