Thursday, December 8, 2016

~Christmas memories ~

Through the years we all will be together

If the fates allow

Hang a shining star above the highest bough

And have yourself a Merry Little Christmas now.

I actually love the  Christmas preparations..I love feeling cozy..indoors..looking outside..baking things:)There is NO place like home..every time we come home we say..I just love coming home..there is something so safe,private,and cozy about home.
Any size ..
Sometimes pretty Christmas songs and light pouring in...

The tree is up and is festooned with meaningful decorations..nothing matchy matchy.. in baby Jesus in our crèche was mine as a child♥

The Littles have grown so MUCH..

Adamo is 17
Giuliana  is 15
Lucas is 11
Max is 9
Noah is 8
Oli is 7

Onto the beginning of baking..and every recipe..I will try and halve like this one..

Starting w/ faves..

these  are a new recipe..that you can find HERE~

I am the tester..remember?:)Not a creator of recipes..a taste tester:)

These are jam filled almond shortbreads.

Now..stocking stuffers..

..the boys from here on end will get useful things..w/ some whimsy..
my girls..I love what I put in them:)
My mom always had the dearest..simplest things.
A highlight for me.

I have funny things this year..yet useful:)For the girls..and the boys won't be jumping for joy..neck warmers..lots of socks:)..mittens..better find one last fun thing for their stockings..

If you have time..listen to one of these artists singing this famous song.
Rosemary Clooney..her voice ♥

Michael Bublé

Rod Stewart

Bing Crosby

Frank Sinatra

James Taylor

Judy Garland

Rosemary Clooney

Next year all our troubles will be out of sight~
I LOVE this song..
Above..a few of my favorite artists singing it..have no idea why..but this is one of the Christmas songs that make me cry..I do have a few..;)


  1. WHAT A NICE, FESTIVE POST. The stockings have always been the most fun for me, too. I still love filling them for my own kids and now their wee ones, too :)

    1. Deb..thank you..all the very best to you and yours.

  2. I'm making your shortbread this Christmas. I seem to make the same things every year. Peanut butter balls for the son, peanut brittle for everyone, a lemon or apricot strudel, iced cookies and red velvet cake for everyone. On Christmas Eve we'll have heavy appetizers and eat ourselves till we pop. Not sure about the day of as I am waiting for the kids to make their plans. I was trying to spot the boys in their baby pics. They do grow up fast. Bella and Ollie are 8 and 9. Have you ever tried to type with two weenies in your lap with laptop on top of them? It is hard to do.

    1. Lol no..I have tried typing w/ Littles om my knees..not weenies:)
      WE unfortuately eat till we pop Xmas ave and morning..

      once a year..still lasts a lot longer on tummies and thighs..

      If you make shortbread..make the ones from Auntie Bernice..I post it every yr..probably will again this year..another thing I wnt to make is Christmas Crack..we were all introduced to it last yr..sinful and easy..want to make a cake too:)
      I need a huger family.

    2. Will do. What is Christmas Crack? I must know. Is that Oli in the baby picture on the left? It looks like him. I have to go to the doctor next week, so I won't have to weigh in for 3 more months and can eat whatever I want at Christmas.

    3. It is Oli~Good eye!

      So Christmas crackers..lined up on a sheet pan..then a boiledmix of butter and brown sugar.. bake ..then chocolate..

      I just Googled and the first one that came up is T Yearwoods..

      but the recipes are all over Pinterest and the net..some add Smarties on top of the chocolate etc..
      Had I known what the recipe was before I tasted it..I may have bah humbugged it..but I tried some Xmas eve..and it shines lol:)

  3. Love your measuring spoons! Bing Crosby singing White Christmas, Dean Martin singing, Baby It's Cold Outside. Two of my favorites!

    1. Dino..oh my mom adored all those crooners..all:)

  4. Love all your memories and, I'm with you, there is definitely no place like home! There's nothing more I love than being in my little kitchen, baking up a storm - and all the while wishfully hoping for a snow storm, you lucky dog!

    1. LOL I have never heard you talk like it!

      We are lucky to love being indoor people..I would have never thought 45 yrs ago:)

  5. What a delightful post. I love your measuring spoons. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe.

    I am like you, I always love coming home even from the store - smells of baking and 2 dogs always so happy to see you.

    Your post brought back many memories of my childhood.

