Sunday, May 4, 2014

Boule~ etc...

Two plus one (see below..) recipes I discovered and enjoy~

I think you might also.. this nice artisan boule..
I found it here: Cute cute blog..
Only differences..made it all in the machine..dough cycle then let it rise in my proofing basket.I love the lines:)

And I used regular Greek yogurt..

The next day ..I decided to try  those great scrambled eggs on toast with bacon you see above..

I found that recipes here..At Foodie Crush.
I used regular bacon as that is what I had..and I over roasted my asparagus..:)
But they were delicious nevertheless~

I know I always say I never go anywhere..
But once in a blue moon..we meet our dear friend  in town..this time we had lunch together..
We met at her new place..and it is full of old world charm..all old doors.. high ceilings..cabinets..and she even has a studio for her beautiful art work in the new place..

We met her there her new place..and walked to here..

An out of the way place we would have never found..

On the second floor from outside..

So when you walk climb up an old staircase..and it becomes..  2 levels !'s a 2 floor view:)
A huge central chandelier..(Phantom Of The Opera type)..

A grand piano on the bottom floor..stained glass.. loads of settees..tables..tea pots...tea cups..teas..books galore..
The bread is all made..right there..the desserts too..
It's a tea room:) Right up my alley!
We had a corner nook w/ a window..the light was lovely..
We ordered sandwiches and tea..but had no room for dessert..
I loved my light  lunch there.

I love ambiance...give me ambiance and I am almost sure to enjoy what I eat.
I had a plain ham and mustard sandwich on their brown bread with caraway seed..simple..delicious..the egg salad sandwich was served open faced with a mound of pretty greens..
A communal pot of Rooibos Provence tea for us and we were set.

We left ..and ..
we walked past this cute I coveted a small lemon tree..too small ..too $$..
I did my best Carol G impression..acted brave and took some photos..

and ..cccclllliiiccck.

I have so much more bravado when I have people beside me~
This was never a problem with my job..
But since I left..
and I have a camera or a watercolor pad in my hand..
I am such a shy wallflower..
Having my friend there..changed everything~
I NEED people beside me for pics..
In Europe..I always had someone..and Jacques was filming so he wasn't rushed..
SOOO many Europe..
It's nice to have someone along for courage.
When she lived here a few times we went out shooting with cameras around our necks..
I enjoyed that so much.
I have to get used to clicking away in public on my own~
A learning curve~

Another delicious recipe I tried this week..(for the boys)..came from Sue..Cold Chocolate Snacking Cake~
The View From Great Island..
She posted about a Sara Lee cake  of my early married life memory:)
I distinctly remember the  aluminiumish packaging..for a chocolate cake complete with icing..
(I didn't bake back then..)
Well I tried it..her cake..

told the boys it was called a  slice of heaven.. they took some home..after eating some here..and told their was a slice of heaven as they bit into them:)
My daughter had some with her David's Tea Mint Chocolate Rooibos..
Loved it..

Here is the link to the easy peasy recipe..and by the way Jacques loved it too.Chocolate try it..

Tried my hand at oil again.. and although I love how painting on a canvas gives ..relief..the book almost has the exact texture of my book..I find..the paint is so much harder on brushes.. and the product to clean the brushes.. not easy like water..

I can't paint leaves for beans..tried the exact same thing in watercolor too.
Very muddied..

Fun to try both...and compare..
I think the water soluble oil paints might be interesting?
Can you tell it's been raining and cold?
Lots of indorr itching to get out time..
Alberta had snow!
Full coverage..
Oh lala.
Here's to some sunshine this week so I can lay mulch..start potting herbs..etc...


  1. Loved seeing where you went for afternoon tea. Old hidden buildings always seem to add more charm to a venue. I must try the easy peasy Choc. cake for the chocoholic in our household ( that's ME ) Since I've been taking so many painkillers over the past few months, I crave chocolate. !! I've never tried painting in oil Loved seeing yours but why didn't you let us see the one you did in watercolour ?

    1. I should have made the comparison..If I can find it I will:) Good idea! Oh I think I know where I put it..on my broken easel..

      I can't wait for you to feel better..
      You deserve that choco cake..and it keeps so well in the fridge..If you make it..Or perhaps your dear baker can:)

    2. I added are can we compare..if they are not together.. I guess I thought it was the worst:)

  2. A beautiful loaf of bread and a lovely painting!



    1. :)

      Ce n'est pas facile ..montrer ses essais.. le pain oui.. la peinture..non:)

  3. First of all your loaf of bread with the lines is amazing. I never knew how they got the lines until I saw it on your blog. How fun to discover the pretty tea room. It reminds me of Europe.Your new painting is lovely. Even though I haven't painted in yeas, I find watercolors are much easier and more forgiving than oil. Now I'm off to check out the chocolate on Sue's blog...

    1. I love the lines too..I must admit I am just getting the hang of it!
      I'd love it if you picked up your brushes..your scenery is gorgeous Sam.

