Saturday, March 16, 2013

Practicing My Husband's Birthday Cake~

Gleaned ..totally gleaned at Dulce Delight

So..I still need practice..But I had fun trying:) I found a blog ..that..well you have heard how opposites attract?
The first time I saw one of her videos..I thought ..what a bubbly happy talented creative girl~
You have to go and see for yourself..
Total Opposites~
I am fair.. older..much older:)..listen to classical music while I bake..or..Norah Jones..Adele,Henri Salvador,Rod Stewart..etc..
I am quiet..and somewhat reserved..
What a breath of fresh air this girl is..
I even love her music..
I had to watch the video for this cake over and over to get it..must admit the whole movie is the Portuguese music..(I think that's what it is:) )This girl should have her own show..A Happy fun show:)
So creative..
Anyways..I have errors..the template wasn't available at the time for the hearts and dots so I drew my own.. not quite perfect..I should have colored the polka dots a different pink..I think I need to tap my I had a lot of air holes..contrary to my white rolls..I don't like the lines my parchment paper made..
I practiced without the berries.. and I made a slightly different white chocolate cream..I used 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1/2 cup white chocolate..just a small amount to add to my whipped heavy I was concerned it would not work..
Anyway I am definitely making this type again..
It was fun..and it will be better for J's actual bday:)~♥

Cute eh?  Wait till you watch some of her videos:)~
For the recipe you will just have to go see for yourselves..
I think she makes people feel happy.
You'll see I left 3's in person that I am more reserved:)
She lives at Dulce Delight~

In the interim..I will be making this again next Sat..if anyone has any tips about my air bubbles..and the lines the parchment left..pray tell:)?

and ppss plse forgive the's dreary..cold and still loads of snow here~


  1. This is a Work of Art & Love,once more you've out done yourself.And we shall name this beauty "Monique of Hearts" Cake!

  2. Un pastel precioso, me en canta, y seguro que delicioso.

  3. That is such a cute idea! How sweet to take so much time to master the technique. I think your cake is adorable...I am certain there was a lot of love surrounding that cake! :-)

  4. So cute! I'll have to go watch the video!

  5. Monique, I clicked over to see the video and then got sidetracked. So I'm back to say this is a beautiful cake. I so want to make one of these. Thanks for sharing. Yes, she could have her own show........Sarah
    Happy Birthday to J.

  6. Monique, Your cake already looks perfect. Thanks for introducing me to another blog. I watched the video. What a cutie. She really should have her own show.


  7. This is such a cute cake! and you're right, that blog is lovely! I just checked it out.

  8. I discovered her awhile back. She is just precious and amazingly talented. I saw a little bit of her at a competition with that chef that screams at everyone. He thought her dessert was delicious. Ok, I have to go see how you made this.

    Also, Rachel Khoo is a really talented. You can find her on yt - English, but now lives in Paris. Just Darling.

  9. OHHH I love them ! They are so cute!!

  10. I've tagged you in my site for the versatile blogger award! Kisses!

  11. Ohhhhhh, Nana! How lovely ! Thank you for directing me to another marvelous blog and blogger!

  12. She's one of a kind..I knew for sure she would make many of you smile..her joie de vivre is so sweet..and the little dog in that particular video was so cute too:)

    Thanks everyone..

    Thank you for the recommendations too..

    You must mean Gordon Ramsay as the screamer:)
    He has a show on that is much more subdued.. and he is very good on it.
    I've only seen it once..
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  13. I really like your cake, so nice. Thanks for the link, I did not know this girl. She is so good.

  14. And everything is so cute:) I think because she is so natural..and unaffected by her very visible charm and makes her even more watchable and endearing:)

    So glad you are all discovering her:)

  15. Pretty cake of hearts...its really perfect Monique...
    I will hop on over to her blog...
    happy birthday to your J for next week...

  16. The queen of hearts, that's you. And this awesome cake will steal your beloved's heart.

    I've caught Dulce's site before, and her bubbly personality is contagious. She's a natural in front of a camera.

    Happy Birthday to your beloved 'J!'

  17. That is gorgeous just as it is! Going to watch the video right now!
    You always amaze me!

  18. That is gorgeous just as it is! Going to watch the video right now!
    You always amaze me!

  19. OMG....she is adorable and so is the cake! I love her! And her music!
    Thanks for turning me on to her site!

  20. Wow, this cake looks amazing - it's so intricate! I'm sure your husband must be honoured, it's just so pretty.

  21. It is so wonderful to know you are loved after so many years and Jacques knows that in Hearts - not Spades :) We are both so lucky that way. What a profusion of birthdays we have. Dane's first birthday was this past week ❤

  22. I forgot to say what a beautiful cake and I'm going to visit your inspiration right now!

  23. We are Susan:-) Oh that little doll is 1 already:-) I bet the artwork was so appreciated:-)

  24. If this is just the trial run, I can't wait to see the final cake! You amaze me Monique! xxoo

  25. What a beautiful cake for Jacques' birthday. Happy birthday to him. I agree with Marie - you are amazing Monique.

  26. what a lucky man J is! I think his cake is already perfect, but I can also understand that for that special person it needs to be perfect! It is very it should be.
    I wish him a very happy day..i'm sure the kiddies will join in as will the big kids...and all will becole young kiddies around the birthday cake...we should never forget how to recall that child in us..
    Have fun

  27. She is very happy person, indeed-)) The cake looks so complicated, I probably will try to bake it one day. Your are perfect!! Happy birthday to your darling husband!

  28. It is a beauty, M! Happy Birthday to J!
    Lily's is tomorrow, 12 already, and Eamom will be 1 in June.
    Time flies! I am already planning his first bday party. It will be here, as he is the only one of the 5 who is a summer baby.
    Thank you for your expression of sympathy for my sister's little gson. It has been very difficult for them.

  29. This is the cutest cake and I love her blog. I sent it to my kids and they love it! Thanks for sharing!