Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scilla Season~

Scilla Season here is the beginning of it all....
Years ago..I found my first love as far as websites go..
Gardenbuddies..I met wonderful people through Gardenbuddies..I learned about things to plant..how to use a digital camera.. how to use Photoshop..how to grow a clematis..(I even have a clematis named after me God Bless him:) )
I learned many wonderful recipes.. how to set different tables..
How to keep in touch..how to have amazing netfriends..
How to grow lilies..and irises..
I met wonderful people in person through Gardenbuddies..

and as penpals..but in webpals..:)

Many cherished people..
2..very cherished..Marlene and Derek..
I can't believe  I lost them both..

They visited us..we visited them..
Wonderful memories..

Derek..found the poem I was looking for:
"In Search Of My Mother's Garden..I found My Own.."

And described  part  our backyard as "Borrowed Landscape"..
His words have never left me..

In our "Borrowed Landscape"..there is the golf course..lush and pristine and lovely..w/ a hedgerow of wild grasses and wildflowers..and a secret garden..that the Easter Bunny hides the eggs in..that the boys come exploring with me..:)

Right now..my borrowed landscape smells like heaven..or what I think heaven smells like..sweet ..pure..fresh..

And ..it's all in the Scilla's Scent~

Scilla and Coneflower have been out there sharing delicious secrets:)

The Potting Shed's ( La Maison des Jardins)..flag is flying against the brilliant blue skies..

And Nana is practicing her watercolors every chance she gets~  Humbly..

Did you know Scillas had a scent?

At the same time..the Fiddleheads are popping up~So many in the Secret Garden~

So ..  beacause of the voluptuous fiddleheads..tarts are also in season..I love to forage and pick these and rinse the brown outer parts away..then I steam ..and steam....and add to tarts..
The basis for this recipe is from Epicurious..but fiddleheads were not even a thought in their recipe..

So easy..  I picked the fiddleheads yesterday..and kept them fresh in the fridge..

This morning..  I thawed the puff pastry(President's Choice..my fave here).. I steamed the fiddleheads.

I mandolined 1 onion..  and one potato..
I chopped 1 portobello mushroom..

Browned my onion rings in one tbs p of butter..set aside..
browned my mandolined potatoes..w/ thyme..s and p..set aside..
and then cooked my mushrooms in the same pan....set aside

Roll out your puff pastry to ap 1/4 inch..mine is almost that..cut out 4 circles to fit your 4 tat molds..prick with fork and freeze for 30 mins(not in the tart molds)..

Then in your tart pans.. set 5 or more fiddleheads..prettily   ..in the pan..top with the onions..and the potatoes..I added some feta..
I seasoned generously..
Topped with the chilled pastry and baked at 425 F for ap.. 25 minutes..
As soon as they are done..flip ..and see.. beautiful:)

You serve w/ a balsamic glaze..since I burned my ceramic cooktop when my son-in-law #2 came to ask for our daughter's hand in marriage while I was making a balsamic reduction a la Ricardo..I buy my balsamic glazes now:)

Top w/ fresh herbs..and ..well.. delish and pretty..
Jacques had one of his home made sausage patties w/ it..and I made a generous serving of broccoli..
We worked outside all day..so it was nice to have the tarts prepared this morning..I simply heated them up for dinner..still crisp..still fresh~

Kindness In Words Creates Confidence~
Kindness In Thoughts Creates Profoundness~
Kindness In Giving Creates Love~

Lao Tzu

Thank you Linda~
And welcome dear Spring~


  1. The scillas are carpeting our lawn in the most lovely shade of blue! No fiddleheads but, perhaps, Whole Foods will have some.


  2. Bonjour ma chère Nana,
    Les fleurs bleues sont toujours pour moi les fleurs les plus belles et les plus magiques car elles sont plus rares...
    Le tapis de ces scillas dans ton jardin doit apporter des touches magiques et doit te laisser contemplative. J'adore cette petite touche de raffinement avec ces "lucioles" qui se noient dans ta forêt bleutée.
    En lisant ta publication on régale nos yeux puis nos papilles avec la recette de ta tarte... Hum! pur bonheur!
    Je te fais de gros bisous Fée Nana !

