Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cheddar Crumb Apple Pie~ Food And Drink ~and how looks can be deceiving..

So Friday was just gorgeous again..and still in the 90's..we ran errands in the morning and in the afternoon Jacques mowed the lawn and I did all the trimming..when I finished..and thought so many grateful thoughts for where we live..I picked a bouquet of my Russian Sage and wild asters from my driveway..the messy right side..and my borrowed landscape..filled one of my sap buckets..and found the late afternoon light so pretty in the section of the potting shed..(J's) that I have been using once in a while for photos..I hung Ikea sheer curtains at the double's the class I took w/ Kim Klassen that suggested a should see hers..well..go look..:)

I may take more classes eventually..but I am so into painting little things here and there..I am torn with my hobbies..

Anyway I have a small stepladder in there..a tv table..and a white board from the dollar store..
there was a breeze again so it was start and stop..but I just thought I would show you..that that pretty bouquet is not in a lovely room in our home that has a breezy sheer giving a sublime light;)
It's placed exactly how you see it..and then the magic happens when you crop out the ugly..cause the potting shed sure is pretty outside..but as I have said not tools are every where..a potting bench, a work bench..but see what cropping can do.
A make believe world.
Like Photoshop for all those exquisite women we see advertising anti-wrinkle creams..they have nary a one..yet they are 60..they cannot all have the same perfect genes;) the truth photo..the whole truth and nothing but the truth photo.

Jacques had picked up the LCBO's Food and Drink's been months ..probably 1 year since I have had one..we usually both look at it..Nothing really grabbed me..but Jacques said:"Did you see the Cheddar Crumb Apple Pie Recipe?"
I did and I didn't I guess because it is not the one I bookmarked..
Saturday was going to be glum glum and outdoor chores were done..I thought I would make it for him..
It's so pretty..the crust is lovely..and the result is..quite delish..the taste of cheddar..subtle..
the only thing I did differently is instead of the cinnamon..I use the apple pie spice I mix..I use cinnamon..nutmeg and freshly ground cardamom..I like the cardamom freshly ground:)and added 1 tbsp of sugar to the crust...omitted the salt because my butter is salted. I don't get unsalted butter:)

So here is the recipe..courtesy of The LCBO. can use whichever one you like or store bought..I made the one they suggested for the galette on the previous page and it turned out perfect.It will be one of my go tos now..

You will need a 14 x 4 1/2 tart pan w/ removable bottom

Your oven will be pre-heated at 400F..

Place pie in oven and immediately reduced to 350F
Bake for 45 minutes..

Again..I switched this up..I did preheat to 400 then immediately went to convection 315  for about 55 miutes after placing a foil gently covering the crumble at about 40 minutes..I kept an eye out..

The dough

2 cups of flour,
2 tbsps granulated sugar(I put 3)
1/2 tsp salt..not butter is salted
3/4 cup cold unsalted butter
3 tbsps ice cold water.
In a food processor pulse the first 3 ings..cut up your butter and sprinkle on top of the flour mixture..pulse until coarse crumbs..through the feed tube w/ motor running add the water slowly until it starts to come together.
Mine came out of the recipient so nicely..I just formed a flat disk on parchment..wrapped and refrigerated 30 minutes..


1/2 cup all purpose flour
2tbsps packed brown sugar
3 tbsps room temp butter
1 1/ 2 cup finely grated old cheddar cheese..I used 1 cup 
Mix flour w/ sugar..blend w/ your fingers add cheese and work in until evenly into clumps and place all over the pie mixture..a handful at a time..


5 medium apples such as McIntosh peeled,cored and thinly sliced
(ap 4 1/2 cups)
1/4 cup of all purpose flour
3 tbsps granulated sugar
1/2 tsp of cinnamon..I used my blend and did about 1 tsp.
I placed all the above pie ings in a large freezer bag and gently shook to coat all.

Take the dough out of the fridge and on a lightly floured surface with a lightly floured rolling pin..roll dough a little bigger than your rectangular tart pan.
place in pan..shape and trim to fit edges of pan..
place your thinly sliced apples in the dough..don't mound..gently press in evenly.

Sounds like a's not..a pleasure to make.

would love a human dishwasher for hire I am messy.


..and here is the truth.

this is how the pics were taken.
I guess what I am trying to say is that we show the good parts of the gardens..the recipes that worked..the cute stories about our families..everything can seem hunky dorie..with sheers blowing in the wind;)but remember it has all been edited in many cases.
I am sure some people feel blue sometimes..and think oh my goodness what a life so and so has etc..

it could be true..but it could be edited.♥

Many blogland..IG..FB..we are seeing what the poster chooses to show..chooses to share at that particular time..
some may need to share personal triumphs and tribulations..some share their likes..dislikes..

some prefer to focus on la vie en rose to not focus on troubles..others feel better sharing their troubles..
I had an aunt..quite different from my mom..married to my dad's brother..she was very wealthy..and I am sure had lovely qualities..but was so different from my wonderfully  educated..talented..non wealthy beautiful and  down to earth mother.

