Wednesday, May 2, 2018

End of April~ Beginning of May~

~And suddenly you know..
It's time to start something new
and trust the magic of beginnings~
~Meister Eckhart

Please note it's RASPBERRY almond;)

As soon as our Secret Garden sprouts Scillas..we know Spring has arrived..  crocus bloom and snowdrops..hyacinths make way..and garlic garlic everywhere.
Iris..and peonies and rhubarb and tulips stretching through the earth..
Wet and chores were on standstill for a few days..I finished my Orla Kiely wannabe blanket..Amanda at Eight By Six shared it..I knew right away I wanted to try..Marie made it..another reason..she said it was wonderful to make.I love Eight By Six..found her on MUCH inspiration on IG!!

It is a fun project....but honestly..I knew at one point I needed 9 colors and a 4mm hook..I made it w/ 8 (4 I already had for a next yr scarf..added 4 more..) and for some reason picked up my Susan Bates 5MM hook because I like the rubber grip.

I learned a few everything!!  Before starting;)
I learned a Picot cute is that?
I learned to roll my yarn into BALLS..see that purple?  From the first started out in knots..worse that Christmas took me well over 1.5 hours to get the knots out and roll:( Oh lala..

and because I used the wrong needle..and 8 skeins lol..I started running out of yarn:(
Oh well..I know how now..although these are not my colors..(I can't get the proper wool here..)and I found it hard to pick 8 colors that go ok together..Orla happened like a hippie little blanket.
Still I like her...
The 2 orchids you see are my rebloomers♥
So I guess I will keep them up..the 3rd new one since my bday in Feb from Nancy is still of course in bloom.

The girls are home..♥Although we're not quite sure they are in fact Caramelle and Bécassine.. my heart  knows Bécassine is one of them...she was the smallest always.
They are very talkative now think they miss their OTHER family;)

I've baked and cooked a few new things..
Still enjoying all my teas..  my of wine~
w/rose thorns up my arms and hands..getting a facelift for Bella..

One meal I made was ..wannabe tacos w/ home made Naans..
I sautéed onions and my garlic..browned low fat meat..and added a heaping tbsp of these nice spices..from Pattie..
I was misiing Worcestershire powder..added liquid;) I had the powdered  tomatoes!!
 I have sun~dried too..anyway these spices are good:) 

I made home made RANCH was OK so I won't share the link and made Marie's Naans ..the only thing I would do differently ..I would make the Naans earlier:) I did everything AT dinnertime..the spices and dressing were made previously..
I have made Naans before..but wanted to try Maries..I think hers are prettier;

Another..being a recipe that Terry my Gardenbuddy sent me.. 
from Sally's Baking Addiction..
Raspberry ~Almond~Crumb Cake

easy peasy deliciousness..I only had frozen time I will make sure I have fresh too pop on..

Gradens are keeping me focused~

Garden Journal~

Above is what is blooming this first week of May..along with some 

Anemones..and Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash.

No leaves on trees..

Irises poking up.Some tulips and daffs..all is so late this much is still UNDERGROUND:(

I still have 2 small patches of snow in the front..don't ask.

Ranunculus are planted..I soaked the corms..

Basil and lemon verbena and curly parsley are bought.

2 yellow Dahlias I saved from last yr are planted.

All the leaves are gone..almost..
Some pots are filled w/ fresh potting soil..

ripped out more hydrangeas..poor shoulder..

Mulched Rose Cottage..
Linda's perennial sweet peas..(2) are planted..the ones I started indoors..fingers crossed..

Tomato seedlings are doing very well!!

Grass has been aerated by Jacques..


  1. Dear Monique, you know still I dont feel good to make a new post, I know is normal, all was really fast.
    Love all thes elovely pictures, how are you doing, how are the kids?
    The twins are sad but are strong, amazed me.
    Thanks by your words, xoxoxox

    1. What you and your family are going through is very hard.

      I hope you take some comfort in knowing that you were so wonderful to your I bet she was to you.

      When we lose our mom..we are an orphan in some any age:(

      I have missed mine forever..I am truly sorry for you♥
      One day you will blog again..because that can make your mind wander.if even for a few seconds..helps.

    2. Marci beaucoup Monique !
      really true is so hard my mommy was really special not only a mom she was a nice friend. hugs and thanks !

    3. I understand..mine was too..I have never had a friend come close.Never.The best of right?:)

  2. BTW I love your almond crumb cake !

  3. Seeing your beautiful pics is like experiencing spring all over again! We're almost into summer now so this is lovely :)

    1. For the first time ever I have found winter here too long😕Things are so slow it seems..thank you Chris!

  4. I totally in love with crochet afghan..

    1. Krishna you would love making one!!!I know you have a lot to do..but it is so relaxing!!🙂Thank you!

  5. Indeed, an exciting time of the year. With new life, new hope!
    xo Kris

  6. These images are totally charming! I think the blanket is adorable. Reminds me of my sweet mother. She crocheted many blankets and throws. All of her children and grandchildren have pieces of her work. My all time favorite of my pieces is one done in a soft cream. I snuggle under it and think of my mom.

