Wednesday, April 17, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things~

Today..April 17th..just 5 days after quite a bit of snow..I was able to start doing one of my favorite things..

So nice to feel the sun on my face and my hands in the dirt~Tulips and daffodils  starting to poke up..worms hiding from me as I moved the leaves away..Birds chirping,buds on the trees..a snowdrop or two..The vinca looks like winter never happened..
So nice..
 These are a few of my other favorite things..

I had not posted favorite things in such a long time~

Trinkets~but Treasures to me~

My great great aunt's First communion medal..dated April 27th 1906~Her name is on the flip side~
My wish necklace..w/ a milkpod fairy feather inside~
My mom's and other pearls..
My Love Necklace..Remember Love Story?  What a movie:"Love means never having to say you are sorry~" Ali pretty..all the boys loved her~My Rod McKuen days:)They still are!
My bracelet with the alphabet boys pics
My necklace with their names and birthstones..~
A Button Bracelet~
A special pink teacup~
My Nana charm slipped over my first communion pearls..I was 7..7 tiny pearls~
Miniature scents~
Pins I love to wear..and have for years and years..~
My dad,in his hunting mom holding my eldest brother John~
My mom in the heart as a little girl~
My mom as a young woman~

Nothing of great value..but all so dear to me.
I think I like photos:)~
And gardening:)

Enjoying this Spring feeling many of you have been enjoying for a bit..I knew it would come at last ..and it did~



  1. I had the sun in my face yesterday. Today, the rain and thunder returned but I know it's the best fertilizer for the garden :) I bought pea seeds this morning - one of the very first things I plant in spring. I'm feeling hopeful.

    I love your calendar. I love it's a long-time favorite of yours and the daily quotes are wonderful! You have some real treasures - beautiful and so very special.

  2. It is my favorite calendar in the whole wide world:)

    You would love it also~

    Rain tomorrow here..

    We have errands that is fine.. Bella needs an oil change ..etc..

  3. I love seeing your 'favourite things' posts, such charming trinkets so beautifully arranged for your collage photo. What a sweet calender, is it ever lasting ? How nice you have at last enjoyed some sunshine. I think we all anjoy feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces. I know I do, I'm a dfferent person when I can feel the sun on my body. Hope the rain is just a short spell.

  4. Love your favorite things. I guess we all have some and they are treasure for us. Glad you could get in the garden - that always makes me feel good to be in the earth and see the flowers blooming.
    Hopefully Spring has sprung for you.

  5. :)

    My favorite trinkets are always out..ready to be worn~
    My garden..on the other hand..hides from view for does not make the rekindling any less loved:)
    For years..I longed for Spring.. and the winter seemed interminable.. I enter perhaps the fall of my life..winter is very tolerable.And even though I whine..(wine:) ) about snow in heart knows it will be short lived..and the garden will come again:)

    It DOES feel good to see if we could all be Spring again~

  6. Charming trinklets Monique...
    I adore my mom's old jewellery too:)
    Such lovely ideas to have them on display...
    Lucky you, yes our "fall" has definately arrived here..
    My garden is sad :( no colour..
    and too much wind this morning as I take a peek from my window.
    Have a wonderful day riding Bella!
    Lots of love

  7. Monique, I love seeing your favorite things. And I'm also glad you can feel the sun on your face. It's about time...

  8. Beautiful jewelry; glad to see pics of your Mom and Dad.

    Spring, spring is coming soon,
    Grass is green and flowers bloom,
    Birds returning from the south,
    Bees are buzzing all about,
    Leaves are budding everywhere,
    Spring, spring is finally here!
    - Author Unknown

    We are getting some much needed rain again today - yea! Flowers and trees are smiling.

  9. Such beautiful memories! I have a jewelry box of my old treasures too, nothing as nice as yours, but filled with sweet memories. I love all of your beautiful photos too. When they are gone, the photos mean all the more.

    We had just potted beautiful hydrangeas and then we had 3 inches of snow dumped on us (surprise!) It damaged them and one I think beyond repair! Oh well, that is Spring.

  10. I love this...your favorite similar to some of mine.
    Bisous xo

  11. Oh, how very dear your treasures are! Mine are mostly missing, but forever in my memories - I have moved around a lot since I was born, and my heart wishes I had a box full of these glints of love - they are so sweet.

  12. Thank you..
    Believe me I have so many missing pieces to the history of my life..
    Even today I found out something new..
    I think when you lose your parents lose a lot of that history..
    They do mean so much to me those photos.

  13. Love your items! I am very much the same way: the things that are most valuable to me are my memories, photos, items related to my family and real friends. Plus, my laptop and all my files - which is also all about memories and human connections. :)

  14. Monique, another comment from me. :) I was just laughing so hard when I read your comment on my blog about how you boiled 2 pounds of elbow macaroni when you were 19 and how you watched it grow and expand in boiling water. :) And then you realized there was not enough cheese anywhere nearby for this amount of macaroni! And then you also mentioned your mom who passed away when you were 19, and now I see these photos of your parents, and it makes me both sad and appreciative of all the good things we have in life!

  15. Lovely jewels! I wish I owned a few of my late grandmothers' necklaces or earrings. Unfortunately, I have inherited nothing of sentimental value...



  16. are so sweet..My files too!!
    I knew nothing about cooking!
    My mom spoiled me..
    Sentimental value .. Nothing compares.. from lost ones or still around treasured ones.I am sure are creating your own sentimental values..:)
    All your photos etc..words..
    Have a great weekend..

  17. Bonjour ma très chère Nana,
    Je suis désolée, je viens de m'apercevoir que j'avais manqué un certain nombre de tes publications... Ces derniers jours, j'étais un peu, beaucoup perturbée...
    Aussi quel bonheur de les découvrir tous ce matin.
    La petite salade avec les figues qui sont mes fruits préférés et que je trouve d'une grande subtilité.
    Les macarons ! macarons artistiques! ... Ceux-là me semblent étonnants.
    Et aujourd'hui une petite page de bons souvenirs avec ces petits biens précieux qui font que tu es Nana.
    Et à cette Nana, j'ai de grands mercis à lui dire pour ces mots délicats. Il me touchent beaucoup et me sont d'un grand réconfort. Encore mille mercis.
    De gros bisous à toi

    Ps: j'ai vu ça, que tu prenais de cours via le net... Alors ? qu'en penses-tu ?

  18. Oh Monique...
    I was looking at those treasured pieces of yours and then saw beautiful photos of your parents and you...
    that is so very special <3
    Keep sakes are so important.
    Have a good Sunday :)

  19. Dear Monique, you are such a girly-girl-))) Your things very beautiful and precious and I love how you present them. Last weekend we spend planting a garden, the green peas the first, next radishes. i think we going to have fruits this summer - pears and peaches. You have wonderful blog and I love visiting you-) Have a lovely day tomorrow!

  20. friend that just moved planted pear trees and Italian plums..she had 2 beautiful perfect pears in their first summer:-)
    I wish I had planted fruit trees..