Friday, April 10, 2015

Comforting Pea Soup~

I love this soup..~
no better time to make it than Easter..when a hambone and ham is available.
I even used the spiraled ham and it is delicious.
There are so many recipes..
mine is now   a bit of this..a bit of that gleaned here and there.
It is still quite cold here..the weekend promises to be warmer..hopefully more snow will melt~
I was craving this Tuesday..after Easter..

Ma Recette~

1 1/2 cups of whole yellow peas..I place them in a large microwavable glass bowl.. More than cover with water.. to the top almost..Microwave on high for about 15 -20 minutes..let rest about 1/2 hr..and rinse. They should give a little..not be rock hard..and not mushy...because the cooking is done still with a bite.

2 carrots,2 stalks of celery,1 large onion,1 garlic clove.
I put all that in my food processor for a fine chop.

In a heavy pot..I use my large red Staub..
Sauté the finely chopped vegetables in a bit of Evoo and a tbsp of butter..
Add your ham bone that has  a generous amount of meat on it still..add 4 cups of chicken broth..2 cups of water..2 bay leaves.. salt and pepper..not too much salt..adjust that at the end..because your broth may be salty..and ham is salty.

Bring to a boil.. reduce heat..cover and simmer ap. 2 hrs.. check don't want mush.. remove the bay leaves and hambone.. remove  ham that is left and chop and return to pot.. add ap 1 tsp of savory. .. or more to taste..I need savory in my pea soup..adjust seasonings..
What I use a potato masher..and just give a couple of mashes..pea soup seems to go from fine to a block if it is too thick..I like to still have a pea soup consitency not a cream of soup..
You could also use your hand blender.. and give a buzz or two.
Serve..garnish with chopped parsley.
Love this..hope you will too.

I see my garlic tips poking through the ground that is still so cold..and I think..:"what a miracle!"..
so everything must be possible.

I planted them in fall..snow fell..we FROZE all winter..and as soon as the snow receded..these brave bright green stems forged  through♥

We are still so far from gardening..I have been playing  garden indoors.

It is easier for me to paint flat and not 3 dimensional.
I think I can only play flat and not loose.

I have 2 new pairs of garden boots.
My rubber boots had no hold..too weak..and I would often hurt the sole of my digging feet w/ them while pounding on the spade..
I bought sturdy ,weatherproof..very rubbery..floral Doc Marten like boots.With a heel and laces..;)
My boots were exactly the ones in my little Jardin above..

I cannot bear to wear my Hunters while in the mud for digging.
I also replaced my shoe like muckers.They were so used..
I wear boots more than shoes in life..
In order of preference..  Boots..  Flip Flops..Slippers..Sandals..  Shoes.

PS..Anyone watching Bloodline on Netflix? What a cast.
I know..I love Call The Midwife..this is the opposite.

Have a lovely weekend..hopefully most if not all of our snow will recede..


  1. I love pea soup, but have never made it with yellow peas! That looks wonderful!

    1. I wonder if they are available in the US? Linda NJ said she has never seen them there either..
      Thanks Penny!

  2. Good Friday morning Monique.....
    I make my pea soup exactly the same!
    With yellow split peas!
    I have a ham bone in the freezer, and will prepare the soup in a couple of weeks, to take to the cottage for a lovely warm lunch!
    Your sketches and painting are just beautiful! Love these!
    Miss V has just arrived for our day together and sleepover!♥️
    Have a great weekend!
    Linda :o)

    1. Have fun:)..and you will..
      I love those sleepovers..
      It just seems that we are closer to God..I know that sounds strange.. but to me ..sleeping beside them..such little miracles:)

  3. I love pea soup! I have to try your recette sounds amazing!
    I need some boots for the garden usually I use sandals but in next winterI need some boots!
    Love your draws!!
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. They are a staple if you garden right?:)You too Gloria!

  4. I love a good pea soup! And, your presentation... ahhhh. Perfection. I love your sketches and painting, Monique. Every time I see yours I want to run and do some myself.... trouble is I continue reading away! ha! I've really been enjoying The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. Thank you so much for the suggestion. Yes, though miles apart it seems we do share some similar loves. ;) blessings ~ tanna

    1. I am glad you enjoy the book..
      So funny about those pants..;)
      You paint beautifully..

  5. Oh Monique, your painting is precious. I do watch Call The Midwife, but never heard of Bloodlines. I love CTM. Have watched all the seasons.