  4. The bread is beautiful, the cake looks yummy too (didn't Sara Lee make a version with yellow cake?). What a nice day out for tea. I love going out mid day or afternoon rather than night just because the sun pours through the window making it feel so much better. Good luck laying the mulch!

    1. Honestly going out at night apart from at my 2 daughters is not something either of us like doing...
      I much prefer lunch out any day..
      I am trying to remember the yellow.. was it a pound cake?

      I seem to remember one with chocolate icing flat too many many years ago!!
      You are good!

    2. You might be right. Maybe my sisters would remember. We had neighbors who stopped in for coffee in the evening (the Dad's did shift work, so the Moms got to socialize). Sara Lee was big back then.

  5. I enjoyed this very nice post with my first cup of coffee this morning. To be tucked away in an interesting place with a friend is heaven!! I, too, remember the Sara Lee pound cakes in their aluminum bakers!! I wonder if they are still on grocery store shelves. I'll look next time.


    1. I was going to look too..Were they in the refrigerated dept?
      I think so..
      Have a great day!

  6. Oh, I'm having my cuppa coffee too and I'm totally enthralled with your post today! What a nice place to have a light lunch and visit, I'd love that too! Nothing like homemade bread...just the best. I love your painting, you did great! Oh that cake, so remember it! Love your blog, it's a special one!

  7. Your loaf of bread is perfect, Monique. The boule gives it such a lovely pattern. Having a leisurely lunch in a nice restaurant is such an enjoyable luxury. I don't take time for such things very often. I saved Sue's cake recipe and am happy to know you liked it. I remember those Sara Lee cakes too.

    1. WE rarely do it Cathy..she's the one I do it with.. once a year? IF..

      and my daughters..Sat we will have lunch out for MD..
      But honestly..we are homeland people:)

  8. So pleased I came back to your post to find that you've added the watercolour. Both great & so different but for me it's the soft loose aquarelle that's my favourite. Mr France is too busy doing the gardening that I still can't manage, so for now I'll have to wait for the chocolate cake. He does by me ' Lindt Excellence- a la pointe de Fleur de Sel' chocolate bars , This is delicious. it's a dark Suisse choc.

    1. I love Lindt products..if you lived close I would deliever the cake..

  9. The loaf of bread is a piece of art, love the lines. Love where you went for tea, looks like a special place. Nice post!

    1. So very special..we have a tea room here in town..I would be so so so shy to take a camera:(

  10. Cette grosse miche de pain est vraiment belle et appétissante !
    Ce salon de thé semble également fort sympathique, surtout si tout est fait maison, c'est un bon signe.

    Bonne journée

    1. Je me propose de faire votre superbe tarte!

  11. Wowww that bread !!!! ,...lovely !!...enjoy the week love Ria.....x !

  12. Perfect bread and art, Monique!

    I giggled at your uneasiness of picture-taking in public. I have felt the same for a while. Ever since the time I lugged my camera to the opening of a fancy, new shop. Security came after me, as if I were hiding a big black bag, under my hijab...

    1. I have to get over it..

      So many missed pleasurable moments just because I have turned into a wallflower.

      You did make me smile though.
      WEirdly..I will strike up a conversation w/ a stranger..clerk.. many interesting people:)
      But all of a sudden I feel everyone is looking at me.And well..they are not.
      I have to get hypnotized:)

  13. Monique, gorgeous loaf of bread.


  14. Such a pretty post. I love everything about it.

  15. Ma chère Nana bonjour,

    Déjà je t'envoie un peu de mon soleil ! J'en conserve toutefois pour pouvoir peindre dehors aujourd'hui et aller me promener avec Icarus !
    Une publication gourmande avec ce bon pain de campagne... Un petit tour certainement agréable dans ce somptueux salon de thé. Les tasses délicates sont toujours un plus pour apprécier le bon thé.
    La beauté et le charme des tulipes que tu nous croques à "toutes les sauces"...
    J'aime travailler l'huile... je me sens bien avec et l'attirance de l'aquarelle qui m'emberlificote par moment par mon manque d'expérience ! Le choix est difficile ! Juste laisser aller ses émotions.
    Gros bisous ♡ à toi chère Nana.

    1. M`A..J'adore tes mots.. tu es tellement poétique..tout ce que tu dis est une oeuvre d'art:)
      Ton vocabulaire est digne des plus grands auteurs.

  16. Gorgeous salon de the!
    and that leaf is getting better and better
    The trick is to mix your greens.
    Add yellow to cerulean, try different combos.
    Never straight out of the pan or tube.
    Did you get the color mixing guide I wrote about?
    Probably still waiting for Amazon... :)
    Bonne Chance!

    1. I did get the guide..:)
      It seems every time you recommend something I search for it..:)
      I will mix and mix and mix:)
      Thanks Carol!

  17. Pretty lines in your bread! I've wanted one of those proofing baskets for a long time but haven't found one at a price I like :) My kind of sandwich! The tea room is so pretty. It reminds me of a place we have been to nearby called La Reve. Two stories also, you can look down from above - tables and banquettes, a case full of French pastries, oh-la-la!

