Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bakewell Tart~Watercolors~And Internet Usage.

It's no secret I love the GBBS:)

And I have grown fond of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry..
I hear things are changing..I hope I still get to see the show.
I like them together..and she is amazing.
81 years amazing.
Anyway..I have seen Mary Berry's bakewell tart here and there and decided to make one..I used the crust I have fallen in love with..I shared it here..
just try's so easy and so good..
doesn't fall apart..crispy and flaky.

PS Edit today Sept emailing with my friend Linda I remembered I omitted to mention here I had 4 tbsps of jam..I covered the base of my 9 inch fluted pan.

I must have merged a few of Mary's BT recipe found here and there.

I was quite unpro though and used an almond frangipane type filling I bought in the USA..
Next time I will make my own..because I do like being true to a recipe to give an honest it stands it is delicious.And pretty.
So if possible even moe delish following the recipe.

the one on her recipe..
here..I used store bought raspberry jam..lovely sliced almonds and then a drizzle of icing sugar glaze..
after all fall was Wednesday..the 21rst..
I made a stew the 19th and it was boiling out..
I am in the mood for fallish food now.

Onto what is interesting to me..and I have no clue of knowing how to determine..

I have had an Instagram account for a long time..and never used it..never looked..was not even curious..lately..I became curious..seems our internet usage is at 75% after less than half time..
can this be it?
I would hate to think..that it takes up that much usage:(


I mentioned I would sometimes talk about watercolors..
Now is a good time to start?
If watercolors are not for you..just skip:)
I know it makes for a long post.

Most..if not all.. my watercolor books.Some I have had for 100 years.

See the Quinn violet blob on the # above?
That was not planned I bumped my brush while loading colors for the swatches and it spattered on my's my favorite ran into the beard etc..
that's what her art is about..letting colors merge and create beauty..

Jean Haines

In the past 20 years I have bought a few watercolor books..then in the past 6 years..I added some..and more recently 4..
I don't have that many as you can see..
and I don't know what I get exactly out of each one of them..yet..
I will read..experiment..and maybe get a better sense of what works for me..

but I know one.. I have particularly liked  very much..
and it is You Can Paint Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons/ Yuko Nagayama....
I will get into that one..later..on another post w/ another paint set or two.

So that's not the one I am going to talk about here..

I am going to talk about the Jean Haines one.. World of Watercolor..and the DS paints..

I have loved her work online and two artists had mentioned her in the same week..I'd love to get I went for it..

I am just starting to really look at's beautiful..lots of animals...I may try the chicken..well I did:)but it's not presentable..there are koi..a koala..chickens..etc..
I would have loved more vegetables..outdoor scenes..countryside..etc..she has many books so perhaps I picked the wrong one..but I love her choice of colors..and the loose dreamy look of all her work here..Atmospheric it is called..
She has some nice tutorials..and I plan on practicing:)
And plan on reading her every word:)

there's a lot of what to etc..about which paints she had when starting out and how she  kept getting to know colors and buying more..and how they please her.
I admit to being such a paint lover..I love a new tube!♥ I said just getting into it:)

I had mentioned the DS color cards..this is the only one my shop has..
The paintings you see..are 2 paintings I did..copying what I saw in her tutorials..albeit the Christmas tree one is minus a cute little child..

A funny thing about the man in the hat if you can make it out..she calls him a cowboy and in her detailed piece he does look like one..but in this one..I saw Monet.
The swatches I painted on the right hand side are not the colors I used..some yes..not all..
But I wanted to show you colors I loved on that card..and the quinacrodones win for me..
I have Quinn Rose and Quinn Gold..I have a few on my wish list..
I also bought Imperial Purple because of this card..and Anita's may remember I received dot cards from her:)

I don't like the luminescent colors at all for me.They are on the bottom portion of the dot card you see above.

The Christmas ornament one..I had painted something terrible on the other side so flipped it to paint this..the paper was still a bit wet on both gives it the feeling of fabric ..sort of when dry..
oh well..

here is my favorite paper/ art of them  ..I do have a few others;)
I bought it through Curry's online and I should have bought 2 in my initial order..I like it so much..I save it for things I apply myself to:)
I wish we could just go to our fave art store and buy them.
Thank goodness I have my big St-Armand's book♥

So first of all..this is for me..not the paper..but..

..see the cold press words above?