    1. I have fun doing those..I need to find more flat objects:)
      Bloodline is totally different..
      Dysfunctional family.
      Great actors..Sissy Spacek plays the mom..Sam Shepard the dad.. very handsome Kyle Chandler..the amazing Ben Mendehlson.
      One of my daughters and I love it.
      If swear words one in partiicular don't bother you and quite a bit of alcohol consumption..:)
      It's a show right?
      It's just not The Brady Bunch.

  6. This soup looks SO good - tons of flavor:)
    ps I live in my Hunters!

    1. Aren't they great?:)
      Thanks Mary..I Pinned your Baba Ghanoush..:)

  7. Cette soupe semble réconfortante à souhait.

  8. Your soup looks delicious and your sketches are delightful. I'm not familiar with "Bloodline". Will check it out.


    1. Be prepared it is very rough...
      Thanks Bonnie!

  9. In a surprising twist of events our winter is back. It is so cold and gloomy and it rains. Soup would be perfect! And I have to say that I am completely in love with your garden drawing.

    1. are so creative ..winter days must be acceptable? You keep so buys..Winter returned here also with snow..but at last yesterday we had rain..howling winds though..but the snow is receding.Thank you for your nice words:)

  10. Your pea soup sounds delicious. Never thought to flavor with savory. The garden sketch is delightful. Love your old boots. Will have to check out Bloodline, haven't seen it. I agree about the miracle of shoots sprouting through the soil after a long winter and I am hoping that spring will come your way soon Monique.

    1. It always does thank goodness.:)The old boots are gone..Hard to part with but they are..and my trusted old gardening jacket..Jacques finally aquiesced that I looked like misery in it;)

  11. Your soup looks so comforting this morning as I sit here thinking about all I have to accomplish today. Wish I had a bowl to rev up my morning. Fun boots - I am loving them and so practical while gardening or sloshing around. As always, your sketches are delightful and real treasures to keep for a lifetime.

    1. Thanks Sam..I bet you are so busy..But what fun and joy in store fr you..Not to mention adventure:)

  12. Pea soup with left over ham is just so spring! Did you buy the small print flowered ones or go big for the large flower print? They look like good (and pretty) work boots. A gardeners feet are important to take care of, these look like they will serve you well. Hope you get some of the warm weather this week and a bit of wind to dry out the soggy soil so you can try your boots out.

    1. They only had the big flowers..:) Funny clunker boots..short..clunkers:)
      On a whim..
      Cannot wait to get my hands in their..first will be starting the dahlias in trays..indoors..then in and out of the garden..until I can put tem right in the earth.
      You will be way ahead of me..

    2. They are pretty Monique, great inspiration for gardening. I bought two dahlia tubers to start indoors. May have to go to Home Depot to see if I can get a bag full.

  13. My gosh Mon Lucas is so handsome and has grown too quickly! He's good looking like his Fred...

  14. I meant like his dad?

    1. So grown up..

      He has Caro's shape of eyes though..Max has the Latendresse eyes..
      Goes by so fast..

  15. Perfect watercolor!
    BRAVO Monique.
    The 3-dimensionality is in your watercolor washes - lovely.
    That's all you need.
    A winner all the way ;)

    1. ♥ well that just made my day..
      I want to find more flat objects:)

  16. Sweet watercolor :-) I haven't use peas like that, but the soup sure sounds good.
    We're having leftover Manhattan clam chowder for lunch. Can't eat too much of it at one time, so I freeze it.
    With some nice bread from our favorite baker, and lovely unsalted butter from a local farm. Then I sprinkle with a few flakes of sea salt.
    That's how our favorite restaurant serves it.
    I just came in from the garden and was tidying up the clematis, and thought of you.
    I'll share more Tybee photos soon since you asked :-)

    1. I hope all our clematis do well..
      I love that idea a sprinkling of salt after..A chowder is a bit like this soup..but can't eat to much:)
      Thanks..I look forward to the never know when one can be there:)

  17. what a delicious looking soup...beautiful photographed too. And I love your little sketches...of course they are lovely and loose!

