Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunflowers~Oil~ Oli~Tapenade~

Didn't I just say I wish everything I made was pink and turquoise?:)
Hard to do when tapenade is involved.
But the oil and the sunflowers added glorious color~
When my family came for one of my daughter's birthdays..I decided that the adults would have their individual breads and chose Olive-Rosemary.
Something went wrong.. I went back to the recipe after I made them thinking my little pans are too big..I used my medium ones..
Sure enough I had the right size..but they hardly rose..
Couldn't serve them so I made tried and trues and they puffed up like magic..
I wasn't about to throw these the taste was good..and I had hand pitted every  single black Kalamata olive.

So I saved them..
A friend had recently been to a lovely resto in NYC and mentioned  bites that had tapenade on olive bread sticks,and I had cut out a new tapenade recipe a few weeks ago.
So I kept the breads..sliced lengthwise..made the tapenade..(really good) ..and we had that for lunch one day.
Slightly toasted the olive bread sticks are even better ..the oil of the tapenade seeps into the warm bread.
A little delight!
Even if it's not pink and turquoise..


Les  Recettes

For the breads..enter at your own risk..mine did not rise as they should have..but I am keeping this recipe as they work perfectly for this dish..It made 6.

You can find the recipe right here~It's a LOVELY post..and I bet yours will rise..:)
I made the dough in my bread machine which never lets me did.

For The Tapenade..
It is a courtesy of La Presse newspaper.Saturday August 3rd 2013
Here is a translation..

La Tapenade au Pastis Du Massilia

~300 grams pitted black olives(good quality..the better the tatse the better the tapenade)

~ 1-2 tablespoons of Olive Oil..Sunflower Oil is just as good..adds a little nuttiness which is fine..:)

~2 Garlic Cloves

~A Shot of Pastis..( between 20-40 ml)This is the ing.that got me to try this tapenade..and the oil:)

~2 - 3  marinated anchovy filets (I used anchovy paste)

~ 5-6  Capers..optional..I did

~ 1 tsp. Lemon juice optional..I did

Mix all with a hand processor or a food processor....until the mixture becomes homogenous...refrigerate if desired~  My notes.. Delicioso.

The sunflower oil was purchased at a beautiful farm about 20 minutes from here that I just daughter  last year went to a farm.. a few kms up the road for her organic basket veggies once a week..I had never been..but recently found out about the Sunflower farm and Oil.
The gentleman that greeted us at their lovely home on the water could not have been nicer..
We bought a liter and am sure we will go is DELICIOUS..slightly nutty..light..lovely.
The sunflowers are a few kms away down another road..and it had poured ...the fields were looked as if it was about to rain.. so I scrambled down the path..  along the outer field.. and snapped a few shots..
Jacques stayed on the highway in the I was in a bit of a rush..  the car did not have easy access to the fields..
Ain't no sunshine..  but to me there was~♥♥♥♥♥
5 heart place:)
When we went to Italy..they were this is my Little Italy:)

Many were open.. some about to open..and some spent already~

and of course..Oli~

 My youngest sunflower above ♥:)~And yes he is as sweet as his smile..and kind eyes:)

Almost in our own backyard ..not quite..20 minutes away..but not as far as Italy.
We also bought avocado oil recently and let me just say there is no comparison..I don't know if it is because this oil is so delicious..but the others are paling in comparison.
Larger than life sunflowers are magnificent to me..


  1. Love the little wooden implements on the bottle of oil. Yours and my Oli are getting bigger. Mine is pretty crafty and loves to make his sister cry or scream.

    1. Donna they were a gift to me I think at least 10 years ago..they are usually on my Balsamic vinegar,but the oil has been dubbed Queen here for a while.
      I have often thought I would love to offer these as gifts..but I never saw them again after that shop Little Italy..Dante.
      Both your little ones are so cute on your sidebar:-)

  2. The sunflowers are glorious, and your little one is at that sweet, sweet age. And your tapenade photographed better than mine. I am just going to have to follow you around and maybe I will learn through osmosis. Wonderful post. :)

    1. Hi Madonna..My Olympus SLR my sharpest camera and has a neat focus button..then you shoot..
      The camera has IS built into it.
      It is finicky as it will not even shoot in low light..and I could not get my hands on the lens that my Canon has for low light..but I feel it is my favorite camera..
      Additional lenses would be nice.It is the E510
      You may be able to find one at a very good price there are so many newer models..there is a learning curve though..
      I am at the start line:-)