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season.


    1. Thanks Mary..and you too..I know you love your shows it shows it shows!

  6. What wonderful memories you have and many still to make :) Love the pics! You know, when the song was was written it was during WWII and many U.S. troups were still overseas. The original lyric was "Have yourself a merry little Christmas, It may be your last. Next year we may all be living in the past". Can you imagine? Judy Garland said it was too depressing so the lyrics were changed. It evidently brought many soldiers to tears when they heard her sing the revised version. It is quite sentimental ♥ I still have a couple of small things to get yet myself. The little things are sometimes more fun to buy :)

    1. I never knew that Susan..hmmm..quite sad indeed..Judy garland..never another..yes sometimes Liza..but not excatly..
      Thanks for the info:)

    2. I'm so glad Judy got her way :) I love Michael Buble's version too. I hope his little boy is doing well.

    3. Oh me too..such a darling boy..and he is so loved..I can't even imagine:(

  7. Hi Monique, your holiday posts are always so grand, love the family pics and the Christmas cookies and decorations. I am way behind this year, but that is okay. Happy Holidays!!!

    1. That is way ok..believe me I won't keep this up forever:)

  8. I cry when I hear this song. It reminds me of so many sadnesses and losses and yet it's so beautiful. I can see Margaret O'Brien's tearstained face while Judy in that glorious red dress sings it to her. I'm listening to the Buble right now but will listen to them all, I think.

    I love seeing photos of the kids and times gone by. (Yes, we must be sharing a brain this season when it comes to posting!) And I love the measuring spoons. The cookies look wonderful! Today I did shortbreads, Jingle Balls, something called Drumkickers (a German cookie) and ginger cookies. Tonight or tomorrow I will start with some lemon or pumpkin bread and some spiced nuts. It's snowing here and cold and it feels so nice to cook and have that warm stove, pretty Christmas carols in the background. It's all good.

    I love this season, I love the looks, the smells, the sounds, everything! Merry weekend to you!

    1. You were so busy today!
      I guess we are sharing a brain:)
      It snowed a bit here too today..I found it damp and chilly..a bit of wind..
      Tomorrow I will make our usual shortbreads..and probably something else.We are so lucky to have the means to do these things.The ingredients..the tools..the kitchens and warth as you say.
      I must admit I never take our comforts for don't either.
      Have a great weekend🌲

  9. Love the festive measuring spoons, super cute.

  10. There are so many carols that are melancholy and make me cry, and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is at the very top of the list. There was an episode of "ER" (the old medical TV show) that I saw in 1995 just a couple months after Sommer died in which Rosemary Clooney sang her beautiful version of that song, and it's just destroyed me ever since. I'm choking up as I type this. :( 'Such heartbreaking verses with such a lovely TUNE.

    I go home to Mom and Dad and Brothers and everyone else this next Monday afternoon, and I CAN'T WAIT. ♥ That is my "real" Christmas every year. Monday night and Tuesday baking with Mom, wrapping gifts and a gift exchange with everyone Tueday evening after my older niece and nephew get home from school, watching the Waltons' Homecoming Christmas special with Mom and Dad Wednesday per tradition, showing Mom pictures of the patchwork walls. . . .Bliss! ♥♥♥

    I love seeing your old family pictures. Someday at/for Christmastime, I want to have a coffee table book made up of just family Christmas pictures, have some made into magnets, copies for the fridge, ome in frames, etc, but none of my family has ever visited my home for the holidays, so it's not a priority yet. But someday. ♥

    1. I remember your posts about your dear friend...and we watched was a favorite of ours.
      right now we are enjoying Pure Genius..
      I can' t wait for you to be having your special Christmas.I know you will enjoy every moment..
      I am sure Somer is always in your heart and this time of year is tough..

      If I may recommend a show I think you would is called This Is Us.

      It suits you to a is a wonderful program.
      We love it.
      Take care Val..:)

  11. Thank you--I had wondered about "This Is Us." The previews and reviews so far have seemed good. I will look into it now--Thank you. :) I hadn't heard of "Pure Genius" before--'Will look into it. "Downton" and "Breaking Bad" are the only two shows I've watched in a long time and I loved both.

