Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Windmills..Of Your..Mind~and Speculaas~ Or..

Much ado about  nothing:)~ the long  run~

Here you go..

It's her~
To set you in the mood:)
I bought a Dutch Cookie Mold at my market this summer..It's pretty big:)

I just liked it..I thought it might be Vintage..but now I think not..
I Googled and Googled recipes..
What I wanted was a Biscoff:)

In my youth one of  my best friends was Gwedolyn Brejaart~ Gwen.. GVENNIE..her mom said..
She was Dutch..we lived nearby for a short time..
Her dad was a Captain with KLM airlines and I think her mom was that time we called them stewardesses:)
I wanted to be one..:)
They were from Holland.
The most beautiful family:)
I ate Speculaas at their home..and tasted Gouda and Dropjes for the first time..
Their Speculaas.. were windmill shaped.. 40 yrs ago..true authentic ones..from Holland.
Like my authentic Sterling Silver Windmill and Dutch Clog they gave me for my charm bracelet ...I was 10:)
I cannot get Biscoff cookies when I want..
So I thought I would try and re~create..
It worked..
The cookies did not hold their shape as I would have liked..and the dough was near impossible to get out of the mold..
But a small success nevertheless and the  the Biscoff cookie ..
Gotta thank Barbara for the mood and Martha for the recipe~
If you cannot get Biscoff Cookies..Use this recipe..
The spices..are spot on~
I halved the recipe and it made 4 Giant Windmills~♥

Also tried a new bread..The King Arthur Food Processor Bread~
To sample my Brotform..
It didn't stick at all..but would like a darker  crust so will probably try w/ 5 minute artisan bread recipe next~
I love the look the brotform gives the bread~

The cute decorations to the right of my bread were found at this lovely blog..
Thank you:)
Have a great weekend..and week:)~

And any food processor keeper bread recipes would be well as keeping the form speculaas:)


  1. I love your recollections of the wonderful family from your youth...I didn't have any Dutch friends but was fascinated with Holland from 2 books: The Wheel on the School & Hans Brinker. One of my parents' friends gave me wooden clogs & I also was given small silver clogs on a necklace by a traveling friend. Several years ago, after so many years, I got to go to Holland & the magic was there! I love that you made the windmill cookies, so artful & meaningful! And the King Arthur bread too!

    1. It is wonderful I find that we remember these things in our past..I wonder if she has ever thought of me?:)
      Hans Brinker..of course:)
      I am sure books..and some with illustrations ..meant a lot to you !

  2. Mmm...we share so many likes Monique, including Biscoff/specculas. We get lovely ones in Aldi here at Christmas. They are so crisp and spicy. I would send you some but they would be nothing but crumbs by the time they got there I am sure. Homemade must be better. When I was a girl I dreamt of going to Holland and seeing windmills and wearing wooden shoes and skating on the canals in winter like Hans Brinker from the Disney film. I live so close now. It is my dream now to visit the tulip fields when they are in bloom. I love Edam and Gouda and hope to see Amsterdam one day! Love and hugs to you always! xxoo

    1. Gouda:)

      And I can imagine you dreaming of skating on the canals..I hope you go!

  3. What a lovley mold you have there Monique!

  4. What a lovely windmill mold and I enjoyed reading your remembrances of the Dutch family. As a girl I would have thought their life in the sky to be very exciting and still would. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. It seemed like aother world to me..They were a very gorgeous couple too..None of the moms worked really except Gwen's mom..they must have been younger..
      It was in my Nancy Drew years.. and we invented our own mysteries..Barbie was right up there too and we brought them in the woods on little hikes..:)

  5. Oh, I do love hearing your memories - they sound like a lovely family! And I had a similar problem with my cookie mold, and never did get it properly seasoned so cookies would come out easily. Your photos have scented my morning, and I'll be smelling nutmeg and allspice, cinnamon and ginger all day. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. If ever you find a way:)
      HMMM maybe by chilling them like I do my other molds?
      I'll get back to you:)

  6. Lovely memories of your Dutch friend...I had one too- loved going to their house . Her mom was an excellent cook.
    Love your breads and those windmills are really to die for.
    Have an excellent time :-))

  7. From bread to biscoff I am intrigued by all of it. It seems that I need Brotform in my life.

  8. I always find great recipes on your blog. How do you like the Brotform? Does it make the crust thick? I like a thick crust for my breads. Thanks.

    1. I love the form because it looks good..only tried this one the food processor..5 minute Artisan Bread has a nice post on brotforms:-)
      You may want one after you see her post:-)

  9. So Dutch !!!...lovely Ria...x !

  10. I love that cookie mold, you can tell it's from Europe, "old world" kitchen tool-) I miss my travel time, we will travel again when kids get older.
    Have a sweet weekend!


  11. What wonderful memories! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Wow! That cookie mold does look HUGE!!!!!
    But I'm sure I could force myself to eat one whole cookie if you asked me to!!! ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. what lovely post Monique, love your molds, look beauty! these are lovely pictures:)

  13. Oh Monique, I have had Speculaas envy for so long. The ones at the market have lecithin or soy as an ingredient - a no-no for me. I am so happy to have a recipe. I love your cookie mold and your sweet memories.

  14. Magnifique post ! j'aime.
    Nice post! Thanks & Welcome for your comment and visit to my blog.
    Have a nice day! Cath.

  15. So cute and everything looks soo good!
    I have a very good recipe for the Brotform ... somewhere... I'll look for it and pass it along, but I think your's looks very nice.
    P.S. After looking and looking with no success (around here), I almost bought Biscoff cookies from amazon . . . but they were available for [cheap] at (of all places) Walmart, excellent and very fresh!
    I would be happy to send you some, just let me know ~ okay? It would be my pleasure. xo

  16. Thank you Mary..I am fine:-) the Biscoff..
    But the Brotform recipe will be appreciated:-)
    Walmart has more than we think:-)

  17. Monique, You make the best cookies. You always seem to find the most interesting molds.


  18. Monique, what a fun memory of your youth….all sparked by this pretty windmill mold. I recall eating windmill shaped cookies as a child. ;-)

  19. Speculass is one of my downfalls - i can not resist.
    I am not allowed to go to Holland therefore ;((

  20. Ton moule "moulin" est absolument magnifique !

  21. Windmill cookies were my favorite when I was a kid. The kind with the sliced almonds in them. I love Biscoff cookies too so would love to try this recipe. I find them at Walgreens too. Beautiful mold! I would hang it in my kitchen :) I've often been so tempted to buy a brotform - the shape is so beautiful.

    I've missed your beautiful photos :)

  22. Too cool! What a great mold! Windmill cookies are Bill's favorite and they're hard to find, but I see Susan says Walgreens, I feel in love with Biscoff cookies on Delta many years ago and glad to find them in the stores now. Like your great memories of your youth.

  23. Thanks for the tips of where to find..
    and liking the mold:)

  24. Cute! Speculaas taste wonderful. A great Xmas cookie. Lovely bread too!



  25. Used to love windmill cookies....haven't had them in ages. Your mold is cute, too bad the definition isn't better in the finished cookie, but if it tasted delicious, that's what counts. Going to check Walgreens this week.
    The bread looks marvelous, Monique. Would love to try a Brotform...have that cookbook on my wish list.

  26. I love this post---I have Dutch heritage and always ate windmill cookies at my grandmother's house. I recently was given a giant cookie mold that is a reproduction of a Williamsburg mold, it's large like yours, only heavy metal, and I need to find the right recipe for it so that the cookies will retain all the detail after they bake. I'll try this one!