That means you will have some texture in the paper.
Hot press..think of it as ironed paper..
Rough grain..I don't like ..apart from the one I get in Montreal from St Armand..I love that has a lot of texture..but it's not hard..hard to explain..

I save that book for small things here I like..a miniature cup..a miniature vase..I should really scan instead of taking photos at the last's brighter and whiter and crisper in person.

I love Daniel Smith colors..I love them..M Graham are vivid ..and I like the ones my Fl friend had me try..
but I think I love DS more..
I squeeze the tube paints into empty half pans or palettes..
those are like a collection though:)
Half pans and pans are hard to come by I just ordered more from the UK..shipping is not great.More than the actual pans.

I'll come back to paints and the novice;) later..

I did get one comment I found very interesting about investing in watercolors for a débutante..

I read all the time..invest in the best paints etc.. you can afford..but I do know that painting will not be for everyone..

Artist Loft  brand,cheap and cheerful..Michaels..Amazon..for loads of colors..the coupons do not work at our Michaels as they are considered always low price..
but if you want to SEE if you could get into painting..and do not want to invest too much..these would be fun..
I took an online art class 2 yrs ago..or 3 ..and the recommendation was Prang..I have those and cheerful..whole different consistency..very bright gummy..
The Artist Loft..I compare to higher end Grumbacher ..I have the 24 color set that actually came w/ 23 colors:(
Amazon..I only noticed much later..
so I never said anything.

I find this form..chalky and that is the attribute I would give to AL..

and not because they come in pans..because I have pan ones that are not chalky..but to start..AL  paints..would tell using watercolor..if you love to paint or not:)

Blablabla..I am a tastes..are novice like..but just in case some want to try:)

And that paper ..Michael's can use your coupon and there is a LOT for that price..not textured..not flat..not great..but to start..:)

Or..we can just bake;)As I know a bit more about baking than painting..and even that not a many of you.

Bon weekend!
In case our usage gets cut off..I am;)


  1. Goodness, that tart looks delicious. And, I love your little gold tea-cup watercolour.

    1. Thanks Deb..oh do try the tart..I think your family would love it.

  2. Your watercolor paintings are so pretty. Thank you so much for all of the great information on getting started with watercolor painting. I was in a quandary about which type of paper would have the smoother texture, which I prefer, now I know what I am looking for, and thank you for the pointers on the various paints. I have a gift card for Michael's and I know now what I am spending it on. I plan on passing some time learning and practicing water color painting this winter. I appreciate all of the information that I found here today.

    1. I am happy it is useful..I will post other paints..that I have as I have been collecting for a few years..and even as a novice I see differences..
      this hobby means the world to me..I am on my own a lot..and like to keep busy in this way.
      I hope you get the same joy out of it.
      Have a nice weekend.

  3. I love the look of watercolor painting. I've tried my hand at it and enjoyed it emmesly. Your work is great! I have heard about the happenings of Paul and Mary Berry's going separate ways. I'm sure they'll do so well wherever they go! Again, your posts are always refreshing!!

    1. Oh my gosh I had not heard they were parting ways..but just looked and it seems it could be so:(
      Nancy thank you:)

  4. I love that show too and can't believe your tart. MB would give yours good marks. How beautiful and perfect. I like the loose painting too - I always wished to do that but for many years had to make it perfect but it never was. Sometimes you need the courses to keep from developing bad habits. I haven't noticed the differences in watercolors as much as oils. Boy, there really is a difference there. Next week I'll be back from the farm and will start a new painting. I need to plan it out. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I'd love to hear about the oils:) Maybe one day you could run them by us?
      I was pleased with that tart..I should try more things by Mary and Paul..I like loose just doesn't seem to be natural for me:(

  5. Replies
    1. I will take pictures:)
      I recently bought a Raphael Petit Gris that was on sale ..I thought I would love it..have not used it enough but it is so soft it just folds on itself..not what I expected..I will take pictures..the one I love is downstairs..I will go look and come back..a little travel one I love also.

    2. My favorite brush is also a Raphael Petit-Gris Pur 2/0 Le "803"

      I don't paint large things though..

  6. I have never had Bakewell Tart before, but I have always said that I should try to make a (vegan) one sooner or later! Those comforty pies smell like Autumn and I love that!
    I am always amazed by your kind and sweet watercolours, they're so delicate!

    1. That would be so nice to see a vegan one..maybe this winter you could make one.
      I am so impressed at how you switched and now it is like you were always vegan.

