Thursday, August 1, 2013

Christine Ferber's Apricot and Mountain Honey Jam~

Sur un "kick"  comme on dit.. en Français au Québec:)..sur un kick de petites quantités de confitures~
A la C Ferber..
It simply means I have a crush on making small quantities of C Ferber's jams ...these days..
This time it was Apricot..
Now ..she speaks of Mountain Honey..and ..I was told by a doctor ..that eating honey that is made the closest to where you live is the healthiest honey for you..
So I used my apiculteur's honey..not mountain honey..

You may remember him?

We love his honey.. our grocery store carries it also..not the candles..not the beeswax.. but the  honey..
The jam turned the rich amber color she said it would nevertheless..

Please see with your mind's eye.. an n in MouNtain honey..I noticed my typo way too late to change..:)  This is a Blooper:)~
I had a certain amount of apricots as I had bought one container at the market..Jacques adjusted the recipe for my quantity and it made one medium sized Crown vintage jar.I like the glass tops on these things..not to mention the large crown emblem on the front.
I have another vinatge jar I will use soon..Canadian Made it says..So cute..


La Recette~

2 1/2 lbs Bergeron Apricots(mine were just called apricots)
3 cups granulated sugar
7 ounces Mountain Honey..mine was local
7 ounces water
Juice of 2 small lemons

Rinse the apricots in cold water.Cut them in half and pit.Mix the apricots sugar water honey and lemon juice
in a ceramic bowl.Cover with a sheet of parchment paper and refrigerate overnight.
Pour the contents of the bowl into  a preserving pan and bring to a simmer.Pour back into the bowl..cover and refri. overnight.
Next day pour this mixture into a sieve.Bring the accumulated syrup to a boil.Skim and continue cooking on high heat .The syrup will be sufficiently concentrated at 221F on a candy thermometer..Add the apricot  halves..Boil for 5 minutes stirring gently..Skim carefully.Check the set.
Put the jam into jars immediately and seal

**My previous recipe mentioned I oven sterilize my jars.

**This jam is thicker than the Strawberry one I made I am sure due to the honey..

Speaking of Honey.. bees~

Echinops attract bees by the multitude:)

It is not unusual to see 5 or 6 at once on each globe~

Mine reach high to the it is sometimes difficult to capture them in flight~
In arrangements..they look stand alone..they are.. quite that..stand alone..unique ..and quite modern~

I like them..they bloom ap same time as purple coneflowers(echinacea) and lythrum..lovely colors together~ Phlox too!
I have been enjoying..  some days at the beach w/ my 4 grandsons and their moms..
Watching swimming lessons.. amazing how fearless 3 yr olds water wings ..nothing..such trusting little children with their lifeguard coaches..:)

The gardens.. quick jaunts to the flea market..preserving..
And Carol's online  demos..
Sometimes I use my little boxes and sometimes I pull out an ancient palette box.. An art illustrious art teacher I had  for 3 too short lessons..Suggested which paints to put and use for his classes~
How I wish I had taken more lessons with him.
He was extraordinary..

Feels like 100 yrs ago..

Back to Carol.. she speaks so highly of  one of her teachers also:)

Over 5 million 500 views..her blog has..not surprised!

LOVE it.

Every once in a while she gives DIYs...(demos...)
I am hooked..

Posting early so you can enjoy trying this weekend~Either  Carol's demo.. or Christine's jam~

Obviously I am sharing one of the ones I traced correctly..but not really our closet on my Acer Aspire..
Sometimes you ahve to do them more than once to get anything similar..
And of course what is always missing is her unique style..her ease and knowledge of art..But I find it is teaching me to pay attention to shadows..  to try and leave some white..and to sketch ..Colors..
I get excited when I see.. Demo..
Mind you I have been a follower for a long time and every post is interesting.. and fun..
Thank you so much Carol~

I prepared this post prior to tracing on my Nexus..I just couldn't find the right app to allow me to trace w/out Toggling..stretching etc..I installed many apps..not all great.. until Wednesday night  11PM I found the right app.
It lets you open a photo on my tablet..then it freezes it for drawing purposes..the others still moved it.
So although now I would love to have a back camera on my least I can trace.. after taking a terrible front facing pic mind you..
I know the new one has a back camera..but what were they thinking w/ the original Nexus 7?How on earth can you take a great pic w/ the camera facing the front when you are at the back with no viewfinder..Oh lala.
Must admit when I bought it last yr..I never thought I would want to take a pic with it~
Stubborn though..I will probably have it as long as my  at least 15 yr old cell phone..
Have a great day today..tomorrow and..
Bon Weekend~!
I'll be posting a Blueberry Christine Ferber jam next week..also very good!


