Sunday, May 10, 2015


Of course I won't.. never..ever ..ever.

Our Amélanchier never ever lets me down~
It always blooms on Mother's day~
I have had it for 10 years.
I told Lucas the story last week..that his mom and dad brought it over on Mother's Day when he was in his mommy's tummy..
It went right over his head..:)

The Forget-Me-Nots never disappoint either..
I have too many.
Can one have too many Forget-Me-Nots?
Pas moi.

I was out yesterday, the company of my 2 favorite women on earth♥
The day was full..there is no one I am more comfortable with apart from Jacques ..and the boys.
That is the best gift of all I be together.
While out,Mylène  showed me a stretched canvas she thought I would like..she was right:)
I pondered where I could put it..I have no more room..but I could not leave it I came home..removed a frame..and replaced it with this..
Caroline loved it so much she bought the larger one.
Isn't it pretty?Picture it w/out the top and bottom white borders:)
Charlene Precious is the photographer and she has a pretty!
It will be lovely to look at every day:)
See the heart..on the book also?
I have a whole Pinterest board..Heartbeats~
As a teen I signed my name with a ♥ on the i in my name:)

On Sunday..we were here and I had a quiet I decided to make a little dessert..2 actually for dinner.

I recently had seen many half-sphere desserts..either frozen..or mousse type..
So one day a while ago..I ordered the silicone mold..5 cavity is what I chose.. melt your chocolate.. and brush a coat ..let harden..and brush another coat..I actually kind of swirled in the second coat and let harden.

I chose a recipe that has a small sponge cake on the bottom..brushed with jam....
So once the shell is fill with the recipe you have chosen..I chose a type of white chocolate ganache/with mascarpone..and added a few raspberries..  then you press your prepared sponge on top..and this one you froze.

So I froze it for a couple of hours.. let sit outside of it for 15..and unmolded.
I smiled when I saw the perfect result..
I had perpared fondant pansies to adorn..  I just followed the pictorial~and those gelatine sprinkles I shared a little while ago.
I think it makes such a pretty individual dessert.
A raspberry coulis would be super pretty too.
I will share the link to where I found the recipe for this,once I have tasted it:)..
To me it seems.. a bit sweet..and the sponge a bit different..
I don't want you trying something..until I know it is good:)
But just in case you want a pretty mold for pretty individual desserts..this is a heads up:)

The next one I will make will be a chocolate shell..w/ a chocolate mousse  filling I think and a cookie type base.
You can really play around with these:)
And of course w/ the adornments..etc..
Edible gold leaf on chocolate..chocolate pearls..I have mini piroulines type decorations I can add..
Lavender infusions?
Salted Caramel centres?
Yogurt based fillings?

You won't believe this..but my radishes are coming up..I planted them's Sunday.
I think they are magic.

I read some sweet Mother's Day posts..

like here..
and here..
and here..

Tender to the bone♥
I love goosebump posts.

Footnote..I'll have to get back to you w/ a new recipe..although it was pretty..the sponge was tough.. the mousse not quite right..

I'll perfect and return:)


  1. Lovely lovey flowers. Happy mother's day!

  2. Monique, la magie du radis marseillais est bien connue ! ;o))) La magie de la fête des Mères aussi, d'ailleurs, plus sérieusement ... Chez nous, il faudra attendre quelques semaines encore ... Jusqu'au 31 mai, en fait, je crois ... Mais je saurai attendre ! ;o) Pas de chance pour ta recette. C'est vrai que le résultat était superbe ! Peut-être que si tu n'avais pas congelé ? Juste mis au réfrigérateur ? Enfin, tout ceci était bien beau malgré tout et tes petites pensées en fondant, je les trouve ravissantes ... Bisous et à très vite. Hélène

    1. C'est tellement joli un coup recommencerai, c'est une certitude!
      Tu devrais les voir ce matin à la pluie les petites pousses:)

  3. I have wanted Forget me Not in my garden for a long time, but have not had any luck with them. :-( I think they are my favourite of all the flowers. Sorry that you have not been able to perfect your cake yet, but I know you will. You are a genius at that. I have a silicone mold like that which I haven't used yet. I bought it so I could make my own Tunnocks Tea Cakes from scratch. Haven't done it yet, but I will! One day. It sounds like you had a quiet but a nice mother's day. Hoping your week will be a good one! xoxo

    1. I'll have to Google Tunnock tea cakes..the more ideas we have for specialty molds the better:)
      I hope you have une bonne semaine too;)

  4. So beautiful... I love the story of your Amélanchier... Beauty with special meaning... just cannot beat that in life. =) LOVE your new canvas... I know you will perfect that sponge cake. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

    1. I love a beautiful print..w/ words..well..♥
      I read she is an artist from Toronto Canada..
      Thank you Tanna.

  5. Forgetmenots: I don't have enough. Charming post as usual M. Happy Mother's Day.

  6. I love the Amelanchier, made sweeter because it was a Mother's Day gift. It does not look like a densely growing tree, more like a dogwood? Who could not love forget me nots? Remember Kim's garden filled with them? Mine are growing in my shade garden. Saturday sounded like a wonderful day for all of you. Your beet and feta puff pastry was a big hit as was another loaf of Ricardo bread at Mother's Day celebration. Everyone loved my Dorie Greenspan pot de cremes. Of course little K asked her perennial question "grandma do you have any cookies for me?". But maybe when she eats her pot de creme she will forgive me for not bring any this time, it was bedtime for her.

