Thursday, May 21, 2015

Those Parrots~Financiers ...and Rhubarb♥

It has been Parrot Tulip time here..I planted 50 last fall..maybe 30 have come up..
they were a mixed bag..of pinks and yellows and oranges..
I am a and blue girl in Spring and Summer..
I only develop a love of late summer..fall..I am not a red person either.there is not one red flower here..  except a rose or two..
So every photo I have taken of my clumps of Parrots..have screamed at me..They are show for sure..but next year just pinks I think ..if I am lucky.
These tulips do nort return for me..every year I have to plant the pretties..
The orange and yellow overshadow my pinks..
But.. I have adapted..
just not for photos..

Years ago I received a cute cute book from a friend..Gardening In Eden..
we all know..QC is far from Eden for Gardening..
at this time of year..
Eden rings true.
You can live anywhere and experience Eden.
It is the feeling of the moment..
the view at that moment..
how you are at that moment..
so when the pink parrots were dancing in the wind..and my humble rhubarb was staking it's spot..s..before I transplant for a bigger stalk..bigger stalks..
I picked some pink parrot small rhubarb stalks..took out my jar of pralines roses..
some coconut..almond flour..beurre noisette was prepped..and I made small rhubarb financiers~
Some I made heart shaped..some true financier shape.
I adorned some w/ pink pralines..and some with finely sliced rhubarb.They are not cupcakes,nor muffins,nor cakes..
The beurre noisette..aka brown butter.. gives them a deep flavor..the coconut some sweetness..the rhubarb and pralines..some ♥ color.
They are minis in my books..and we are minis now.
If our family is not coming over..or we are not going there.

La Recette~ Coconut -rhubarb financiers.

Basically a financier is made with browned ,butter icing sugar ,almond flour,egg whites..flour.

2 small stalks of cleaned,chopped rhubarb..mine were very if yours is big..don't use more than 1/3 cup of finely chopped rhubarb.

50 grams of butter that you have browned and cooled..

30 grams almond flour

35 grams coconut..I use sweetened.

20 grams of flour

65 grams of icing sugar

65 grams egg whites

almond or coconut extract to your taste.

Sift the flour,icing sugar,and almond flour togetherin a bowl.
Add coconut..mix

add the egg whites ..(not beaten)..
add cooled browned butter..
I filled 4 financiers and 3 this recipe makes 7 mini cakes..
On top I added slivered thin rhubarb to some..and crushed pink pralines to others~
Bake in a pre-heated 400 F oven for ap 15 mins..

sprinkle w/ icing sugar..
A financier mold looks like this~

They are great molds..I think mine is Silikomart

We visited their store a few years back ..maybe 5 years ago.. in Mtl..and I bought a few of their good quality molds.
The hearts were made in cheap silicone heart molds..the same ones I use for my beeswax .

For the pralines pralines..

You can watch a video here..I keep mine in a small hermetically sealed jar~

40 grams of almonds whole

80 grams of sugar

70 grams of water

a tiny bit of red or rose food coloring.maybe two drops.
Place everything in a pot and bring to a boil..stirring constantly until the TEMP is 125,remove from stove top and mix with a wooden spoon until the mixture caramelizes..see video..make sure to coat the almonds thoroughly..once the consistency is right return to stove top to remelt the sugar and recoat completely..Place on
The video is perfect!

The peony heads are forming..I've caged them..early blooming clematis are doing their thing..
The apple blossoms have lost their panache.
The high winds ..made it look as if it was raining apple blossoms here..and in a heartbeat..they were gone.
A lot is fleeting..that's why I like to pick up a few annuals..geraniums..bacopa..cleome..cosmos..zinnias..dahlias..pansies.. salvia..not too many..
Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for my garden graphics~
I saw some oregami dresses on Pinterest..and wanted to make some..I found a neat tutorial on Youtube..
They are so sweet♥
Love them on packages.. I think a jar of pink pralines ..would be perfect wrapped this way..any gift really:)
Enjoy the long Memorial Day Weekend my American friends~


  1. I love parrot tulips. Your rhubarb dessert sounds wonderful!

    1. They are just little bites:)
      Not Biltmore fare;)
      I would love that Onion soup rightnow..there's been a chill the last few days..

  2. Your tulips are SOOOOOO beautiful, Monique and I cannot wait to see your peonies! Both are among my all time favorite flowers! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

    1. Fleeting.too bad not longer!!
      You too Tanna:)

  3. Oh dear, those tulips are breathtaking! Nana, I love rhubarb and I'll be trying this recipe soon, looks just scrumptious! Oh and I'll be back to check on your peonies!!

