Friday, June 13, 2014

Encore des fleurs~et trop de pluie!

Right at this moment when you walk up to our home..the Korean Lilacs envelop everything..a man came to our door..another one:) And said it smells like you are baking:)
I said it's the lilacs..
But I could bake if you wanted me to I wanted to say..
The front bed peonies are blooming their heads off..they are not doubles like the back side peony beds..these were in a box from Costco several yrs ago and they are great they need no support and  don't flop..Many of my others bow their heads so I must hoop them..not these.
The side ones will bloom any rain is expected!:(
If ever you want gentle bees in your gardens..again I suggest baptisia..look at them..a bit sweet pea~ ish no?

The herb pots are coming along..
I added a sweet pea this seeds did not fare well..
Fingers crossed cause I love that scent too..

In the kitchen..Marie was baking along with e again when I decided to make her  Magic Custard cake...

Jacques loves custards..rice puddings(pas moi..)..etc..
I had my trepidations when I stuck it in the oven..
But  I have never had one of Marie's recipes not turn out  I had faith..

Sure enough..look..magic..3 layers:)
I added Jam I made last year from Christine Ferbers' book that Linda offered me..
It's a winning recipe for custard lovers..
Fresh fruit would be winning as Marie said..But I only had bananas and a pineapple left.
So jam it was.
I hope you spy with your eyes..Alain's beautiful brown eggs..
This recipe takes 4.
My pan was lower than Marie's so I had extra..made a smaller one..Ideally a higher than average 8 " pan is best hers:)
As luck would have it..I found a Wilton one at the $ is a $ was $3.00
But high and 8 on:)
If you need an easy creamy custardy dessert this weekend..this should do perfectly..
It's father's day weekend here..I think I'll make something chocolate..:)

The rain is not letting up and all the double peonies are like bobbed pompoms..:(
I was hoping for sun and a dry out tomorrow..not going to happen we read..Everything is drooping..trees..leaves..blooms..grass..
Wellie weather..

Bon Weekend~


  1. Oh, beautiful, nurturing happiness in your home & all around you! You create chez vous un peu de paradis !! Thank you as always for sharing it with the world!

  2. Monique, I left you a response chez moi...It occurred to me that you are one of the Miss Rumphius's of the world!! You will love the book, I think...

    1. It should be here by June 20th:) Gratefully I had a CD in my with MR..I was able to take advantage of free shipping over $25:)..
      What a sweet sweet kind thing to say:)

  3. I do love the smell of lilac's - isn't it sad that the peony's get ruined in the rain :( what a beautiful garden you have!

  4. I am alway blown away by your garden. It is a work of art. It lifts my spirit each visit.

    I have made your cake, in fact it is on the top three searches on my site. I would encourage everyone to give it a try. I think it is delicious.


    1. You know..I think I remember now..will go peek..I have seen it many paces..but it's's when the mood strikes right?
      I see variances with certain recipes too..the addition of almond flavoring must be nice..etc..

    2. It is all over the web. I only mentioned because I wanted your readers to give it a try. It is so worth it. And almond flavor sounds soooo good. :)

  5. Serait-ce le fameux "Gâteau Magique" ?

    Beaucoup de pluie qui fait pousser les fleurs, framboises et autres fruits ;)

    Bon weekend !

    1. Je crois que si:)
      Terriblement facile pour 3 étages:)

  6. I'm sure you are getting the rain that we had a couple of days ago. So much rain! All day and night. Sun today, thankfully! Your peonies that don't flop - it must be wonderful not to have to support them. I wish peony time would last all summer I love them so much. Lovely garden snippets and the magic custard cake - oh-la-la! It looks delicious!

    1. Oh me too Susan..I just went out..the rain has stopped momentarily..we just got back from errands..nothing like the peace of going out to take a few rainy photos of peonies after hectic Costco.
      Quel zoo.
      It's dark and much rain..Fingers crossed for FD..♥
      Yes non floppies are a treat!

  7. Your garden is magnificent Monique. What a fabulous green thumb you have. We have been inundated with rain this entire week. We planted lots of zinna seeds and I think they may have floated away.