  1. I'm completely fascinated by the idea of making jam with honey. Do you think you could use all honey? Yours sounds unbelievable, and there are huge piles of fruit at our farmer's market these days, so I have to try this...

  2. I hope you like it Sue..

    I have no idea if all honey would work..I'm not a pro jam maker..Just had always heard of HER jams..
    And one day..the book popped up at my door..along with The US Ball vintage canning jars..
    Instant affection!I had to try.. I have made jams in the past.. mostly with pectins etc..Like Sure Jell Certo.. some freezer jams.. and some that had to be cooked so long..
    The berries became very dark.
    I like her method of macerating..and of cooking down the liquid first ..then adding the fruits..
    Everyone's jams will turn out differently..It's all in the method and the way you feel making things..these jams pleased me..
    I know Jacques is pretty happy w/ his assortment of jams right now..and Crème Fraiche..thanks to you.

  3. No matter how you spell it, it looks delicious. And, I love the water colors. My art talent lies in enjoying the art of others.


  4. I am with Bonnie. I'm afraid my art talent lies in enjoying the art of others, although my parents sent me to art classes when I was growing up. Perhaps I should have paid more attention :)

    Adore your pretty jars Monique and the idea of using honey from as close to home as possible. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. My mom was such a wonderful artist..I wish I had seen her at work:)
      Hope you all know Carol writes about Paris..and I think we're all pretty enamoured with it... she just posted about all the pastry shops in the 15th:)
      What a little dream:)

  5. I'm loving your small batch jams Monique! The method is so intriguing and I'm imagining the flavor is quite extraordinary! That jar is so fun, makes me want to go thrifting!!

    1. I just lucked out've been a bit busire than I:) I am sure you can find great ones..:)

  6. Impressive, both the jam and the beautiful watercolor. It's such a treat to see a new post from you, full of joy each and every one!
    Beautiful jar, Monique! I'm off to visit Carol's blog. Thanks for the introduction..........Sarah

    1. new ME desk calendar for 2014 just arrived..Amazon..don't mss out:) I know I am early but I missed out one year..and well..the year just wasn't the same..♥

  7. Wonderful pictures, as always!

    J'adore la confiture, d'abricots comprise. Sur des tartines grillées le matin... Un régal.

  8. I'm in the car but had to see this lovely jam and art post...I'll be back soon...just a mini vacation .

  9. I make blueberry jam with honey.

    1. I'll have to look into that..honey gives jams such an earthy flavor I find..Thanks Sarah.

  10. I made jams a lot, but never with honey, I guess I nave have that much honey in a house. I am going to try this year peaches with honey, apricots done all ready-((

  11. This post is just stunning...the jam, the is a beauty! I love old jam jars! Your do not give yourself enough is perfect!
    All of it made me smile!
    Bisous xo

  12. very interesting post
    thanks for shairng

  13. This jam must taste heavenly! What an exquisite combination of ingredients.

    Gorgeous watercolors!



    1. Jacques does love it Rosa..All these smaller quantities work for a 2 person family..
      Thank you.

  14. Tons of Bergeron Apricots in Paris..even Monoprix is featuring them.
    What a surprise to see your painting efforts.
    Looks Darn good to me.
    What app did you use to stop the wiggles?
    I can't be trusted around apricot jam. I'm trying not to look.

  15. Took me so many to get the right one Carol..I am going to look right now..
    I had even tried saving pics as wallpaper etc..the photos still moved..

    My Nexus is loading..

    It is called MY PAINTS.. yesterday I uninstalled 4 others that did not work..

    Now if I could find an app that creates a back camera..I will be all set..:)
    I practiced on a bowl of tomatoes.. it worked so well.

  16. Your jam looks wonderful. I have made several small batches of jam this summer. I won't be purchasing from the store anymore. I am hooked on PB's art lessons. I have no talent, but I would read it just for the pastry. As always your photos are fabulous.

    1. Madonna..I agree ..I often think of's a glimpse into a different life.. stories..anecdotes..
      A continuing fun book to read..You just can't put it down:)
      Pleasant..always pleasant.

