Thursday, April 25, 2013

Housekeeping~and Cara's Cookies~

As soon as I can open a window without freezing to death..I start washing my windows and the few curtains we have..our bedroom and bathroom have the curtains..  12 yrs old already..a Martha Stewart pattern..they look like chintz..yellow background and beautiful peonies and lilacs and roses throughout..nicely faded..just plain panels ..  no frills.. and they are never closed:)  3 in the bedroom 2 in the bathroom..
I can throw the panels in the machine..and hang right in place to dry~  After shining the widows..
..but the V shaped toppers..I cut out from my grandmothers tablecloth..I was able to get 5 v shaped toppers..the 4 corners..and then the center of the tablecloth..I formed myself into a V shaped topper double of them that she still has a very faded little piece of fabric where her name was..♥
Those I wash delicately..and have to iron..I had made my own starch and added lavender oil..apart from everything being sparkling..the scent blew me away:)
It still lingers but not as much..
Google home made starch will see how easy..and mine is still fresh as a daisy..Cornstarch..cold water..essential oil.
I never knew my grandmother..nor my grandfather.I think my grandfather died when I was about 3 months old..I will check again..they had 5 children..

In the photo above..there is my great dad and his 2 brothers..there were 2 sisters also..the last one just passed away..and this is how we discovered our grandfather had been married prior to marrying my grandmother..his wife died at 23 yrs of age..:( and they lost a 6 month old baby..
He went on to marry my grandmother..have 5 children and accomplish great things..
You never know in life what the future can hold can you after huge sorrow?

Did some of the kitchen ones..and will finish up the rest this week I hope~

Picked my first bouquet~ Pickings are slim..but when it's your first's special..To sound like Vivian Swift the whole bouquet is probably the size of a teabag:)..or a Triscuit:)

Made a few seafoody meals~ Involving more shrimp..

                                                   Seafood Caesar Salad

                                                  Butternut squash Risotto with Shrimp~

            No greening of QC yet as you can see  but very soon..the buds are on everything!And then by magic..the neighbor's home disappears~

But sadly..those glorious tulips are on their last leg~They are stupendously attractive~

Ahh..I was forgetting..Cara's Cookies~

Cara.. was our daughters babysitter at one point..the very best..there is always one that is the best..she was it..she lived across the street..and would bring games..and play with them..we really did not go out a lot ..but when we did the girls were so happy to have Cara.They were great neighbors.
Anyways..Cara has moved and is of course a  mom herself..but we kept a recipe from her..they are called Cara's cookies to us..
When I made them ..I brought some over to our daughter's and her eyes lit up..she said I haven't had those in so long~

They are really really good..

La Recette~

1 1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
 Blend and reserve


 1/2 cup butter(her recipe which is 30 yrs old at least for us said margarine)
1 cup sugar
add 1 well beaten tsp of vanilla..mix together..add dry ings above..
then add..
Add 2 cups Rice Krispie cereal..
1 cup raisins(I plump ,drain and cool mine)
6 ozs of chocolate chips..
Drop on your parchment paper pan..and flatten slightly w/ a fork.. bake at 350 Degrees for 12mins..

Cool on rack~

A step through memory lane this mixed up post of mine..
Anyways enjoy the cookies..
Enjoy all your new buds and blooms
And take care~


  1. Oh my - every photo is better than the last. and those tulips - stunning!!!

  2. Is that you view from the kitchen? Wow, it's gorgeous, no matter what the season. I agree with Butter Yum. Each photo got better than the last.

    Hope spring comes to you soon Monique. We came home from south Florida expecting spring and tonight in the mountains the low will be 37. I feel like turning around and heading back to the heat :)

  3. I love when you share your sweet memories with us. Your grandmother's tablecloth and Cara's cookies.

    Such a beautiful view from your window. I hope you will show it again soon when everything is green.

    I have to make these cookies, minus the raisins of course. I love the idea of adding rice krispies to the mix. Thank you Monique. ~Ann

  4. Oh divine, divine, divine...
    Love the family group photo...
    And the 'triscuit' flowers
    Vivian will be pleased!

  5. Loved your post. I especially loved the memories and the inclusion of the family is on my mind of late as I have been in genealogy-land. The cookies are oh so special...thank you for sharing those moments with us.

  6. Special that photo of your family <3
    What lovely cookies...they would go down well here...
    Well.. we are in winter and today it is 30deg C!
    Enjoy your weekend

  7. I am hungry now !!!!....happy

  8. I love reading your blog it's always full of surprises, a little bit of everything. What a lovely family photo to have of three generations, those boys look so serious in their Sunday outfits but I'm sure were quite able to get upto lots of mischief. Your first little posy of snowdrops looks so pretty. I hope your winter weather will soon be over
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Oh! That linen(?) curtain is beautiful! I love that it reminds you of your grandmother, those kind of hand me downs are treasures. And your kitchen view is another beauty, it must be such a pleasure to look out the window early in the morning, making tea and coffee.

  10. This is all so beautiful. The linens, the bouquet, the family, the view, the SALAD BOWLS!! (Where did you find them? I love them! ♥), all of it.

    I hope you have a beautiful day, especially after starting all ours with so many pretties.