    1. Katherine will always ask you that now;)
      Mine do..
      Cookie nanas..that's what we are.
      I am glad everything went over well..I am not surprised at always put a lot of thought into what you do for your family..:)

  7. Forget-me-not is my love!!! But you know that already-))) They still standing on my table after I shoot my still life!



    1. They are such sweet first manager..Rosemarie Faber grew them..she was instrumental in my loving to garden.
      I think of her so often!

  8. You never cease to amaze me, Monique. Your precious little pansies are adorable. I don't have many blue flowers in my garden but I do love them.

    1. They are fun to make would enjoy making them..of that I am certain!

  9. You are so creative! Somehow you make a complex dessert sound as though I could do it...but I know better than to go the pansies. Family time is the best! I am happy you were able to have dedicated time together. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. I enjoy these quiet activities..when I worked..I rushed to et things much more mindful now.
      It is a privilege I be able to be at home...and to take time to dilly dally.
      Thanks Kate!

  10. I love those sweet little flowers! My Brunnera flowers are blooming like crazy right now too. The sweetest little blue flowers. Of course, I love blue in the garden :) I'm sure you had a wonderful day with your two favorite young women. What a perfect picture you brought home. I love her website too. There is such an old-fashioned, romantic feel about her photography. Your flowering tree is such a beautiful and precious gift. So cute about Lucas, over the head - LOL. I made white chocolate eggs in a silicone mold this year. It really wasn't difficult at all to get them coated. I love the pansy topper and gelatin punches. I have the punches in my Amazon cart. I keep telling myself I don't need anything else and then a genius idea like that appears. The desert looks so beautiful and I will look forward to the keeper recipe :)

    1. Can you believe my Brunneras left me years ago:(
      So many things do well here and so many don't:(
      Trial and error..
      I forgot to flavor my gelatin again!
      Next time..
      The silicone molds are such wonderful kitcehn gadgets.The more flexible the better;)
      I always tell my self I don't need another thing..and then..someone inspires me..and I throw my good resolve out the window:)
      Thank goodness..everything is usually under $20.00..
      and not often;)
      Even that sounds spoiled~now that I have written it~

    2. Forgot to say..I wrote a note..telling her how much I loved her work..she wrote genuine!

  11. Those flowers are gorgeous! And that little crescent dish is so unique.

  12. My "brocante" flea market find from years ago:)
    Thank you.

  13. Love your sweet flowers and the heart picture is lovely and makes me smile. Love the idea of Hearbeats! You truly capture beautiful images and you always amaze me with your baking skills.
    Happy belated Mother's Day Monique.

    1. Hope all is good with you Linda..
      Today it is raining but we have recently had some California weather:)

  14. As I was reading this lovely post, I could feel myself relax.
    You have a wonderful way with words, your photography is stunning, and you write about things that touch the heart.

    Thank you!


  15. Absolutely perfect and lovely!!

  16. The flowers made me smile - they are so gorgeous! Such a sweet post :) have a lovely week!

  17. Hi Monique...
    Everytime I visit, I never can find the words to express how beautiful your photos and words are...
    It is always a pleasure to absorb your musings...enjoy your gifts...wonderful!
    I am certain you had a wonderful Mothers it should be.
    Hope you have a fantastic week...
    Linda :o)
    ps...i have gingerbread on my house too♥️

    1. Why am I not surprised Linda:)?

      No electricity here..POURED.. blossoms are too..
      Jacques fired off the generator so we could keep in touch..
      I am happy I found your blog..just luck !

  18. Everything beautiful Nana dear...
    My Forget-Me-Nots never come back...I have planted them several times and no go.
    I am glad you had a beautiful time with your girls!
    Bisous xoxoxo

    1. Bisous..:)x

      Weird how FMNs and LOTV don't come back for you..not a good weird:(
      I tried;)

      I have run out of LOTV perfume..will try and remedy that tomorrow..
      my mom's May spritz♥
      Have to keep the tradition going..

  19. Such a sweet post Monique (with a heart)! Love your little cakes - they look like they should come from a fine little bakery!

  20. That's so funny. I have a picture of forget me nots on my blog today! I love them, too and I'm always sorry to see them go. I love your sweet posts!

  21. I'm glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. Forget Me Nots and Edelweiss were 2 of my mother's favorite flowers. And Daisies. I love them too. Thanks, as always, for sharing the joy.

  22. So much beauty in this post. As I sit here with my cup of tea, you are my treat.

    1. :)
      You are the cat's meow:)
      Life is too short to not say what we think.

  23. Love this post. Forget Me Nots are one of my favorite flowers. I'll have to try and make some fondant pansies, so pretty!! Thanks for sharing and hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, dear friend. Stan's birthday was that day too. We celebrated all weekend.
    Take Care,

    1. You will enjoy making those're good at every craft!