  7. Love Bakewell Tarts and your version sounds wonderful and looks so... pretty! Love seeing your watercolors, what a beautiful gift you have.

    1. You can do it too.I see your are artistic..:) It's never what I am looking for..I am always loking for the moment I will feel..that's me..but it's the fun part too.
      Thank you:)

  8. Happy weekend Ria x ❤️

  9. Hmmm...those round things ARE NOT WATERCOLORS.oh my
    They are for kids I'll bet. There is mostly filler in them. All chemicals.
    Oh my.

    1. I agree,chalky..etc like Grumbacher ones I have..but for under $10.00 someone can try them..and see if they do like the hobby of painting:)
      I do use them with the boys..however..the boys have stopped painting really..sports..big boys now..maybe it will come back..:)
      Online many like these Artist Loft I just thought f someone isn't sure..try:)

  10. You are amazing at both baking and painting, and everything in between - blogging, photography, grandmothering, sewing, etc! Wonderful, wonderful!!
    So I have a question - what is that second photo? It looks like some sort of mat that impressed your logo onto pastry, is that right and if so, where did you get it?

    1. It's a rolling pin ! I have had it for a few years..let me go see..the exatc Etsy seller I used.. is where I bought March 2014..

      Quality is excellent..she even sent a little cookie:)

      Such nice comments:)

  11. Gosh that Bakewell tart looks gorgeous..too good to eat. I'm a lover of that British show too and love Mary Berry.
    Your water colours are always a pleasure to view.
    Happy weekend.

  12. What a gorgeous tart! I've always wanted to make one - maybe someday. Fall colors are my favorites and your photos are beautiful. Maybe one day I'll pick watercolors back up again - you truly inspire. Have a lovely weekend Monique!

  13. Another lovely tart. I have never heard of a Bakewell tart.....LOL. The crust sounds wonderful ....I must give it a try. I am having a dinner party Sunday night, so I shall be on the search for a lovely dessert. As always, I adore your photography and water colours. As for the Internet, you must have a cap for useage. It is amazing how we can gobble up bandwidth by being online with anyone. Happy Fall Monique.

    1. It appears it is IG..I won't be watching the videos anymore..we do have a cap..160 I think..oh well..:)
      Have a great dinner party Linda..I am sure it will be beautiful and delicious.

  14. Your bakewell tart is beautiful Monique. I agree, making the frangipane from scratch is the best. Like you I think Mary Berry is amazing and we will be so sad that she is no longer going to be on the GBBO. I think it may be a huge mistake that the program is moving from the BBC to another channel with adverts. The only one who is staying with the program is Paul Hollywood. They must have made him an offer he couldn't refuse. I have my fingers crossed that it will continue to be as good as it has been. Love all that you share reference watercolours and painting. I have never seen dot samplers. Very nice. I hope you have a lovely autumn weekend! So far it is very nice here! xoxo

    1. Here too so nice!

      Just during the night rain..and gloomy earlier but now the sun is shining!
      Amazing how many little paintings one can do w/ dots..they don't give them away though..about $7.00 here..kind of glad they only had one..but it's wonderful to test the colors too..
      I will miss the duo of Paul and Mary..:(

      You go be w/ Paul:)!!

  15. All your books, paints and artwork are beautiful! I took out my paint by number a few weeks ago and found my hand tingling from doing the work.. I think I'll stick to baking because so far that seems ok.. All the treats you have been making over the last few weeks look so good. Have a fun weekend. It will feel like fall tomorrow and Sunday here. Bet it is already chilly your way today.

  16. Today is the first chilly's a coming for sure..
    I know you love to's a plaesure reading about what you make when we email..yu are excited and happy baking..that's what it is..

  17. Pretty, pretty tart! I've never seen the show but I Googled :) She looks great for 81. I've also never made a Bakewell tart but it looks delicious and love the sound of the jam inside and almonds - what's not to like? Do I spy a new board? :) Perfect backdrop for the fall leaves and pretty flowers. I wish I knew about your internet but IG would definitely be using it. Do you have Wifi at home? When we are on our Wifi it doesn't use up our 'data package' on our phones but if we can't connect by wifi away from home, it certainly eats up the amount we pay for. So many wonderful things to learn about painting. I have old books too and old tapes of programs that my instructor recommended. I'm going to try to get back to painting this fall! I wish I could find a nice class and a good instructor like I used to have. Chilly here this morning. Fell like a rock last night. Last weekend for the pool with the family :( Water will be warm though and I know the boys wont' mind the chilly air. Bon weekend, Monique!

