Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Oh Deer~

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..

OMGee this global warming is playing havoc w/ our Québec Christmases..

I need snow..and mistletoe..;) was pouring as I took the top pic.. December 5th..that meant we had 19 more days only to have a snowy Christmas Eve..and Christmas can leave Feb 1rst..but please ..for Christmas Santa..a white sparkly cover.
Today..the 6th the sun shone..and well now we have 18 more days..hurry..

So the tourtière..meat from last year..

We make a few that we can enjoy them during the year..saving one at least for early December.

Everyone has their fave recipe..some add Ricardo..and people are thrilled with it..

I should have paid attention when my mom made hers..:(

I had to learn from Jéhane Benoit..(our Julia Child) when I married at the ripe old age of 20.She has a few recipes..this one with oats is delish too.

I always work my way around the first recipe..
I have the book The Canadiana Cookbook..

AND her huge compendium..of so many individual 3 punch hole booklets my mom collected..I will NEVER part with that huge book that's in an ugly black huge 3 ring binder.!~Over 1050 pages.
1963 was the first published date.Over 1.5 million copies have been sold..
She is an institution here..and for valid reasons.

The size reminds me of Marie's beautiful you know that it weighs almost 5 lbs?
Well it does:)
It is BIGGER than Dorie Greenspan's Baking From My Home To Yours!

Now.. getting back to the tourtières..I make my own variation w/ my daughter..we usually use pork and beef....breadcrumbs....onions..garlic..and my own blend of spices..I have bought them also..but we kept adding..

Jacques is there helping..he loves that day..and Caroline and Jacques taste test.It is not an exact science in our case..

I was brought up w/ a tourtière tasting like cinnamon and a spot of cloves..
Jacques adds sugar on top:)
And he loves it w/ the home made fruit ketchup I shared again this year..

It is beautiful on a Christmas dinner plate w/ turkey and stuffing~
And the scent ..aroma throughout our so festive and cozy.

The link to all my talk bout the ketchup..leading to another here..
That too is beautiful and spicy on the Christmas table.

I am slowly getting more things out..  I switched up the kitchen window a bit w/ my vintage scale and greenery and little reindeer lights..I could have those everywhere:)That egg basket was bought in Provence this Sept♥

The stockings are ready to be filled..
Still grateful for having been taught step by step..and still grateful to Frances who nimbly turned my needlepoint into stockings that will last forever.

Feel free to type in Christmas on my search bar upper left hand corner as I just did for a few Christmas past posts..:)
Provence shows up once because of the appetizer lol..just keep going:)If you have nothing to the bottom it will be written Next posts..
I don't want to bore some of you who have been with me forever and a day..♥

One of the girls that has been with me from day one..even before blogging was a so stinkin' talented..and cute..

See that brocante/Provence/crochet bag?♥

Arrived for me for Christmas..hand stitched by her..
..look at every stitch..that's how many times she thought of us ..she and me.Or me and she.
I love it.
I received it in Fl..our manager ,Karen brought me the box..she even thought the box was so cute:)

And then Brenda did too..
and then I opened it and showed Brenda..

and she said:"That is so you".

Imagine that.

This is such a time of the year..

Hohoho and hohoho.

I love that part..

But I am not all hohoho..
that's me.

I like to just be quiet..and think..about everything.

The past..the present and the future.

What Christmas meant in the past..what it means now and what it may mean in the future.

I love listening to the music of Christmas.. I love the lights..the cards..the ornaments..the children..although..because Lucas started high school..his parents decided they had better tell him the truth..

"What? That there is no Santa Claus?" "I knew that.."  LOL...

Came back and said..: "So what about Buddy?"(Their elf).

Happy preparations to they humble or over the top..on your own or with each our own♥


  1. Tres jolie! So beautiful Monique , but always yours pictures and all you make is beautiful!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Still I do't begin to garnish for Christmas,. the kids are with final examns and Im caring my mom at home. Only I baked some things, oh well we never know, But I would love a quiet and beautiful Christmas too !

    Merry Christmas Monique!

    1. With twins and your mom being with must have so much to do.You are a lovely daughter Gloria:)♥
      I wish you peace too.

  2. So they're talking about snow tomorrow here in NC. Things are a bit mixed up, aren't they? Your decorations look lovely!