When I married.. my mom had passed away the prior December..she said to me.."never air out your dirty laundry..people never forget..they always remember the negative.."

I guess in some ways that has stuck w/ me..well not in some ways ..look I still remember and it is 43 years later;)
And I find it is mainly many circumstances.

I quite admire people who say it all like it is..but I  also  admire  quiet courage.
We are all so different.

Like quiet giving..quiet receiving..quiet do gooding.
I have a friend that volunteers in palliative care hospitals..and will soon go to people's homes on an individual basis.
She never talks about it.
She just does it.
Quite the role model if ever there was one.
And that's my Friday and Saturday..

today is Sunday Sept 11th.. it poured buckets all night..the sun is  out and the wind is howling..
and we are watching the news like every morning..I usually don't pay attention..I am reading my blogs..but it is such a rememberance day..our channels here in QC Canada are honoring the day,with the news being just about that day this morning.

I do remember what we were doing..I remember the circumstances..everything.
Quelle Tristesse.


  1. It's good to see what's behind your lovely photo! Thanks for "remembering" with us here in the U.S..


    1. It is are so close to us..we are in the US often..I felt it was here too.
      The shocking photos..the sad stories.. we were different too after that.It changed many things.

  2. Good evening ~
    Adverts are always so dumb, or maybe they make us dumb? I don't know but I try to stay away from them :) I am glad I don't have any TV set!
    That pie looks very comforting and perfect to transition from Summer to Autumn, isn't it?
    Actually, I cannot wait to make my very first Apple pie of the year :D
    Have a lovely week ~

    1. I don't watch conventional tv really..I am a Netflix no ad person:)
      I agree ads..take us for people who know full well the ad is a lie.
      So much airbrushing..I am sure you have seen the transformations and how they are makes young and old feel like we are not as cracks me up too though that they think we are so naive:)
      Le temps des pommes est un très beau temps Camille..un temps de réconfort.:)

    2. Well, I just wrote the longest comment, touched a button and it disappeared. Can't imagine where it went. Oh well, enjoy the day.

    3. PS I hate when that me too:)

  3. What a great post! Yes, we do show the pretties most of the time! Your pictures are beautiful and that pie/tart sounds yummy!

  4. I like this post, Monique. Living quietly ~ I like that! I think we all edit and share the best that our personal eye sees. My photos are not professional quality like yours, but I use an editor to color enhance when possible and always crop to focus on the most interesting details. I learned that from my artist friends. They will do that with a painting. I've learned a lot from blogging friends like you. Still learning with every new post I read. Merci!

    1. Moi aussi! I learn from all of you every day..One of my daughters just left,Noah's mom..she came over w/ Noah and Giuliana..
      she said oh that's such a cute mouse on the teacup on your windowsill♥
      I showed her it was the cookie stamp..she must have missed that blogpost:)

  5. I'm glad you picked some of your Russian Sage! I was surprised at the scent on my fingers when I pulled the lower leaves off before putting in a vase. I had forgotten... yes this is SAGE.... mmmmm. Love the inclusion of your 'messy scene' and your thoughtfulness xoxo

    1. :) Always interesting to me to see how things can be done..I love learning new things...You do too.

  6. I love this post!I love all of the beauty you share, even though I know that everyone has trials and tribulations, it is nice to see the beauty when troubles are easy to spot in the world and/or in our daily lives. My mom has been gone 30 years and she was very down to earth also. I really appreciate that legacy. :) Your apple tart looks absolutely delectable! I must go apple picking and start baking! Thanks again for your thoughts.

    1. Oh and your cookies on IG get me everytime..what a lovely family and darling littles you have..such a youthful nana.

  7. What a beautiful post Monique and thank you for remembering September 11. In our family we have at least been given happiness on this day, Katherine was born 4 years ago.

    1. I remember you telling me that..:)I bet she loved her day Terry:)

  8. I've been missing too long. So glad I checked in this morning, this post is full of truth, so honest you even take the time to show the behind the scene photo shoot, I love your dreamy style photos of the sheer floating curtains. If only everyone were honest in their daily life, showing the flaws we all have and being open and honest about the things that annoy us 'life is not a bowl of cherries' I can hear my Mum saying that to me and brothers & sisters. Thank you Monique for sharing your thoughts and fantastic photos,along with your usual tasty recipes I really must read up on Kimm Klassen .

    1. You are so nice to say so..but I think I am trying to say is that my life is not a fairy tale and perfect:) I just don't talk about it;)
      I have just felt guilty I think that some do think all is rose:)
      I appreciate your honesty all the time.