    1. First ever chilly day here jackets or anything but Jacques wore pants,a sure sign.

      I would love to fall asleep like a rock.LOVE.

      You would love the show..Jacques did..things are about to glad I was able to see some seasons..
      The tart is a winner.And so is Mary at 81.

      I do have a new's actually 2 the brocante last Sat..a man was selling large barnwood planks..he had a short one..I asked if I could buy it..Jacques hand sawed it in's a blank page..
      I would have liked GREY..;)
      I didn't nail them together as in 2 ind. boards ther are easier to transport..for these shots..I put the boards in the garage on our cement floor..the light was is starting to be forage season here..

      Littles swim in any weather..God bless them:)
      It seems it's the IG Life Stories that are eating away at my no more cute movies for moi.

      Enjoy the last pool weekend♥

  18. I really enjoyed this post.. the tart looks deeeeeVINE! And you inspired me with the discussion about watercolors and paper and paints.. I do need to get my paper and paints out. Now.. I need to go back and see about those peanut butter and jam cookies! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. You paint fact there are so many things you do well:)
      Have a great weekend!

  19. Loving this post to pieces because it is two of my favorite things in one post. (Three, if you count GBBS peripherally! There should be one more PBS season before they shift and then we'll see.)

    Thanks for the w/c info -- I'm still learning and trying things out so all the info I soak up like -- well, like paint!

    1. You are too advanced and talented for Artist Loft..It was an affordable suggestion for someone who wants to just try w/out an investment:)
      I am working on other ones..they aren't really I'm not qualified..just my impressions on things I have bought over the years..when I find that Parka Blogs has written a review on them..I am adding it..this won't be forever as my sourse is not replenishing..:)

      I love seeing what others I thought this may be fun..
      well my idea of fun;)
      Have a lovely weekend Jeanie.

  20. What a lovely post...
    Love from Titti

  21. Dear M,
    This French class is taking way more of my time than I could have imagined!! I LOVE your post but will need to come back to read it thoroughly! I can't wait to look more at your work and at the books and read!!
    PS I had a box of children's type watercolors like that and I used to love it even if it wasn't "professional grade." One never knows what can work well....Beautiful Autumn here and your tart is amazing!!

    1. Je suis d'accord Rita!
      It's wonderful to be busy at something one loves..and you love your French are a true francophile..♥
      Not just liking pretty French things..but actually learning the well:)

  22. My blogging break took longer than expected. I'm so glad to be back and see your wonderful bakes and gorgeous watercolors, Monique.

    1. You have been missed with your sweet stories and creative stitching..welcome back Amalia:)

  23. A few more comments, Monique, not that I have une petite minute: You are very humble about your talents & experience (maybe too humble!). As a cook & baker you are la crème de la crème, not only experienced & trained, but a true artist! And I see you so dedicated to advancing watercolors & it shows!! And, isn't it just fun to learn things & grow?! I'm going to see if the library has 2 of the books you mentioned. My recent favorite was When Colors Sing by Dobie. Sometimes an authors appraoch hits us at just the right time...
    Back to the child watercolors: I even found Crayola sets to be quite rich for myself when I was teaching children. Perhaps they fade sooner than some of the "adult" brands, but they are fun.
    As far as my sketch group member telling us we HAD to use Koi, I reinforced the idea that we all get to choose, what suits one person may not be for another. AND, even at different stages in our own process, it can change. Some of the fun is in the experimenting! Bonne journée, mon amie, R

    1. Tu es d'une délicatesse très appréciée:)
      I think I had that book on a wish list..someone else spoke highly of it..maybe something..a thread on wet canvas.
      I do try and apply myself but mostly I just get great pleasure in being quiet and watching what the paint does..on different papers with different paints.
      I admit that seeing your art has been so inspiring to me and I am grateful!

  24. Hi Monique, Stopping by to read some of the posts of yours. I've been busy with the family and our son, Scott, who moved out to go to college in Davis, California. He's working on his P.H.D. in Marine Biology. Back to your post. I love it! Thank you very much for your art class on watercoloring. If you taught a class on line, I would take it!! The Bakewell Tart looks so good. Thanks for all the inspiration ♥ Hugs, Jody

    1. How exciting for your son!
      You have a beautiful family excited for you and Italy..and the way they offered it to must be such a special mother..wife🌟

  25. This does sound delicious! I do love anything almond....and there is that crust, again....I really must....