  3. What a pretty time of year. And that purse does seem like you! Be well my friend!

    1. Making your quesas again Sat:)LOL and maybe a Southwestern breakfast casserole..for Xmas in QC LOL.

  4. Sooooo beautiful, Monique. You have such an eye for and an ability to create beauty! I've never had tourtière. It looks and sounds like something I would love. Thank you for sharing it. Love your bag! That's a good friend! Wishing you some beautiful snow! We are due a cold front today... but, no snow. May your day be filled with joy. blessings ~ tanna

    1. You bring such calm and beauty to blogging Tanna! I love that:)

  5. Thank you for the links Monique! It is so nice to have snow for Christmas. We had so many of those when we lived in Santa Fe, NM and when I was younger, living in Boulder, Colorado. My daughter took my Grandson to sled on a man made “snow hill” last weekend.☃️😂. We decided, that maybe in a couple of years we would all go back to Santa Fe for Christmas, so that he could sled on real snow! Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays dearest Monique🎄💕.

    1. Wouldn't that be wonderful? A little boy and real snow:) They do love it..even though they eat it too..:)That little boy must be so loved:) I bet you have already picked out special gifts for one is their gift of choice:(
      I wish you EVERYTHING.You have been such a wonderful blogging friend to me.

  6. Your tourtière is a work of art Monique. Makes me want to get in the kitchen and create one of my own. Thanks for all of the links to recipes. I was just thinking about our Grands elf and how Rachel will be reacting this Christmas. The elf kept them in line most holidays, but probably will hold no sway over an 11 year old this year. LOL.

    1. I know!! See Lucas 12 in high school..and Caroline thinks Max may be onto him too;)Your Home For The Holidays looks beautiful!

  7. Come to Paris! Grey, foggy, overcast, very cold. No sun at all.
    Even a light dusting of snow last week though I missed it. I blinked.
    I dont like heavy books. You can not read them in bed...the only place to read a book imho. 😀

    1. Cookbooks are ok heavy..nothing else:)Both JB and Maries..are like it's ok;)
      I love to read on the beach and in bed.That's it..meaning regular books..And I have grown so fond of my Kindle etc..Jacques too..miss my covers..I find I tend to forget the books I have read more..Goodreads is super handy for taking inventory..
      We had a dusting too I blinked..and disparu.:(

  8. Oh Monique. The sweetest days there. We have cold this week, warm last week. Trying to finish shopping, wrapping and a rat crawled from an outside large pipe that goes under our house all the way to the Jenn Aire range top thingy that takes out the smoke and stuff and died. Can you imagine that smell for the last week wafting through the house? I was lying two inches off the ground trying to close up that vent outside. Oh well. Here is one to make you smile. My new baby grandson, Carson, is to be born unto us today. Can't wait to meet him.

    1. I love how you told us about the most beautiful manner ossible..made me teary:)
      The rat..I saw my first one in Nov..washed up on the beachs miles down..on our walk..:( Not pretty..we get filed mice..never a rat to be seen..I hope Rudolph eats all your rats..:)
      Thinking of you..

  9. Oh, Monique, I am praying you have a white Christmas! I am pretty sure we will not, but we never do, but a green Christmas in Canada and Quebec, is a real no-no! I haven't made my tortiere yet, but I am hoping to pick up the meat this weekend to do them next week. It would not be Christmas without them. Madame Benoit, what would Christmas be without her recipes. I have a few that I make every year. She is in my blood. A Canadian Institution that fed several generations of Canadians with tastiness. Funny, I wrote about her this morning as well! I wish I could still watch her shows. I only have one of her books, Madame Benoit cooks at home. It is old and falling apart. Yours is such a treasure. What a joy to have that! Your tree is so beautiful. I have the three ornaments you made me in places of honor. The little Gingerbreadhouse is on the wreath that hangs over our fireplace and the little She loves Christmas is small enough to fit perfectly on my small tree, and I have the lovely red coat and mittens hanging on the door handle to my china cabinet next to the tree. Places of honor. I treasure THEM! What a lovely gift from your friend. I think it is just beautiful. I thought at first that you had done it and was in awe that you have come so far! Lucky girl! I see my sister has become one of your followers. That is because I have been singing your praises to her. See, I am your fan also. I hope that you enjoy all of these lovely Christmas days and preparations in the run up the actual day and that you have the best Christmas ever! I was so thrilled today when Ariana stopped by with her husband Jose and she told us she is expecting a baby! I literally jumped for joy! I can begin making baby stuff with abandon now and I will actually get to see a baby in it! Love, hugs and Holiday blessings! xoxo

    1. Oh gee Marie..I am tickled pink your lovely Arian is having a will go nuts..I am telling you..That child will be so part of your lives..HURRAY..and I want to see everything you make..Lucky Araina and Jose to have you and Mr T close by..That's exciting.I am going to go and see my followers :)
      I am happy you like the ornaments..Alicia s great!
      I have your gingerbread house on my tree too:)
      Have a great aftrenon!