    1. Tu es gentille de m'encourager.:) Merci Ronelle..

  18. Wishing you sunshine and warmer temps! It is warm here today, but rainy. Your soup looks yummy. I've been planting up a storm at our house in the country and was just thinking the other day, that I need a new pair of boots. Hunter boots have been on my wish list, but, I probably wouldn't want to wear them to work in either! Love the watercolor!

    1. You need Hunters:)
      Especially w/ that cute new Little in your life:)
      Mine are 2 and kaki..the kaki part at the 4 inches..where Hunter is of my daughters has all navy..yummy !
      Perfect with jeans and blonde hair like you and she..

      I hope you spoil yourself and get some:)Navy.
      Thank you..
      We open the screened -in-porch this week..that means Spring is at our doorstep:)

  19. That is the easiest recipe I've seen in ages, nana! And yellow peas are so Canadian. Alas, no ham, since I had no Easter dinner, but someday soon (after I get savory) I will make it. I so love your Jardin pictures, panting for the snow to melt. It has melted enough along the walk to the house to have mole mounds suddenly everywhere. I brewed up some hot chili flakes with water and poured it down two of the mounds - I'll let you know if it worked. And boots! My Hunters finally fell apart some time ago, I miss them dearly, and it will be a while before I get Muck's or Hunters as it is time to send in my taxes. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Us too tax time!
      Both retired now so no need for tax accountants..
      Our snow receded a lot..
      We are not big ham eaters..Jacques and I never eat nitrites..and almost all hams have nitrites..
      But for is almost a tradition..

      The moles here dig see mazes on lawns..not one here yet..but we have grubs:(
      I hate those..they eat up grass..and leave everything so unsightly..
      The rose chafers are next on my list of most NOT WANTED!
      I sound quite unperky:)
      I should not..Spring is in the brisk air here:)
      Get some Hunters!
      This isn't a rehearsal.:) Do it..

  20. I love pea soup and this one looks delicious. Guess what? I just planted peas today and for the first time ever will be able to taste fresh peas come summer. I am SO excited! :-)

    1. That is exciting!
      I feel that way about my garlic:)
      Thank goodness for small pleasures:)

  21. This is how my mom makes her pea soup Monique. it is the soup I grew up with and always after Easter when there was a meaty ham bone available! It's not always easy to find the whole dried peas to make it with and next to impossible over here actually. I miss it.

    Your water colours are just so delightful Monique. You are so talented. I am always so impressed with your many talents and skills. You are amazing!

    I hope you snow does all go away this weekend and that you don't get any more. Waving my magic wand! lol
    Love you. xoxo

  22. I have never seen whole yellow peas either! Just yellow split peas here but I should look harder. This looks like a delicious soup and I love pea soup. I will save the recipe! I can't wait to see your garlic when you harvest. I may want to try some if you have success. How wonderful to see things poking through the ground. We have lots poking through and even some blooms. My gardener's heart is thrilled :) You will see them soon too. My gardening shoes are usually old athletic shoes that I save just for digging. I wash them off with the hose and keep them in the garage. Not pretty :) Your new boots sound perfect - just like your jardin painting. Enjoy the loving weather to come. It's here!

    1. Forgot to say we don't get Netflix but have talked about it. They are doing some wonderful series like this one.

    2. You Must get reasonable..different great quality shows!
      I am going to walk around the gardens after lunch..I put the cushions out on the front's coming!
      I did that too..I had old lace up red Reeboks..they disintegrated:)
      Fingers crossed for the garlic!

  23. How I love your artistry in your photos, no matter the subject!! And the watercolor images, beyond delightful! Glad you're keeping on with them! What do they say? paint (& photo what you love!)

    1. It is ladies like you and Carol and Susan and Ronelle and Vivian and Barbara..that inspire me to take the paints out..and my friend Nancy:)

  24. Your soup sounds lovely. There is nothing like a pot of homemade soup. Yellow peas is new to me. Love your water colors....You are an artist indeed! And a marvelous baker to boot! No pun intended!
    We worked in our garden, planted some veggies already. Spring time is wonderful.

  25. Nana - I thought of you last night as I watched Call the Midwife - I needed a handful of tissues, what an episode!

    1. I loved it again..and I cried too..Those girls were so mean....then it turned out better.And THRILLED the Irsh family got a home..

    2. All of it - but the finale when the husband started clapping for his wife - oh, waterworks!

  26. Amazing soup and beautiful scissors-))