  17. I have the same watercolor tray :) Sadly untouched for too long. I hope the cooler weather of autumn and more indoor time will fuel the desire. I have to look at Carol's tutorials! I've not heard of a tracing app but I'll have to do a search on my tablet.

    The apricots would make a lovely painting :) I have gotten insistent on buying organic these days, especially for The Boys but for us too. I hope I can find some organic apricots because these sounds so delicious and I love apricots. I'll checking Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

    1. I think your Ipad just does it Susan:) Mine would toggle and enlarge and slide right off the screen..:)It wasn't pretty all..
      My deep sadness..hear that Google Nexus?:) was that there's no real camera:( Just the scary front one....the newer version has it..Mine's not a yr old yet..Oy.

      Hope you find the Apricots!:)

  18. I'm totally loving that apricot and honey jam, Monique! Never have made a jam with honey. Apricots are kind of chancy, so often I find them mealy, which disappoints.
    Such fun to discover to see her webpage. I love your rendition of her desserts. You are so talented!

    1. Hi Barbara:)

      I TRACED Carol's desserts:) That's the way I am trying to learn..once you trace her Demos..then you try and add color ..where she does..
      and the light..I never added white areas before.. could never draw a pastry..It's all in tracing Carol's work..but you know what?
      I am learning..and loving it.
      I can't see myself taking a class at the moment..but on the web..I am ready at 7AM:) Most days!

      You'll love her blog Barbara.

  19. Monique my favorite jam is apricot I always love to make in summer, we are in Winter now, your look amazing!!

  20. You are like my friend Shel..

    Thank you Gloria...~

  21. Sweet and sweeter! This is why I drop everything to come see you - your entries never fail to satisfy all the senses. Food and art, always expected. You've spoiled and inspired me. In fact, a few weeks ago I dusted off my paints, and attempted a watercolor, not of food, but maybe that'll be next.

  22. I can only imagine what your paintings would look like and would be so pleased if you spoiled us all with a sighting?
    If your talent is the same as in food prepartaion..styling..decorating..I am sure we will be floored:)
    Remember..many years back I named you Ace Of Cakes for us?

    I see his line of products in Michaels and think..this should be Sol:)

    But you are even better..x

  23. I'd never part with the Canadian Made jar if I were you. :)

    This is all so pretty.

    My grandfather was a backyard bee keeper. I miss those honey jars. ♥

    1. Val..a friend of mine..Annie..her husband did what your grandfather did:-)
      I have one of their old hives here in my a garden ornament..I treasure it.

  24. Oh, you made Christine's jam so beautifully! I really like her recipes (if only I could secure more of the [hard-for-me-to-find] ingredients... for some reason those are the recipes I always seem to be drawn to!)
    Gorgeous honey products- everything is so pretty. We, too, eat local honey -I think it is sound advice, and I favor real bee's-wax candles, the subtle aroma is so comforting. You captured my heart with your painting (and calligraphy!) It's always a treat to come visit your blog mon ami! xo

    1. Mary..I am so glad you mentioned the scent of real beeswax candles..You are right..the scent is unrivaled....
      Let me know please what you cannot find there..
      Can I find them?
      I actually found myself picking green apples today to try and make a recipe..I THOUGHT I READ in her book.

      Hope things are way better in Oregon w/ the fires..
      Never far from my thoughts.

  25. I love apricots - and the color of the jam is gorgeous! I probably could eat a whole jar in one seating, and I am not kidding. :) And you captured those bees on the flower beautifully!

    1. I wish I did eat jam..:) It's all for Jacques:)
      Thanks Julia!

  26. You painting looks wonderful!!! And yes, your calligraphy, too!
    I own one of Carol's paintings...I fell for a stack of Laduree boxes :D

  27. Oh my that jam looks fabulous MOnique. I love the idea of a jam with honey and apricots. Sounds just wonderful! I love all the different things you share with us. Love, LOVE your painting! So sweet. I will have to check out Carol's page. My ex and I used to have bees. I didn't do much with them myself, except enjoy the fruits of their labors. I am lazy that way you know . . . hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! xxoo

  28. You lazy?
    Oh my gosh ..that made me smile..You don't stop! ..painting.. your talks..the missionaries:)

    Lazy is the last word I would use for you:)x
    Thanks Marie!

  29. Me encanta la mermelada de albaricoque y esta se ve increible. Como siempre preciosas fotos.