  10. Seeing your gorgeous looking tortiere reminds me of our trip to Quebec last summer and I ordered that at the restaurant. SO GOOD. The people at the next table did, too and the woman said she liked it but "my mom's was the best!" Our mom's is always the best! Don't you wish you'd watched more -- so many of those recipes not really written down.

    You are the joy of Christmas personified! I love every word in this post -- the joy, the food, the ornaments on the tree. You are so ahead of me -- I really have to get with the program!

    1. Lol you have a social life! Stick with wear it well..:)You do things..experiment..take classes..visit..see friends..your cork poppers etc..way busier than I am..
      And yes our moms seem to have made the best of the recipes we remember♥
      Have fun getting ready!!

  11. All you photos are so beautiful. I am sending you snow vibes!

    1. Oh Penny I look in the grass is greener on the other side and think..I need photo classes..just like my art..haven't found me yet:)
      But thanks so very much!

  12. One day I will try making a Toutiere. I love how it is distinctly Canada and Montreal ♥ It sounds delicious and all of the variations, oh my. Even better from the Grande Dame of Montreal cuisine :) And even more special on that beautiful tray...I know what it means to you.

    I love the furry plaid boot on your tree. So Scandinavian :) I could see you snow shoeing in a pair of those ;) No snow here either - a dusting this AM. Gone already. No sign of snow in the forecast either.

    The bag is SO YOU :)

    I had to smile about the Elf. When Mack was here he asked me if our Elf decoration was the 'real' Elf :) I said I think just the one at your house - LOL.

    1. Forgot to mention your kitchen ♥ I love the wreath on the window and the eggs on the scale. How are the girls?

    2. Just the one at YOUR house lol:) Oh we are so funny ..

      The girls apparently are fine and dandy..Alain says 3 are missing feathers on their bums..out of 12..I said well those sure aren't mine..bare bums on chickens are not the cutest:)
      I want mine back fully feathered:)

      He is so good to take them..

      The furry plaid boot is from Di years ago..I think you follow her on IG..I love it too..
      and allthe ones through the years of yours..

      That bag..traveled Fl/Mtl like a trooper!:)
      Have a great day..I just opened a beautiful card form my friend w/ pics of her beautiful family on he front:)
      LOVE IT.
      Oli will be here in 45 mins an after school visit..getting a little holiday platter ready for him;)

  13. Lovely vignettes Monique. You have an eye for capturing lovely photos. I do hope your wish for snow comes true. Happy holidays.

    1. We just love vignettes don't we? Still playing even now :) I say yay:)

  14. I wish I could have snow to Christmas night, but I'll not, thta's for sure.
    As wellas you I have a cooking book since I was a child in my parent's homa . The great Pantagruel books, is its name. Althought we dispose of such a huge amount of online receipts, that goes on being THE BOOK.

    I love the net bag you showed - I believe I'll be able to reproduce it!

    Wish you a great weekend- around here, it rains a lot, thanks God.

    1. I know you can reproduce it have those fairy fingers my dear.
      I will peek at the book..Gosh your English is good!!!

  15. We are expecting our first real snow tomorrow -- fingers crossed the people come out to the Cinema fundraising event. The Cinema is hosting a series of screenings at the local high school and museum with discussions afterwards with artists, directors involved. One of the screenings (next year) is Casablanca followed by a chat with Isabella Rossellini! Yes, I am signed up already. All of the events are free as a thank you and a "this is what you can look forward to" by the Cinema organization. I wish you were here to go with me as I know you love her and share her love of those 'girls' speaking of which, are the girls still giving you eggs? I love the Santa comment! My niece is starting to have her doubts. Absolutely did NOT want to sit on Santa's lap.