  11. Good morning..
    I am lucky.. that is the view from the sink:)
    I know days are counted in homes as we get older so I appreciate every moment.
    Sam..I missed Florida a few days this winter..seeing your sunny shots of course!
    Those bowls are part of a salad set..They have to be close to 30 yrs old:)I took ceramics at a neighbor's home...we made different things all the time..
    I seem to hold onto things:)
    I don't tire easily of my surroundings.. or people for that matter..and don't change up very often.
    I must admit Katrina..when the idea came to me for the toppers..
    it made my day..
    Today I pick up petals ..rose petals..all over the floor..see how long I hold on?:)
    Have a great day..and weekend everyone.
    And thank you.
    PS Shel.. it is hard for me to think it is ever only 30 degrees there..It always looks so bright..warm and beautiful.

  12. Love the view from your kitchen window; fortunate for me, our kitchen window also looks out over the back yard - standing at the sink and surveying all the trees, birds and flowers are a blessing; many prayers have been said at this window; many small problems addressed and resolved.
    Both the picture of some of the men in your family and your Grandmother's tablecloth/ curtain points are priceless - thanks for sharing.
    Just copied Cara's cookies recipe-they will be made shortly.
    Blessings, Judy -Texas

  13. I am loving that Victoria magazine Judy..Blessings back to you:)

  14. Dear Monique, I think we have similar taste. Lavender and curtains, sentimental things and sweet cookies-) I wish we could live close by, I bet we would have a cup of coffee every morning together. Thank you for sharing your family story. And I love your kitchen window-)) Have a good weekend. Hugs,


  15. Oh my...i can just smell how good it smells in your house with the sparkling windows and sun streaming through.
    I would love to sit in your sunny kitchen with you and have a cup of tea and a cookie! It looks so warm and inviting!
    I love what you did with the tablecloth. I have a thing for vintage linens...i love the feel of them and how they look, i always think of who used them before and where they came from.
    So funny I was just looking at a cookie recipe that had rice crispies in it...except they also had nuts...called
    crunchy Wookie cookies! I will try your recipe...they sound divine!
    Bisous xo

  16. Que bueno todo y que bonitas fotos. Las galletas de Cara parecen deliciosas.

  17. Rosa..Me encanta:)Of your comments.

    Linda..I have very few old linens..
    the tablecloth I cut.. 2 others I w/ matching napkins..
    and some small table toppers..and things that could be serviettes but..placemat size..quite big..
    I cut up another tablecloth that at one point had been damaged through the years..and made crafts:)
    I have bought very few vintage linens..but there are 2 I enjoy w/ C on them..
    When I worked..I volunteered at a store that offers all the earnings to a Volunteer Order of Nurses for our area..not long..but long enough for a few special items to cross my path.
    I miss that..more than my career:)
    It felt so good to help. you too.

  18. This is a wonderful post. Love the photos and your story, and that kitchen window is just wow.

  19. The toppers from your grandmother's tablecloth - the photo of the men in the family - precious! The story of your grandfather losing his first wife and child is so sad but he went on to create your family. A happy ending :).

    Lovely view from your kitchen and I think I see some green though the glass!

    The cookies. At the end of a wonderful post - a fitting end :)

  20. Is that your kitchen window? How marvelous, Monique!
    Love old linens. My MIL inherited so many from her mother and generously gave me lots of them. Yes, they take a lot of care, but the beauty makes it well worth it.

  21. When Spring arrives it is easy to find ourselves reminiscing about the past. Loved this trip down memory lane Monique ...and of course the cookies. I would hope that I was THAT babysitter:D

  22. Me too Valerie..I hope I was someone's best babysitter..especially the family of 4 boys one girl..@$0.25 cents an hour..
    The Fitzmaurices..:-)
    I still remember their name..just not quite sure if there was a girl..or all boys.they were a handful and a half.

  23. I felt like I was right there in your home and we were just chatting, I enjoyed it! I love the story about that white tablecloth and your grandma's name still on it.
    Your dad looked like his dad!
    It is very green and lush here right now but has been raining non-stop for 48 hours and it is very chilly. A dark, inside day for sure!

  24. M, your photographs and stories are such a delightful treat.

  25. Love that old photo of your grandpa and your dad and uncles: I have many old photos like that and I treasure them dearly! The curtain on your first photo is so beautiful, and once again, I just love those luxurious windows in your kitchen: the view as you wash dishes must be stunning! :)

  26. I love your pictures! great inspiration

  27. It is enfin warming up here..with sunshine skies..and goodies sprouting from the garden..

    Thank you.. for keeping me company..
    It is so appreciated.

  28. I love visiting your space! It always has a sense of calmness...

  29. Monique,
    The toppers you made from your grandmother's tablecloth are so pretty. What a wonderful idea, every time you look out the window there is a sweet reminder. The photo of the three generations is such a special one to have, thank you for sharing the story, beautiful photo's and recipe.
    xox Selia

  30. Oh, I just love memories created and remembered through food. What a lovely story. How wonderful to have a part of your grandmother in your curtains too. I have been working on some family history lately too. Isn't it fun to find out things like the past sorrow that he overcame. To record and remember is a tribute to their lives.

  31. I loved reading about your grandfather... Yes, life is full of surprises!

    Your kitchen looks ever so pretty. I dream of having a sink facing a window that overlooks a garden.

    Delicious cookies and mouthwatering dishes!



  32. I'm in love with your kitchen window. What a beautiful view of your garden! Lovely photos, always inspiring me to pick up my camera. Your shrimp recipes look so good and the cookies are divine!


  33. Oh dear heaven, can I just hug you?