    Have a great day, my friend!

    1. You are so lucky to have so many flowers etc..around your home..we feast while the banquet is here..because there is a nise dive in Nov..

  4. Monique, I have never tasted rhubarb nor pink pralines. I can only imagine. The financiers are beauteous. But, the parrot tulip takes the cake. How perfect. I can't plant tulips anymore because the deer eat them. My peonies were gone after a day due to wind and rain. Maybe next year. Don't think anyone is coming to the farm this weekend; I might just have to cook something anyway. PS ~ Somehow I knew you would stake your peonies. I think I am going to start calling you Miss Perfect. Everything you do is beyond.

    1. You know..I actually hate the hoops:)
      But they are a mess if I don't:(
      Some do not require staking and if I was..were? to start over..I would only plant those..
      Far from perfect.. Goodie One Shoe at best.
      PS Donna..Peonies always bloom when it is about to rain..
      It's Murphy's Law.:)
      Have a happy lovely Memorial day weekend.

  5. Monique: Your "Eden" is lovely! I think those of us who have lived in climates that can see long, cold winters better appreciate the beauty of spring and summer. When we lived in Charleston, S.C., there was always something in bloom. Here, in the Chicago area, the season is much shorter but more appreciated.


    1. You are so right..whene everything is always there..sometimes we take it for granted..
      And yet..we should not at all!:)

  6. Beautiful, beautiful Monique!
    How beautiful are Yours post and pictures!
    Tres belle:))

  7. Beautiful photos of your stunning flowers. Love the tulips - they are so delicate. Many thanks for the recipes. Why don't your tulips come back up again? don't you have to dig them up after they bloom?
    I leave my in the ground as we don't have a freeze here.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Some can come back..but me and a pretty face..I go for the ones..that splash for a season and leave.

  8. What a lovely post full of info as well as your lovely photos of those beautiful parrot tulips. It's true what you said about when peonies open those beautiful heads, the heavy rain comes in. Mine opened up one day and were gone the next all their petals on the ground. I had intended to pick some the next morning and over night the rain lashed down. I adore the sweet little origami dress, I'm off now to youtube to see how it's made.

    1. Barbara..take any piece of paper you have and make a square..maybe 5 inches by 5?
      Mine come in a stack..I will measure..and come back..

      5 3/4 inches by 5 3/4 inches..
      you can take wrapping paper..anything..I had to watch a few times..there are different tutorials on youtube..his was easy.
      Have fun:)

  9. The parrots are gorgeous. Mine are all gone now.
    I have never done the roses. Definitely want to try those. I have sugared violets, but roses would be so pretty. I have just done rose petals and then eaten them soon after.
    My rhubarb is slow and looking a little pathetic! Hopefully it will get going here soon.
    Always a treat to see all the fun you are up to! You are the ultimate baker!

    1. No not ultimate..and yesterday..making shark cookies..I would have loved your royal icing techniques.:)

  10. The deer always eat my parrot tulips before they even bloom. I need to plant some inside the fenced area this fall! They are so beautiful. I would love the reds and yellows :) Your rhubarb is so pretty in the vase too! I wish I had deep red rhubarb but mine is more greenish - probably due to lack of sunlight. It still tastes great though :) Your financiers are adorable with the praline roses! My blue bird is not doing much this year :( Your pink one is a WOW. Similar views here - the bleeding hearts ♥ Yes, some things already fading but new things to come. Lovely posts, so many pretty things to see :)

    1. J'aime bien le printemps Nana2..chez chez nous♥

  11. La noix de coco et la rhubarbe se marient si bien <3

  12. Parrot tulips? Oh my, so lovely and something totally new for me. It's seems like you've gone from 0 to 160 so quickly Monique. It seems like just yesterday you were showing snow photos and now you have the most beautiful, magical gardens ever!

    1. I love them..they are nature's masterpieces in the tulip category..:)

  13. The tulips are gorgeous. Love the photo of the tulip, shears and stationary. My peony buds are small and tight, time to tie them up. If I were more ambitious!

    1. Takes just a few minutes..and so worth it!!:)

  14. Parrot tulips have to be my favorite of the tulips. I planted lots of tulip bulbs this fall as an experiment with layers of bulbs. It failed! Only the first layer of bulbs bloomed for me. I was disappointed, but think I'll try again next year. It works for the Dallas Arboretum. ;-)

  15. I must plant some tulips, I probably had a total of 12 bloom this Spring and I would love to have more and some like yours too. I still have to resort to my blog post from last Summer where you identified most of the plants in my garden. I so look forward to seeing them again. I love that origami dress, it would be perfect for my granddaughter. She's 2 1/2 yrs. old already!! I don't have any silicone trays and will some day get some. We are having Low Country Boil for our holiday festivities, a tradition our daughter started. Have a great weekend!