    I really like the oil painting, M. The tulip is gorgeous. Maybe your forte? The easel reminds me that I have one in the attic - a gift from my young husband years ago :) Lovely post! I'm still recuperating from a long, fun day with les boys yesterday and dinner with their parents here at the end of the day. I made your fresh pasta sauce with basil breadcrumbs along with some grilled fish. They loved it! Can't wait to try the chocolate cake, Mmmm.

  18. I want to come and have lunch with you there! Such a delightful looking place. And you're so right about ambience, it makes all the difference along with good friends :) Love your bread - it looks like it came from a fine French boulangerie!

  19. Susan..every Monday I think of you:) And les Boys♥
    Sounds like a great dinner..BTW..I don't have a 7x11 pan..mine was off..and 7 x 11 is best..I have one in my wish list..but guess what?In the interim I found that the disosable aluminium ones at the $ store..Handi foil make spot on INSIDE measurements give or take a breath..would really be a Sara Lee take alonger:)
    I am gardening..finally..some sun..My nose is filled with mulch it's so windy:)
    My proofer is from Amazon and was under $19.00 I think..
    I know I would have preferred under $5.00:)

  20. That is a great always inspire me. I am getting into making bread again. What bread machine do you have? I am looking at the

    Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker. Have a great week.

  21. Linda..I am sure it is better than mine..
    I will look we seem to have friend gave me one..I think Tht's an Oster with a long rectangular pan..
    my fave was our old Regal..but will see which one I used for this:) Be back..
    The make you are writig about has great reviews..
    I never bake in mine though except for a gluten free one..

    I am a few points shy of my spiralizer LOL..

    1. The small one is Charlescraft Bread Chef..the gig one..Black and Decker..

  22. I wish I could get my hands on that bread! It looks delicious and nothing is quite as good as fresh bread. And I think your painting is pretty and you are very artistic! Love those Sara Lee cakes back in the day too.

  23. I was given a bread maker and then gave it away to a dear friend. Shall I borrow it back? Will you teach me? LOL I've never used a bread maker! Your bread is beautiful, and I must try that cake soon. Loved your post about your mother ;o) Happy Mother's Day.

    1. Yes borrow it back!
      I am not a kneader love love the machine..but always shape the bake in depends if you want another hobby..You still work..maybe a retirement gift:-)

    2. My friend has never used the bread machine, so perhaps I will borrow it back and just keep it in storage for her. Thanks for the nudge ;-)

    3. YES:) isn't that funny?

      That's how I inherited the Black and friend gave it to her daughter they gave it back..she never used it..none of them did..she knew how much we used ours..she was my friend and neighbor right across the street(funny no one else knows I do,,,sometimes friendships just click..she was the one on my street:) )
      Do borrow it..try a few recipes and see..if you use fail proof ones..I posted 2 small baguettes..a while ago..EASY..and this boule.. all our recipes are a snap in the machine..

      Let me know Debbie I can email you links to the ones I ahve found the easiest..and best.
      I want you to be encouraged.:)

  24. Diverse places to find & share your joy & beauty! Love the boule, the food, the paintings, especially the oil painting with its lovely strokes.

    1. I think one day I will look into water soluble oils:-)
      One day!

  25. Yeah... you are right! Nice artisan boule and I'm admiring it! You bake it very well just like a pro.

    Nice to know you via blogging. I'm a Singaporean mum living in Australia. Hope to learn cooking and baking from blogging. Hope to stay connected. I'm now your latest follower :D Cheers!

  26. Where do I start! So much to love here today Monique. A beautiful boule, fabulous photos, your wonderful words. You are such a talented woman. I cannot imagine why you would be shy on your own. You are so special and such a beautiful person. Love all that you do! xxoo

    1. Marie.. you make me smile..
      I am..all of a sudden.. 4 yrs ago..zap.

  27. What can be better then home baked bread for breakfast. Thank you for your beautiful post!
    Have a lovely spring day, Monique!



    1. It's finally sunny Yelena..hope the renos are going smoothly!

  28. These paintings are beautiful. And there is nothing like a fresh loaf of bread right out the oven!

  29. Ohh that boule is GORGEOUS! and the eggs - YUM - I want it for dinner tonight!

  30. there is nothing like fresh loaves of bread on the counter ~ my husband makes a loaf (or two) of homemade bread a week & it is divine ♥ I could make a meal out of bread & butter :-)
    your paintings are gorgeous.

  31. I love this bread Monique and love your pictures have a nice day:)

  32. I think you did a good job Monique! I tried oil painting when I was younger but I've never really been also to water paint. I love water colour illustrations, they always look so dreamy, just like yours! Have a great (well, coming) weekend!

  33. I love your loaf of bread and the design your proofing basket gave it. Painting is something that if we don't do all the time seems to be hard to perfect. I always enjoy your watercolors as I have always had trouble not having them be mudded and yours are delightful.