  3. I make tapenade but can't wait to try your recipe with the must add a nice flavor. Love the field of sunflowers, they were your sunshine that day. I'm sure Oli adds sunshine to your life every time you are with him. :)

    1. I am almost sure you and monsieur will enjoy..and yes because of the pastis..:-)

  4. Seeing your field of sunflowers is glorious. Just returned from a visit in south TX where everything is flat and goes on for miles and miles. There were fields of sunflowers as well of vacant lots filled with sunflowers growing right in town. None as large and glorious as these in your photos. Your close up shots are crystal clear. Every time I see your photography, I tell myself I need a new camera.
    The tapenade looks tasty, and I'm intrigued with the avocado oil.

    1. Sarah they must have been glorious in never ending field..
      The avocado oil sunflower good for you..but the avocado..doesn't have a particular taste,whereas..I think you might love the sunflower one..don't know if they all taste like this brings a smile to a face is the only way I can describe it:-)
      You don't need a new camera unless yours is broken..
      The 3 shots of the fields themselves were taken with the DSC H50..point and shoot.
      There's the luck of the shooting circumstances also....sometimes in a rush like with children..point and shoot is best..or darling husbands waiting on highway in a car:-)
      By the way the girls shots

  5. The sunflowers are stunning and I can hardly wait to make the tapenade which I dearly love.
    Your pictures are terrific and your son what a darling boy - great eyes.
    Have a great day.

    1. Hope you let me know if you like it..Thanks Mary.

  6. You know, my bread machine let me down the last time I used it also! I think it may have been the yeast because I had made the recipe before (hamburger rolls) and it came out fine. Last time, little rocks :(

    I love tapenade but haven't made it in too long. The rosemary bread sounds perfect with it!

    I can't believe how big "O" is getting!! And how could he get any more adorable - but he has :)

    1. Rocks:-) been there done that..we should have a bloopers blog:-)
      He is adorable like yours and still calls me Nanan:-)
      Noah still calls me Neeana:-)
      Only the older two say Nana..
      G and A call me Monique..
      Do you have sunflowers close by ?

  7. De superbes fleurs ensoleillées...
    Et de délicieux apéritifs avec des tartines :)

    Bonne semaine.

  8. Sometimes our "mistakes" become treasured recipes! The photos are wonderful.


    1. You are this case that bread has become my tape made toast bread..:-)

  9. The sunflowers are gorgeous and your grandson is adorable holding his bouquet. Yellow goes well with the pink cone flowers. Looks like you put the little breads to good use with the tapanade. I agree with Bonnie about mistakes become treasured recipes.

    1. Sam..they spent the afternoon with us last Sunday and we picked bouquets for mommy..while Lucas and grab dad played chess on the deck..Max and Oil could not wait to give them to Caro..
      Thanks Sam:-)

  10. You cute gs and gorgeous sunflower pics are such a treat. How lucky you are to have that field so close by.

    1. How lucky was I that my friend had a DSC-H:-)
      And she has a field too!

  11. Awesome fields of sunflowers! Reminds me of our Canola fields when we used to visit the Cape!
    Your little boy is adorable Monique...
    love the bread and tapenade too!
    Have a blessed week.

  12. Such a classy bottle,for,the oil
    Never seen sunflower looking so fine
    Lovely fields,
    Such a special flower

  13. What a beautiful start to the day! Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures of those heavenly sunflowers! I am thinking also it was your yeast - this time of year I always buy fresh yeast, baking soda, and baking powder after the hot and humid summer. Your tapenade looks delicious! It's a beautiful day here - hoping the same for you.

    1. Same supernatural weather here:-)
      Perennial beds a tad parched..but compared to cold and non-existant...would have questioned the yeast..albeit new..but the next batch..different recipe..all good..I'll only know when I try again..
      Katrina..the book's in my wish list:-)
      I remembered her from Cannes:-)

  14. I like your new header. Those photos are lovely. and the little boy is adorable. I have never been to Gordes, just past it.

  15. You write the best posts Monique, so fun and personal. Looks like a lovely time at the lovely sunflower farm, how fun to have that so nearby! Love your little sunflower too, just precious!