  9. That is a day the whole world changed Monique! We will never ever be the same. Love this post. Yes, we all think we need to show the best things to the world, and seeing the best is nice, but it is also nice to see the opposite which lets us know that we are all human and have good and bad days, high and low moments. Love your bit on photography and cropping. I don't spend enough time setting up my photos. I just plop er all down and shoot while I have the light, lol. I am so lazy. And it shows. Hope you have a beautiful week, you have gotten mine off to a lovely start with this beautiful post! Love and hugs. xoxo

    1. Hahah..I point and shoot my food too..:) Once in a blue moon before winter sets in I will try Kim's tutorials by using the pottng winter it is so packed with the tractor.. and mowers cannot get in:)
      You are always honest..the good and the bad... which is so good for everyone..but do not get up and go gogo..

  10. So not fair to arrive exactly at lunch time!! :(
    And I was going to eat a hard boiled egg and some salade :((

    1. There's a sliver left for you;)
      One of my daughters..Noah and Giuliana came for tea yesterday..

  11. Part of the editing to make things look nice is, I think, our attempt to find the beauty in an imperfect world. Searching for the good in people and things. Your photos are lovely. Even the reality shot. Yesterday was a moving day; remembering that tragic event made me want the ability to change history.

    1. Very real for people all over the world.:(
      I love learning new things and apparently it's good for our brain..that's my excuse:) Have a great day.The sun is out and the day is cool.

  12. would love to have the complete measurements for your apple pie spice. i love the addition of cardamom to it....i would use cardamom in everything.

    1. Oh boy..I don't have the exact measurements..I wish I did..I know I put it all in a spice jar..say the size you can buy in dollar stores..the tall ones already filled with spices..years ago I had one that said apple pie spice and for some reason I still had it..because I have been refilling it w/ Cinnamon and nutmeg..much more cinnamon than nutmeg..and I would always add cardamom afterwards to the dessert..this time I thought why not add the cardamom to the mix..and I did..again less cardamaom..I guess I can just tell by now which proportions we like..I guess I would suggest to you to try say 4 parts cinnamon..1 part nutmeg and 1/2 - 1 part fresh a small container..start w/ can always add after..try a small vessel..even start w/ teaspoons:)
      I just love the special taste of cardamom ..I find it freshens up the whole dessert:)
      A friend put crystallized ginger in her apple crisps w/ cardamom and that was very unique and very good:)

  13. I would have thought the photos were taken in your kitchen! The lighting is lovely and haven't all we bloggers taken our props to different spaces to capture the best light :) Woe is me to think of the darkness ahead. But, just bought a pair of small snowshoes so will try to make the best of it! It would be fun to meet some of these models in person, wouldn't it? I love Lauren Hutton, she doesn't try to fake it but even showing wrinkles I'll bet some are airbrushed. Oh my, the tart looks wonderful. I have that pan too. Cardamom is such a wonderful idea. Love the taste and smell of it. Yes, horrific day to remember yesterday. I, too, remember exactly what I was doing. Like a stamp imprinted in our brains. Our weather has cooled, almost fall-like but beautiful the past two days.

  14. Same weather here Susan..I am a fan of Lauren Hutton too! The beautiful gapped tooth smile..apart from her everything else:)
    I tthink you will enjoy snowshoeing..makes winter days bearable and sometimes downright memorable..sparkling sun..wide open spaces..just lovely!

    You could also do it in back of your daughter's home:)
    Tart is guests found the cheese taste imperceptible..but loved it..Noah..Giuliana..and Mylène.
    Off to start ripping things out of the gardens..I don't want to be stuck in freezing weather..doing it..need to rip out things too..hope J goes for it;)

  15. I think 9/11 is our generation's Pearl Harbor. You always remember.

    We had a lovely weekend in Canada and the weather still holds now that we are home, sunny and warm but not hot, breezy but not windy. I'm loving your flower photos and smiling because I know how I crop -- well, most of the time! And how it IS like it really is but not quite! There was once a wonderful "split-screen" photo I saw that had the captions "What bloggers see" and "What the photographer COULD see" or something like that. The photo on "what bloggers see" showed a lovely arrangement and the one next to it showed the same arrangement from a wider shot with the messy part on the staging table beside it! How true!

  16. What beautiful crumble pie !! Look amazing !!
    and pictures lovely like always !!!

    1. Had to show you ..the real thing:)

      Thank you Gloria:)

  17. A great post Monique. And so true, things are often not the way they look from the outside. No one has a perfect life and it's easy to compare yourself with others and feel on the low end of the totem pole. We all have blessings and difficulties and, your mom was so right - we all have a choice of what we focus on.