    I think all our "lost" loved ones are very much with us, yes. There are just days we want them all snug and cozy and laughing at our kitchen table too, as you certainly know. ♥

    Enjoy your weekend! December moves so fast. ♥

  12. We have the same taste in Christmas music Monique :) Love, love, love all these beautiful songs. Also love your beautiful memories. The photos are all great and the cookies divine!

  13. I was just thinking about how fast time goes by and how much my grands have grown. My younger daughter is turning 50 this Spring. It's overwhelming. Thank you for the Christmas music, Monique. It always lifts my spirits. I just finished watching Season 1 of The Crown. It's so interesting to get a sense of what life was like behind the scenes. The royal family has always been fascinating. If you haven't seen it I think you would like it. Happy holidays!

    1. We tried the Crown..we should give it a better chance:)
      Right now..we are hooked on our regulars..Billions..Pure Genius.THIS IS US (my fave)..and yes Shameless:( The difference between THIS IS US and shameless..but we started years ago..:( They are going way too far..not impressed.Bloodline..because he is in it:)

      I still like Nashville:) And miss Friday Night Lights:)

      Happy Holidays to you!

  14. it seems, that whenever you post....I have to read it...and then come read it again...drink in your photos and words...
    I seem to always be leaving the same comments Monique...
    I always feel like you have given me a great big hug...
    Love your collage of photos...wish I had thought of that...what a great card that would make!!
    And the memories...flooding my childhood...
    Thanks so much...I just love coming over here...if only for a few minutes♥️
    Have a wonderful weekend...
    I plan to!!!
    Linda :o)

    1. Well I read your family/garden/Fl /GRANDCHILDREN..posts and look again and again also..
      I think you have more..carefree joie de vivre than moi..years ago..I matched you..

    2. Awwww...thanks so much Monique!
      As you know...i do have my challenges...but, I always try to start each day as a new start...whenther it crumbles by 10:30 least I hd those few hours! 😉 Loving this wee family of year...if we are lucky enough...another little! My son and Anna really want a crossed!!
      Have a wonderful day...having dinner guests, so I am putting the finishing touches on...always gives me a good excuse to clean!!😁

  15. Hello Nana,
    I also love Christmas preparations! We made the Christmas tree last week and put the decorations out. It feel like Christmas already in the house!
    And when you add the smell of spices... Yum

    1. J'aime tellement ta simplicité dois admettre.. comparer simple at over the choisirais simple:)
      C'est une beauté naturelle.

  16. What beautiful are always yours posts dear Monique. Really enjoy.
    Love yours Christmas memories :)

    1. Thank you wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you and your family.
      Thank you for everything you share all year long.

  17. Christmas music is the best. Each song triggers so many memories. Did I send you a CD of "winter music"? I can't remember.If I didn't, I must. I've been getting out last year's mix and adding to it. In other news, I found some rose buds in the garden this afternoon. JUST FOR ME. I clipped them and put them in a vase. There is chance of snow on Sunday, so really really these must be the last!

  18. You did!
    We enjoy it..that was so thoughtful!
    Gathering rosebuds in December is a gift.
    You deserve them.
    We have snow.I am so glad..last year..a green just didn't feel right..and Christmas eve we had no power..a very different Christmas..

  19. I'm dreaming of a...
    Chocolate-dipped strawberry tree ornament!! Yum yum

  20. One of my favorite songs by some of my favorite singers, thank you for the lovely little gift. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and make memories to treasure in the years to come.

  21. Ah, I love that cozy feeling of preparing for Christmas in a warm home. This will be a good time as a "blizzard" is due this afternoon through tomorrow night!! Enjoy your Christmas!!


    1. A blizzard? I remember your last years'ones too.WE have snow..but not a ton yet..enough for the spirit though.

      Happy happy holidays to you also Bonnie.

  22. A great idea to gather photos of loved ones. One of my favorite songs by some favorite singers, and I still have fond memories of attending a Michael Buble' concert. Prayers for his son. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for reminding me how old your grandchildren are. Boy does time fly.

    1. It zooms by..I have only seen MB in concert on TV..his little boy is apparently out of the hospital for the holidays..and the paper said very optimistic:)I cannot even imagine..that little sweet blonde child..
      Xavier will grow before you know it..I find Oli still has innocence..7..the other 3 are edible..too..but school changes of grade 4 I would say..:)The elf is still important..and it seems everyone still believes in Santa!