  16. Your photos are gorgeous, what fantastic sunflowers! And your grandson is adorable, he definitely has a sweet smile! Have a wonderful week!

  17. I cannot believe you have this gorgeous sunflower field only 20 minutes away. so lucky. Gorgeous pictures and amazing yellow colors, as usually. Tapenade on bread would be one of my most favorite snacks. :) And what a cute boy - so sweet, with flowers in his hands. :)

  18. Oh my, I adore sunflowers. I wish I could have a sunflower field surrounding my cottage ;o) I would love to try sunflower oil so will be on the lookout. Oli is a sweetheart!

  19. What a gorgeous sight fields and fields of sunflowers make.

  20. Bonjour my friend...
    Came by for a few minutes today to see how all is with you ...
    love that your blogging yet, I feel at home when I have time to stop here...
    We are busy and happy...but not finding the time to blog, maybe in the future.
    The boys are ALL growing so, goodness!
    Keep up the good work M...Food, photos, blog, WONDERFUL.

    1. That is great..I often wonder how you are:)
      And imagine wht M Le Chef is cooking up for you..
      Kidlets must be growing so much too!
      Take care..

  21. I love sunflowers oil! yours pictures are lovely and the Little cute!!

  22. So beautiful...the tapenade and the little toasts, the beautiful bottle of oil with the adorable crown.
    The beautiful...took my breath away...and most of all that delicious little boy with the beautiful smile and kind eyes...
    Lovely post my friend!
    L xo

  23.'s always nice to have company.
    I appreciate your comments..
    Like we actually went together:)

  24. Wonderful save for the bread that didn't rise as planned, Nana ! Gorgeous sunflowers, the oils, and of course the little one, 'O', who looks as sweet as can be ~ angelic looking! xoxo

  25. We used sunflower oil all the time in Russia. It has very unique taste and I like it a lot. Here I have many oils for cooking and of course the sunflower oil for my salads.
    Beautiful post, than you!-))



  26. I love tapenade although I am not a huge lover of olives. This sounds wonderful on Rosemary bread. Your pictures of the sunflowers are wonderful and your little lovely is just gorgeous. He is so sweet, you can see it in his beautiful eyes. I hope to be able to settle down and visit now that summer is over. It has just been too crazy.

  27. :)
    You are so many lovely people in your family with so many occasions to celebrate this summer..
    We will all be here when you have more time..Enjoy every moment!

  28. Monique, I just got back from vacation a few days ago. We drove up to Northern Michigan from 4 states away. It was the first time in my life to witness acres and acres of sunflowers. What an amazing sight to see. I screamed out to my husband that we just passed a whole field of sunflowers and he promised me the next time we pass one he would stop for me to take pictures. I'm sure there were more we just never saw anymore. I regret not making a U-turn, the seen was spectacular and my most favorite part was that they were all facing the sun. Thank you for your wonderful post! Great pictures too (as always!)!!

  29. How nice that trip was for you..yes make u~ turns ..always... if you can for sights that can make us smile..:)

  30. I am looking at that photo of your olive oil with it's little "necklace" of wooden charms...
    that is quite exquisite <3


  31. Michelle if ever I find will know for's at least 10 yrs old..a gift.. they were available at that time at Dante..a wonderful Italian shop in Mtl.
    It really is very cute:)Thank you.

  32. When we lived in Meaford, Ontario, we lived in a farmhouse on the outskirts of town. Across from our home the farmer grew birdseed and had a gorgeous beautiful field just filled to overflowing with beautiful sunflowers. Such a pretty thing to see. It made me smile every day in late August and on into the Autumn. When we were down south we planted sunflowers against our garden shed and they made all of the people who walked past on the footpath which passed along the front of our cottage smile . . . again so tall and so sunny. We are going to plant Sunflowers next summer in our garden. I miss them.

    Bread often does not work for me. How wonderful that you were still able to use it and in such a delicious way. That sounds gorgeous! And your little sunflower Oli . . . such a sweet little boy. You are blessed.
    Love and hugs flying your way. Sorry I am late in commenting, but you know . . . not well, feeling much better now thanks. xxoo

  33. Sounds like a delightful lunch. As we drove North on vacation we passed fields of sunflowers...they are so beautiful. I always think of Van Gogh.....

  34. A wonderful tapenade and gorgeous sunflowers! Your grandson is ever so adorable.