    1. Hahah about the sitting on Santa..:)Yes I love that classy lady,untouched in a world of surgically enhanced stars.
      She is a beauty.
      How fitting Casablanca and Isabella..Fingers crossed for a great turnout!!
      WE may get snow this week..had 12 snowflakes yesterday...

  16. "What about Buddy?" :) So sweet.

    And "Hear hear!" to your above comment about Isabella Rossellini. What a beauty, just like her mama. I remarked to Mike just a few weeks ago on a lovely photo she had up on her instagram. Let me see if I can find it again. . . .No, the search through her many lovely pics is taking too long. But she has CHICKENS too, did you know? :)

    The sweetest of Decembers to you, Monique. I am almost too frazzled this year to feel the "bittersweet" of it the way I always do, but I'll likely have my moments. Mom's tremors and other Lyme symptoms have been bad lately, and her handwriting on her Christmas card yesterday doesn't even look like her writing, so the past and future are always on my mind. 'Am trying to slow down some and be here for the NOW. I tend to live forward or backward, I think. :/

    Anyway, I hope you get your snow, and I love the tree-trim on your pie. ♥ :) Just beautiful.

    1. I feel awful for your mom and you and yours..
      What an unexpected twist in life..that gorgeous mom of yours..thank God she has her family surrounding her and making sure she feels loved..

      writing..I bet hers was beautiful sweetness...

      I wih her betterness..that's a new word..I wish her betterness in 2018.You just never know..xx

      Yes I follow Isabella because of Gail..I would have never thought to look for her..I am still newish..I saw her w/ her chickens..and pigs..and I love her.She will be a nana soon..and her son..what a beautiful man..daughter too..

      she is very special..

      I loved the movie COUSINS..she and Ted Danson..1989:)

      You might like it.

      I just looked at your other comments:):):)
      You are adorable..yes I had read about her book.I bet the photos will be exquisite.Like her.
      Thank you!

    2. Thank you for your good wishes. ♥ I remember that movie, yes. Grandmotherhood for her! I saw that on her Instagram. How special a time and life-change, yes.


  17. P.S.)

    Pure contentment there, yes? :) ♥ I love seeing that in someone.

  18. And I just saw that she has a book titled _My Chickens and I_ coming in April. :)

    In this delightful illustrated book, actress and filmmaker Isabella Rossellini shares her newfound passion for raising chickens. When a cardboard carton dotted with airholes arrived at her door, Rossellini expected to welcome 38 yellow chicks to her Long Island farm. Much to her surprise, her newly hatched brood included a diverse mix of heritage breeds—a discovery that prompted further research into the traits, behavior, and history of each one. Perfectly capturing the fine-feathered glory and surprising intelligence of these spirited backyard birds, My Chickens and I pairs Patrice Casanova’s photographs with Rossellini’s wry observations, fun facts, and hand-drawn illustrations.

    'Something to look forward to in 2018. :) ♥

  19. We had a few inches of snow yesterday - so sparkly and pretty this morning ... and cold too! Love all your gorgeous photos. Happy preparations to you too - so cute!

  20. Dearest Monique,
    Yeah, the weather is not always following the calendar... We had our first frost this night and luckily all pot plants were brought inside the green house and 2 palms reside inside our garage till spring.
    We never do much for Christmas, we are just the 2 of us and we only celebrate it the religious way, that is going to midnight Mass in Jacksonville, Florida and spending the night at the Hyatt Regency. It was so heavenly last year and such a balmy, warm walk from the hotel to the Basilica. So we vowed to repeat that.
    We have been rather quiet as Pieter received the 'death penalty' from a bully of a cardiologist. We of course have gone to another one and now he is stable and happy with the use of new meds. Expensive at $ 700 p/month but we both feel so grateful for having him around still. How can 2 professionals be so very different? Only God knows...
    Sending you hugs,

    1. I fully understand re 2 professionals:(
      My question is or my statement is..some were made to be physicians..some not.

      Some absolutely not.

      I am saddened to hear about Pieter Mariette:(:(

      So sorry..I will come see you..I have been away and remiss.

  21. Happy December to you too Monique! The bag is beautiful...the tourtiere delicious... I think I will try your ketchup this year too... :) Hope you get your white xmas... xo

    1. It's coming sweetheart..tomorrow,,Winter is coming:)
      Of course I'll worry about everyone on the know me♥

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  23. Everything looks just beautiful, Monique! Just finished decorating the house. Next baking the Christmas cookies! ♥ Hugs, Jody

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