Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Green Apple~Vanilla Bean Jelly~ CF.

Lovely little green apples..  I was intrigued by Christine Ferber's Apple Jelly..It was used in a few of her the I decided to make some..but when I saw the Vanilla Green Apple stole my heart~
I thought I had let it cook perhaps one breath too long..but's a real jelly and not rock hard..I love the look and color the split vanilla beans give to it..and the bonus is adding little pieces of cut up vanilla..The result?
An apple~y..vanilla~y  sparkle~y  pretty little jelly:)
I practiced   painting my 2 bowls of mini apples..and know leaves are a huge failure with me..I can't seem to develop a 3 dimensional look to anything..
Also ..I bought Bright White watercolor paper for the second one(forgive the pencil lines..I had not erased them yet..)..and see no difference..It's Fabriano..Bright White..
Side by side..the same in person..Picked up a color wheel as I lost the one I had many many yrs ago..and also picked up this retractable eraser.. Ilike it.. it has it's own little case.
I love art stores:)~
Anyone use Bright White watercolor papers and see a difference?

La Recette~  Green Apple Jelly with Vanilla~
Courtesy C Ferber~

3 1/3 lbs green apples
6 1/3 cups water
4 2/3 cups granulated sugar
Juice of 1 small lemon
5 vanilla beans

Rinse the aplles in cold water.Stem them and cut them in quaters w/out peeling them.Simmer for 30 mins on low heat.The apples will be soft.
Collect the juice by pouring the mixture into a fine chinois sieve,pressing the apples lightly with the back of a skimmer.
Filter it a second time  by pouring it through cheesecloth you have  soaked  and wrung out..Let the juice run freely.It is best to let it rest refrigerated overnight.
Next day measure  4 1/4 cups of the juice collected,leaving in the bowl any  sediment that has formed overnight.
You will have clearer jelly this way.Pour the juice into a preserving pan with the sugar and lemon juice and bring to a simmer.Skim carefully abd add the vanilla beans split lengthwise.
Continue cooking oh high heat for 5 -10 mins stirring gently,check the set and then remove the vanilla beaans.Cut them into sticks and distribute evenly into jars.Return the mixture to a boil and put it in jars immediately and seal..
I made a lesser quantity..I have 3 small jars.. 2 slightly bigger than the one shown.
The jelly was so clear..I had no sediment the next morning.
My apples are  daughter's neighbour's~♥We live in a pesticide free community..  and she is totally Zen~:)

She suggest this jelly would be  equally lovely flavored with thyme ,lemongrass or rosemary.
I agree and feel it would be great on a cracker with cheese or pâté:)
This vanilla one..
Good on toast..bagels..and I will dream up something else..


  1. So fresh looking Mon...that bowl that you received from your lovely friend, I bought the bigger one this week at Loblaws ...finally after waiting a year it went on sale for $6.00..yeah they had two left!

    You our did yourself once again

  2. There was just an article in our newspaper today about a local art store that I love and how they refuse to carry anything electronic in their store. They hope people will still paint and draw with their hands on paper and not on tablets, etc. So true! Love your sketches :)

    Beautiful apple jelly! I love the flecks and golden color.

    1. And you know I love your watercolors~:)

      How interesting re the article..don't you find that happens so often..that something is mentioned..and you just read or heard of something?

      Nana2..L was 8 hier...~
      They only grow my experience now:)

  3. What an amazing sounding combination Monique. You are the Jam/Jelly Queen, for sure! Love, love, love the specks of vanilla beans in your jam.

  4. Lovely, lovely--the jelly and the art!


  5. Beautiful green apples! I can't believe it's apple season already, I am still into berries. :) Never made apple jelly - it looks so pretty on your photos!

  6. Yum, I would love to taste that jelly. Looks so pretty!

  7. The green apple jelly is so pretty. It would steal my heart too and be crowned the king of the apple jellies.

  8. Out, much better on the brt white
    Don't erase the pencil lines!

  9. Monique I love your Green apples and jelly, look delicious, you know I have aome apple tres but I have to wait to summer, I would like to make this jelly:)

    about follow you asked me, yo can follow in this site where say Enjoy this site or by mail.
    Maybe yesterday you cant find because Google was so crazy yesterday, and was difficult comment in somee sites.

    Have alovely day!

  10. Wonderful jelly. Just remember Monique, shadow and light. It will come. Put the dark where you see dark and light etc. Occasionally, step back and squint your eyes while looking at the object and your painting.

  11. Thank you Donna..See..I'll never forget:)Light dark..squint step back..
    Hope I will be better at this than dancing:)

    Have a great afternoon everyone~

  12. Exquisite, I'm sure! That is a fabulous jelly. I can imagine that it is quite addictive.



  13. Beautiful jelly and art Monique! You always delight. I think I will get some jars and make some apple jelly this year. It has been a very long time since I have had apple jelly, and this vanilla one sounds positively wonderful. Can't wait to try it! Love you much, and all that you share. Have a wonderful Friday. xxoo

    1. I keep thinking my apples on the screen will turn brown:) So quick to turn.
      Marie..I put Susan Branch in my Wish looks adorable..Thank you!

  14. What a delicious combination of flavors. I love how the vanilla bean is visible in the crystal clear jelly. I bet it is delicious on a slice of toasted brioche.

    1. Your brioche was sovoured this AM with the strawberry jam:) Thanks again for sharing that recipe on your recent post!
      Hope you are feeling better:)

  15. Apples and vanilla, whats not to like. Beautiful little jars of gold.

    I enjoy your paintings as much as I do your cooking. And you know how much I love your cooking.


  16. La couleur de cette gelée est superbe... Aussi belle qu'une pierre précieuse.

  17. Just beautiful....the jelly, the paintings, perfection!
    You are the jam and jelly it!

  18. I want to make this just because it's so pretty!

  19. Oh my, your Green Apple Jelly with Vanilla looks amazing. It's really gorgeous and I would love to taste it. Tart and sweet is one of my favorite flavor combination.

  20. :-) Hope you all like it those of you who try it:-)

  21. Love the vanilla seeds in the clear apple must have a wonderful flavor. You have been making such wonderful jellies in the last few weeks.

  22. I am storing like a chipmunk:)

    For our long winter months..a little taste of summer will feel like a ray of sunshine..warm sunshine:)

  23. Oh, how delicious! I can instantly see a use for this brushing on apple tarts, for one. And your sweet, dear watercolors make me envious - I am a photographer, with not an inch of painting talent - but I do admire the talent of others.

  24. This looks beautiful - the vanilla specks make it look like it is sparkling!

  25. Ooooo, that looks so good! I may try this recipe, love the vanilla-)

  26. Mme. Magical ~ (and your entire post is... AGAIN!)
    I love the color and transparency of this beautiful jelly . . . and your delightful water colors. Divine!
    Thank you for sharing such beauty with us. xo
    I always leave here feeling richer than before I arrived. (It's your artistic nature ~ such a GIFT!)