  18. Too pretty to eat. Love the tart pan and your precious photos. No human is perfect and families all have their issues. No such thing as perfection. We all work at achieving these things. Sometimes it doesn't happen.

  19. Lovely post...wish I had your magic hands in the kitchen!
    Been laying low...on antibiotics and very strong cough syrup...
    Hope I shake this soon...shower this weekend for my future DIL...
    My face is looking very bedraggled...and...nothing to wear!! :o(
    Oh well...such is life..
    I love your garden shed...and your pictures...
    HAve a great day Monique...
    Linda :o)

    1. Every time we are under the weather..our face shows it..even younger..I hope you feel better soon..if it is any face is always bedraggled:(
      Is it a fancy shower?I don't remember buying anything special..I was working so had some nicer things..

      I might have something you could you lived next door..
      I have a MOTB outfit hanging in the attic w/ my girls wedding dresses.
      You will be fine by the weekend..and you will look RADIANT.
      Take care!And have a ball at the shower.

  20. I love your behind the scenes photo. And everything you wrote is so true. But as we all have troubles, I've always believed that nobody wants to hear mine since they probably have enough of their own. Anyway - what do I have to be upset about. We are blessed with food and jobs and people that we love. And I love to visit your blog because it is a gently reminder to enjoy the simple things, and how beauty can be found in our own backyards :) Thanks Monique - for the beautiful apple tart too!

    1. You know what
      You are right..our problems are our own..and they are ours..not others..we enter this world alone and leave it yes there can be sympathetic ears ..but ..
      just but:)
      OUr stories are most us.
      To me simple is the best..funny you should say that..I just started preparing a next post..and there is a little cutout from an Oprah magazine..:)

  21. Double yum on that apple pie with cheddar crumb....what a super idea! Laughing at your "real life" photo...we all do it. Photoshop is amazing and I use it all the time, cutting, trimming and even brightening when light is low. I made the dish and would be honest (or not post at all) if it weren't good. I posted a pork roast on my other was delicious, but everyone wanted to eat and I was lucky to even get one ghastly photo before the platter was grabbed away and sliced. The photo was terrible, the pork fabulous. :)

    1. I better go see had mentioned it:) Some just can't save LOL.
      Adjusting photos is part of the fun and learning curve..I wish I was a perfectionist for things like that and be determined to learn it all..but I just seem to be satisfied with being able to make them look better..yesterday Adobe sent an email..suggesting we learn how to create a GIF..I went and looked and gave up on #3:)

  22. Oh! I do love that recipe - especially as you put the cheese in the crumble, and not the pie crust! Must make this asap. Right now visiting daughter & grands, I wake up confused about where I am:) Fun to see your behind the scenes, your eye is so elegant even those pictures are heavenly!

    1. :) My family says you really cannot taste the cheese LOL.still it's delish and very pretty..I did add 1/2 cup less cheese could be that..I am such a risk taker;)

      Have fun w/ your visit!!

  23. Your photos and recipes are always so nice ♥

  24. I was thinking how exquisite your photos were - the gorgeous flowers in the rusted sap bucket with the beautiful fabric and wind blown curtains. And then the reality of it - yes, just like life.
    I enjoy the photos, whether staged or organic - they are beautiful works of art. Yes, in real life we all have hampers full of soiled laundry and sinks full of dirty dishes, but I don't think anybody would be interested in seeing photos of that.
    Lovely tart!

    1. I know you get is Susan..:)
      It's just that sometimes I get an email..or a note saying my life is perfect and I feel a bit fraudulent.
      So now I have come clean:)
      Case closed..Onward and upwards w/ pretties and feel good thoughts.

  25. I remember your mom, Monique. She was beautiful...she had such a lovely head of hair...and she seemed so refined and cultured to me. xo

    1. This has to be you Susan.. My childhood friend❤️So cute with your long blond hair and bangs,twinkling eyes..great smile.

  26. Je crois que tout le monde se souvient de ce qu'il était en train de faire lorsqu'il a appris que les tours étaient en train de tomber ... Moi, j'étais au boulot et on était tous, patients et soignants, devant une énorme télévision ... Un très mauvais souvenir encore bien présent ... Mais bon, il faut aussi essayer de voir le meilleur de nos vies. Et tu sais bien le faire. Ne voir que le centre du cadre quand l'extérieur est moins impressionnant. J'aime ça. J'ai tendance à agir pareil ... dans ma vie de tous les jours. Gommer ce qui est moche, ne garder que l'agréable ... Et créer l'agréable. Parce que ça, quand on sait le faire, c'est juste merveilleux ...

    1. Tu es experte ..créant l'agréable..chaque mot..chaque voyage..chaque plat ,chaque table dressée,chaque fil cousu♥

  27. Quiet courage.... I like that... xo Hope all is well with you, I am behind on your blog!