  8. I love zinnias..have you seen the chartreuse?
    Oh my... with mauve and deep purple flowers to go with..magnificent..I hope you are wrong and they have not floated away..
    It is so humid here I am thinking I am in Fl Sam:)

  9. Beautiful cake Monique and georgeous flowers!:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. We've had so much rain the last couple of days, but now it's gorgeous, sunny and warm. Peony time is way too short! My hubby brought them in the house and ants were everywhere later in the day since he forgot to shake them off after picking. Your photos are gorgeous as always! Have a good weekend!

  11. Lilacs at your front door……peonies bursting in bloom………it all sounds like a dream to this TX girl. Your images are gorgeous, and I can close my eyes and just imagine your beautiful garden, Monique.
    We had a huge thunderstorm come through last night. Though the rain was a welcome sight, the high winds took down many trees in our neighborhood. Frightening night as we watched the weather radar because we were under a tornado warning.

  12. Your flowers are so beautiful, love the garden you have created at your home. And this custard pie looks exceptional, this is a very special pie!

  13. Monique can I fly you down for a one on one garden design consultation? That single peony is beautiful and look how great it looks after all the rain. We have had pourg rain here too. Today is supposed to be better. I hope so, lots of guests for a Father's Day celebration. The custard cake looks yummy. Bon weekend!

    1. Remember everyone ..I show the successes:)
      Not the small orange poppies that never came tree of enchantment that is not enchanted..Etc..
      Today looks better so far!:)
      Have a lovely FD celebration!

  14. I wish there were flowers like that here...
    And the cake makes me want to get a new oven immediately.

    1. Wait till you heal for the oven ma belel!

  15. Monique as always such a lovely post , beautiful flowers & a tantalising cake. Hope your peonies weren't battered by the rain. It would be a shame as it's such a short flowering period. Mine were battered by rain when they were looking so pretty & more this year than ever before, so I cut the last few for Mr France to enjoy while I was in hospital. I'm now at home slowly recouperating, sitting in the shade for a short while, enjoying our beautiful sunshine.

    1. I think of you often..
      I have a feeling you will be so much better soon.
      Fingers crossed.. :)
      I have a little knowing in my heart..
      I love this saying:

      "All will be well"~

  16. A post to make my heart sing Monique on a dull and dreary day. Lilacs at your front door and beautiful big voluptuous peonies and a generous slice of custard cake .... I feel better now!

    "All Things French"

  17. I really need to learn to take pictures like you, better yet get a fancy camera likes yours would help!! All your pictures could be in magazines and postcards!! Would you please follow my new blog but would you also help me name the plants I need help with here: I know you know all the plants and I appreciated your expertise! Thank you! Merci! -Bev :)

    1. Done Bev..

      Not 100% on all..but should help..

      You will enjoy that garden of yours!

  18. I pinned this custard cake recipe ages ago and am happy to know that you like it. The custard layer is irresistible, especially with fresh fruit. I have nasturtiums growing in a strawberry pot too, Monique. Sadly, that's all the similarity between your garden and mine. Gorgeous photos as always - thanks for sharing.

  19. The cake looks amazing. Yum! I think I picked the last of my peonies. Your garden photos are divine.

  20. your garden is stunning Monique!
    I smiled when I saw your Magic Custard Cake - one of my favourite recipes (I found mine on" white on rice couple" blog) jam sounds delicious with it ~ I have served it with fresh strawberries which are now available.

  21. Sublimes feleurs et beau gâteau! I've already made this cake and I love it.



  22. I cannot believe how much beauty I have missed here. Your photos are an absolute joy in all this cold we are experiencing!
    Everything looks so beautiful from the circus to those hanging baskets.
    Love those red sneakers and that milk tart looks so scrummy!
    Thank you for all this joy you bring us.

    1. I see how busy you are with wedding plans M:) Stalking you on pinterest:) It will be gorgeous!

  23. Monique, yet another beautiful post! Love all the flower pictures as always and your cake turned out beautifully! I am so happy you liked it. I have done a similar one before with coconut. This recipe is quite different from that one. This recipe has three distinct layers I think. The other one not so distinct. In any case glad you enjoyed! I really need to get Todd to get some peonies. They are just gorgeous! xxoo

  24. Good heavens - I could have sworn I left a comment this morning - oh my, I am surely slowly losing it:) Beautiful, beautiful peonies, and that lovely cake to cheer up my day. Thank you, dear Nana.