  23. Monique, I did the same thing this year. I found all the past Christmas card photos and put them together. When the kids get home they will love looking at them. You have a beautiful family too! We are both blessed ♥
    Hugs, Jody

    1. WE ARE:)♥
      Such nice kids..son-in-laws and Littlesx

  24. Special post with lots of cute photos of the family. Beautiful songs by such talented singers. Love your cute Christmas measuring spoons. Merry Christmas.

  25. Hi Monique. I've been busy trying to get the house decked for Christmas. I love your Santa measuring spoons, so cute. Where do you store it all? Shortbread cookies are the best. Those cookies look good but I'm not a fan of almond extract. Do you think if I were to substitute say 1/4 cup of almond flour and reduce the regular flour and add vanilla extract I would get that almond taste or should I substitute more almond flour?

    1. You are s cute..forget about the made me smile..sounds like..I'll have a BLT without the bacon and tomatoes��
      I find almond flour really doesn't taste like almond..just leave the extract out..
      The spoons are from Hobby Lobby..I go once when we go to Fl..and it's make it snappy��
      Jacques went to Costco next door this time..I find they have cute things.
      Christmas..Easter..Halloween..and special baking..are in large cardboard boxes with lids in my craft room closet..right now..the Christmas box is open sitting on the floor there..card table up for wrapping will all be put away end of the week..
      I bet you home looks beautiful and must be happy to have healed enough to do things:)

    2. Well I would take the tomato but Jerry would just want a bacon sandwich😬. I so have to clean out my basement so I can collect new "stuff" but that won't happen too soon. I must admit I am struggling to get into the holiday mode. Still adjusting to what life will be like here in the states come January. At least the grandkids keep me smiling. No Hobby Lobby here, so I'll make do with my plastic measuring spoons that snap into one another and don't get lost. I'll look up Ina's recipe too.

  26. By the way, I think some cranberry and orange scones are on the list for the morning.

    1. Have you tried the Ina Garten ones?
      Her cranberry ones that you can bake frozen?
      They were really enjoyed here last Christmas morning..I m planning brunch now..I think I have too many things planned.
      I feel awful reading this..when many have nothing.
      I was listening to Spotify while baking a warm house..and the song Have a holly jolly Christmas came on..and I's not holly jolly for everyone..
      The tv commercials..Jacques said how do families feel with all this is not everyone who can buy those luxury items..
      Wow what. A tangent eh?
      Nite Terry🌲☃

  27. I love that Christmas song also Monique. Loved your Christmas memories, and all the photos of the grands. They are growing like weeds. Amazing to think you have two older/older grands, we only see the younger ones, your alphabet boys. You have a beautiful family. Reading your post and all of the comments, I am wanting to bake some scones, but must wait now until tomorrow. The cranberry ones that you can freeze? I must look them up. We are not buying each other anything for Christmas. We just want each other and I want to hear from each of my children. That would make my Christmas, it truly would. I feel for families today with all the pressure that is on them from the media to buy, buy, buy. That is not what Christmas is supposed to be. It is supposed to be about love and family and togetherness. Off my soapbox now. Love you Monique. I hope and pray you have a truly lovely Christmas filled with love and joy and peace. xoxo

    1. You are right Adamo and Giuliana are rarely with us..
      they share their time with their mom and then dad..I have very few photos of them..but I do have some..When we all went away to Blueberry lake I do have some..many..I never know what the etiquette is..smaller I have put them on my blog but older..not sure they want to be there:)
      Both my daughters say go for it mom..they have no qualms about the boys being on.
      It's different now that they have grown..ADamo his life is quite social..and Giuliana..a true teen..but a sweet one..they are usually w/ us Christmas eve..but not morning..and I can't take pics in the dark on that occasion..

      we're not their grandparents..they have always called us Monique and Jacques..they have their grandaparents although their nonno passed away.
      I think they are wonderful young people and we get along famously.
      That is good enough for me.I want them to like us..and I think they do..Giuliana does our make up..she is a Sephora girl♥ And of course the boys idolize Adamo♥
      Yes the cranberry scones ..I made them last year and baked them good w/ jam..
      I get on soapboxes too:)
      You WILL have a lovely Christmas..and you WILL hear from your children:)
      My wishes for u..and Todd's health♥

  28. :) Merry Christmas Monique, to you and yours! xoxo