Sunday, May 26, 2013

Le Muguet..le Mois de Mai~End Soon~

Lily Of The Valley was undoubtebly my mother's favorite flower~
Mais..c'était..le Muguet Des Bois..

From her her creamer from her the tea cup I bought thinking of her..
to my  own LOTV..

Mai..May ..will always be her~To me..

Her books..I must reread them that I am older than she ever was~

And see what they now mean to me~
From Marie~Antoinette  up above... to Seule~

To her Reader's Digest Complete Book Of Gardening..:)

She loved Lily Of the Valley perfume..and L'Air Du Temps~

Nana is just immortalize the moments~of the shadows in the woods ..and her Max in his little muscle t-shirt and watch..(he never takes that watch off..:)..)
I brought it to Max and his mommy you're getting the actions better:)

J'adore the "light box "for certain trials.  like trying to get the actions..
Forever grateful~to the  one who suggested this to me:)

And guess what? Max is getting one for his 6th part of his gift~the art part..
Safe to say here as he doesn't read my blog..his mom will show him this post though because he is featured..and he will say like last time..: "Does this mean I am famous?" definitely the one who has inherited her Beaux~Arts training♥
In art class last Wednesday he was asked to paint Harry Potter's school on a canvas..

                                                              LOOK:)  says shameless Nana..

I love it..and so does his mom..I have a feeling it will be hanging in the living room of their home soon.How creative..and free..  just beautiful to me..

May ends this week..enjoy the rest of it....We had a super summer week  somewhere in May ..and then the skies opened up..and stayed that way..rain rain rain..chilly..windy etc..
Sun in the no despair..and the gardens are so lush!

PS Lily Of the Valley are toxic..don't top off your scones with them..:)
They are quite loyal perennials..invasive here actually..but as most perennials..fleeting.
Love them to bits I do.


  1. Oh, Lilies of the Valley have always been a favorite of mine and I wore L'Air Du Temps on my wedding day! I think I woud have liked your mom, she sounds quite special!

  2. Magnifiques photos,
    Le muguet est une fleur délicate, féminine oui et très parfumée... Si douce et belle!

  3. Lily of the Valley is a favorite flower, but it doesn't like the conditions here in Central TX nor are there any resources to buy this pretty flower. So I can only admire from afar, just as I admire your beautiful posts that you give to us, Monique. You've an amazing talent with words and images. I'm not surprised that your sweet Max has inherited an artistic talent. The painting is amazing. I love the colors and the textures that little Max achieved here. It is magnificent! How does a child know to layer the colors just so and add the sparkle of the lights? It has to be inherent talent! As for your mom, Monigue, a very special lady who brought you into the world. ~ Sarah

  4. :)

    You make me smile girls..and have goose bumps~

  5. Lily-of-the-valley ... oh! so delicate and pretty bringing you sweet memories a a very special Mother and your little artist Max wearing muscle t-shirt and watch ... Just gorgeous !

  6. You make me mom gave me a lily of the valley pin years ago...I adore it.

    Max is definitely a budding artist...what beautiful work. You may have to get a print made so that you can have one too! Gorgeous art.

  7. Bravo Max's wonderful Harry Potter art!! I love your post re your mother, her books and her love for lily of the valley.


  8. Lily of the Valley is my moms favourite flower as well. I remember whole corners of the garden filled with their fragrant bells proud grandma.

  9. I love lilies of the valley! They smell incredibly good...

    What beautiful paintings!



  10. Oh and who suggested it to you?
    That watercolor is Fabulous!!!!

  11. PS would Love to paint one of these..simply Devine setups!

  12. A wonderful artist..very generous with a dream..:)

    Some flowers..bring back so many memories don't they?

    Max will be happy with your comments:)

  13. So, so sweet, this post and the lily of the valley. I used to give my mother a tightly squeezed little bunch as a child, admiring the scent (L'Air du Temps is my favorite eau de toilette) and the wee little bells.
    I'm wild about your Max's art! Extraordinary and bold. Off to pick a little bunch of lily of the valley, thanks for reminding me....

  14. Me too I am wild about his art! Love your choice of words:)

    Ah..might have L'Air Du Temps in my future again..Miss it.