    1. I think the dresses are just so cute on pacakages..if I had little girls;)
      I have 2 big they will be for them..Enjoy the weekend..the Boil and your gardens:)

  16. Your parrot tulips are beautiful. I love the bleeding heart photo. Just lovely. May I come over for some financiers?

  17. I love financiers Monique and yours look gorgeous. I have been trying to take some photos with my new camera in the garden, but they all come out over exposed. I don't know what I am doing wrong. :-( I am so inept. I love, LOVE your garden photos and your tulips. I am a pink and mauve and purple girl myself, and blue. A bit of red here and there, but not a lot. Unless we are talking geraniums. I love red geraniums. Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for all that you share! xoxo

    1. I am going to email you..:) Thank YOU for everything you share..for some reason the oregami dresses reminded me of your art:)

  18. I love financiers Monique. When we were in Paris I went to Dehillerin and came out with a silicone financier pan. I have been making them ever since, although I also have some lovely tin molds that a friend gave me. I keep almond flour in the freezer just for that purpose. They are the perfect bite or two size. Your rhubarb ones look delicious. Parrot tulips are so beautiful. Your garden most be a thing of beauty right now. Everything on your blog is inspiring.

    1. Jacques had just mowed the lawn when I got home yesterday....the green is so pure and July..there is a lot of brown:( burnt spots..

      So I think and Jacques also..that now until end of June are the prettiest months..Thanks Penny!

  19. Whoa! Is that Waterlogue?
    Still very very pretty!
    Always very pretty.

      Waterlogue is fun in Spring..I only had it in winter ..and a week at the beach!

  20. How cute is that dress? I just watched the video. You nailed it! Your Fanciers are so lovely. These are new to me, so I learned something today. The Parrot tulips are beautiful, as is your photography.

    1. Linda you would love making these..You are so feminine..and your grandkids:)!

  21. Those pink, white and green parrots are among my top five favorite flowers in the world...I can not grow any tulips here because of the I admire from afar. I need to go and look for some rhubarb plants...your look so petite and pretty.
    Everything you do is beautiful...
    Bisous xoxoxo

    1. Xx

      Not know that:)
      I only share what works;)

  22. Monique, I often want to comment but your blog is not coming up.....bitdefender says it is unsafe????? ( fattening, more like it) but I went ahead and read anyway Is anyone else having this problem?. I miss your posts.

    1. I have never heard of this problem sorry..
      It's strange though as I don't ever have ads..or sponsors..or pop ups..just me:).
      The fattening made me smile:)
      Go ahead and read!
      I know That on some sites ads are a problem..

  23. those are my favorite tulips, so so pretty and i love the perfect little peony buds cant wait to see them bloom
    such a lovely spring post
    have a great weekend

    1. You too:)
      Jennie you would like making those dresses:)

  24. Que buenos, una delicia.

  25. Love the little origami pink dress! And everything else :-)

  26. Hello, Monique,
    What is waterlogue? Is the watercolor landscape/house painting a photo with a photo effect? I love the Origami dress, will look up the directions...Love the photo with the jardin sign...soooo pretty, your pinks....
    We just got back from Quebec City. I can't wait to go again! I thought of you at Paillard. We discovered a public library that is in a former church on upper Rue St. Jean!! It was fun to stroll. I bought 4 Canadian picture books at Libraire Pantoute, I'll email you the titles.

    1. What fun! It was chilly no?

      it was here..

      Isn't it funny how we think of everyone in certain places/spaces?
      Yes that watercolor is made by using an Ipad app called waterlogue..
      I thought it would help me with watercolors.
      Not yet:)
      I love strolling.Glad you had fun!

  27. Je viens de regarder ton tutoriel d'origami ... Extraordinaire. Je vais m'amuser un peu aujourd'hui ! ;o) Bravo aussi pour tes tulipes, que je trouve toujours belles, quelles que soient leur couleur ... On les dirait vivantes, de fait, ces fleurs-là ! Je vais ressortir mes moules à financiers, un de ces jours ... J'ai des pralines roses en stock ... On les achète facilement, ici ... Ne me manque que la rhubarbe mais un tour au marché devrait remédier à cela ... ;o)
    Re-bises et à très vite !

    1. Tellement un "petit" plaisr fabriquer ces petites robes !
      Tu vas te promets.x

  28. Your spring gardens are beautiful and you captured it so well in your painting…lovely. The origami dress is adorable, you do the sweetest things.