  3. Sadly, I have no Scillas. Yours are certainly lovely. I have only eat fiddleheads once and loved them. Thank you for the recipe!

  4. Your spring is turning out to be beautiful!
    Love those Scillas..we do not get them here...and my clematis is battling:(
    I have never eaten fiddleheads but it certainly looks delicious.
    Happy spring gardening!

  5. Fiddleheads are very good..and good for you..
    Shel..South Africa has so much ..the lack of scillas ..not a problem..although some of the landscapes along shore road are breathtaking right now with them~
    When it comes..it comes our Spring.
    Night and Day isn't it?
    M-A..je sais que tu aimes les fleurs comme moi..mainetnant..si je pouvais tenir un piceau..comme toi!:)

    Whole Foods would have!

  6. What a delicious tart Monique. I don't think I've ever even seen a fiddlehead, much less tasted one.

    Your blue scillas are so pretty. I do recall their scent and it's delightful. So glad spring has arrived at your house.

  7. Beautiful...just beautiful. I am crazy for any flower that is blue. I do not have Scilas, now I need to look for them. I always see these early blankets of blue and I never knew what they were. So beautiful!
    I got fresh favas yesterday! A sign of spring!
    L xo

  8. Thank you for this charming post. It took me back to my childhood when the garden my fairy world with little mud houses, fences, flowers and fairies .

  9. Monique, your tarts are lovely. I love your combination of potatoes, thyme and onions with the fiddleheads. Need to pick up some President's Choice Puff Pastry. It is so good that it is often sold out here.


  10. It is so good !! You are right Ann..Original recipe said to add everything raw,I don't agree..I liked caramelizing the onions..potatoes..mushrooms first..:)
    And well the fiddleheads..they charm me:)

  11. Clara I am happy to see you again..I love your blog ..there is no way to leave a comment.Your darling grandson post..is a love story I share:)
    The photos are beautiful..

  12. My scillas are out in force right now too. I love those carpets of blue. I had meant to share a photo in my last post but decided on The Boys instead :)

    I would so love to try fiddleheads but I'm not sure if my ferns are the right kind. Do they have to be a specific variety? Most of the ferns in my garden were dug from northern Wisconsin years ago when my parents still had their lake up.

    Your tarts are adorable and so are fiddleheads (and scillas)!

  13. I Googled mine when we moved here..the photos are spot on for real Fiddleheads..You would have to Google Image etc:)They unfurl alongside the scillas..A GOD masterpiece to be sure..that landscape..
    There is some brown..dry..that you sort of finger off:)

    Like dry fronds.. then I steam mine..

    I like them..

    and yes they are so cute..

    as the scillas are..but no way near as cute as M and D:)

  14. Beautiful blog, full of suggestions to make life a pleasure.Greetings, Rosa María Milleiro


  15. I did Google and saw that they must be Ostrich Fern to be true fiddlehead ferns and be edible. Also, that they grow abundantly in Quebec :) I don't think the ferns here could be the same as yours as they aren't aren't even peeking out of the ground yet. The web said not to eat any other - that they could be carcinogenic - so I'll just have to admire yours.

  16. Such a beautiful post my dear Monique. We started this year community garden, so much fun. I am familiar with fiddleheads, but never tested them. Very interesting tarts, they look amazing, so rustic.

    Have a pleasant day today!


  17. What a delightful site, have will come back to browse around -having to rush off to work, simply gorgeous.

  18. I'm so glad to know an avid gardener, because even with brown thumbs, I can impress the masses with my 'knowledge.'

    I've seen fiddleheads quite a bit around here lately.
    And I know I've made these lovely tarts before...in my dreams.