  15. Delightful! Every single thing... your photos, artwork, and OUI! Max has the gift/genes of artistry too. Fabulous, and you're so entitled to be proud Nana. :)

  16. Monique, Lily of the Valley is also my favourite. They remind me of my beloved grandmother. They grew in her garden and her name was Lily.

    Max has inherited your talent. His painting is amazing. I would never have thought it was painted by a six year old. Amazing.


  17. Remember childhood in NE Europe: woodland walks and jumping up and down whenever I found a patch of lilies of the valley - so precious . . . and when years later my husband-to-be asked what I would like for my wedding bouquet in far off Australia - I said lilies-of-the-valley and had a most magnifient bouquet - much later again I wonder what 'trouble' I caused :) !

  18. My mother had lily of the valley too and I had it in my bridal bouquet - Married in May! I tried to bring some of hers from Wisconsin here to Utah but they didn't last. I tried buying some from a catalogue, but they didn't make it either - don't know, but I loved them too - they begin summer. We haven't had any nice weather either. A dear friend asked us to her pool this weekend but way to cold for my blood!

  19. Yet you are a water baby:)

    You're so busy Jacqueline it's so nice of you to take the time to visit!
    Eha..nice memories:)
    I love those kinds of names..Lily..Rose.. old fashioned and so sweet!

    Max is my easiest grandson to find surprises for.:)

  20. I have LOTV growing here that I dug from my mother's home before she passed away - and I picked some to bring inside last week too :) Hers have such beautiful, long stems. Such an ethereal scent.

    Oh, Max, what a gifted young artist! A Picasso in the making for certain. The bold use of color, the fireworks - Harry would be proud too :) I wonder if either of my boys will love art.

    We have your weather here too :( Rainy and cold for our holiday weekend. Pouring this morning too.

  21. I forgot to add - I have used my own light box creation occasionally, for Mack and Dane's portraits. Using our glass cocktail table, I position a task lamp underneath pointing upward and my papers over the top. Not as good as yours, I'm sure, but it works :)

  22. That is great to know Susan..Your portraits were beautiful:)
    I thought of your mom and you on MD too..
    It still seems so recently..yet not..
    I have glass tables..great idea..:)

    I find the darker it is the better it is..

  23. I think little Max is taking after his very talented grandma. I'm sure his bold picture will be forever a treasured work of art. It's been many years since I've seen Lily of the Valley and I can still picture it in my grandmother's yard.

  24. Did I ever told you that Lily Of The Valley is my favorite May flowers. I have them in my garden and every year they grow more and more, and I love it this way. I buy Lily Of The Valley soap for myself and perfume as well. Magical flower!

  25. Indeed..magical..Hmm I bet my grandmother had a great garden..i ahve a photo of her home..and can just imagine..Never saw it:(
    Thanks for sharing your memories of LOTV♥

  26. Another beautiful post Monique, it's always a pleasure to visit your gorgeous blog, it makes me feel like I've stepped into an art gallery. I see the talent runs in your family. My mom also loves L'Air Du Temps:)

  27. So beautiful! I love the movement in your painting of have perfectly captured his essence...
    His painting is bold and free with color...i just love it! He has your talent...
    You already know how I feel about Muguet de Bois...the first perfume I wore as a young lady. My Mom had tons of Lily
    Of the Valley growing at her house, I tried to bring some here and it failed...I bought some and it also failed. Perhaps
    I did not find the perfect spot.
    Such a lovely post...
    L xo

  28. Hi Monique.
    I've been away & so far behind in catching up on blogs. also had a gremlin or something that wouldn't let me post comments !! but somehow seems to be working again. I'm so glad to see your poppies & lily of the valley. Great to see you painting again, how lovely you've captured your grandson. His painting certainly deserves a place of honour.

  29. I am so amazed by your Grandson's artistic talent. I would have thought it fine if I learned he was 25 and an art student. know that he is only SIX...absolutely blows my mind...and to know that he has so much more to create...G-d Bless him and those who will nuture and guide his obvious talent....FleurLady

  30. I always look forward to your posts and pictures of lily of the valley. I live in the Philippines so there is no way that we can grow them here. I also miss the season when they bloom when I go somewhere where they blossom. I am still hoping to see and actual LOTV.