    1. I would too:) When I turned 50 ..almost 100 yrs daughters bought me a blanket that has a photo of my mom and I as a child together on it..All winter it is on top of our bedromm blankets at night on my side.LOVE it!!So I hear you so clearly Sarah.

  7. Orla reminds me of Easter eggs (which is a good thing--the chocolate kind with colorful foil wrappers).
    It is time to plant here. Usually we should wait until after May 10, but the forecast is mild. First, I have to figure out how to get a cubic meter of compost into my tiny car.

    1. You sound like me.. Fiat 500:) Being a gardener a pick up truck would be far more practical;)I know..Orla..not my colors..but she seems happy so I am too:):)

  8. i will try that cake Mon as soon as i can use my right hand again. Love the blanke too! 🍃🌷🍃

    1. It's rasperrry lol I noticed I wrote rhubarb!:)Heal well and soon Di:)

  9. Adorable as always.
    Maybe Some healthy recipes soon..?

    1. Thanks Carol:) Re healthy..

      We eat healthy..our meals..

      Here's my brekkie..2 tbsps granola..3 tbsps greek yogurt..juice..tea or coffee..every day lol..lunch usually avocado toast ..a tomato.. water..dinner 2 or 3 veggies..usually roasted snap peas sautéed for no time in sesame oil..and a protein.I could skip the meat..but don't..we eat
      I don't eat desserts..J dessert lasts him a week or more:)

      I will have a cookie ..IF and now..I made a new recipe..I had one..a bite of a cake..

      I share dessert pics..because I make them..can photo later in the day..etc..lunches and patience..time to eat..not photo..dinners much more of the we eat at 5.45 every night..usually up to now since Oct no natural lght.I don't shoot in artificial light..
      I only shoot what is quick and easy..
      Aren't you glad you asked lol?

      I may even share more desserts..found a fnatastic IGER..Mix and Measure..fab pics..fab desserts..great girl..and she shares all:)

      Here she nice!

  10. So happy you have spring like weather now Monique. We jumped right into summer I think, with highs today in the lower 90's - oh well! Love that almond cake and your homemade naan looks perfectly delicious. Great way to enjoy tacos!

    1. We have had tacos maybe twice w/ my daughter in Fl..I found it a nice change:) Have a great day Trcia!

  11. Replies
    1. It's great w/ tea or coffee..truth be told..if I wasn't so careful..I would eat it for brekkie:)

  12. I am enjoying the wonderful eye candy on your blog today! I particularly love the photo of the Frida Kahlo pillow, framed by the two orchids. Beautiful! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the spices. I think you will find those very versatile, and able to be used in so many ways. That crumb cake looks amazing! I’m not a particular fan of rhubarb, but I do love it baked into things. I made a rhubarb cobbler that was phenomenal, so I am trying this coffee cake. I wish I had a slice right now.

    1. I made an error's RASPBERRY!!
      Of course I made the recipe x4 to have extra:) I like the kick!
      Thanks again!

  13. Adorable post as always. Your pics are fantastic!

  14. Well good Lord, Monique, there isn't anything left to do. I am so glad your flowers are coming up. Isn't it wonderful. I have never seen a picot edge and love it. Such a beautiful piece. I'd love that cake and always tacos. You sound like a whirling dervish and I guess I need to get after it. It starts with cleaning the garage. Ugh.

    1. Lol you should see my little corner of the garage..I was just out in humid drizzle planting a Forsythia and William Baffin and I trekked mud in..and just threw everything there tools..;) Pig Pen..will clean up tomorrow!! I wanted coffee and a muffin..;) Frizzy hair days for sure.Have a nice day Donna!

  15. You are learning the joys and aggravations of crochet. I don't always roll my yarn, only if the type of yarn sticks to itself, then a must! Oy, 1.5 hours?! A pretty, pretty blanket! LOL on the rhubarb crumb cake. I was about to tell you I made a fabulous rhubarb almond crumb cake in 2014 and posted it, then I saw raspberries after seeing the title on the photo :) I love the reflection of your flowering tea on the glass table ♥ Lots of rain here yesterday and this morning and lots of work to do outdoors. Ongoing. Nothing but peas planted outdoors here yet. Ground is still too cold. Soon though :) We had a wonderful, warm three days. Upper 80s yesterday! Crazy weather. I love all of your flowers, scilla always a favorite with that gorgeous blue color. Those tacos look wonderful!! I hope to make some this weekend with pork shoulder. Speaking of shoulders, I hope yours is okay!

    1. Joys and aggravations of crochet lol:) You said it so well..Oh this yarn was one continuous knot afer another..sometimes you can get to a pointt of commencement backwards..nope..:(

      I keep looking at my pack of nasturtiums..I bought Zinnia seeds today..Next yr..I will buy from your place..when I can bring them home..I love those seeds..
      So the shoulder.. last yr..MRI confirmed torn ligaments/muscles and bone on bone....
      I think we are due for a small catch up email soon:) WE've been so busy respectively w/ birthdays and Easter and gardening..will write soon:)

  16. Enjoyed your Spring pictures and inspiring recipes. Will make the taco seasoning. I got lost for 2 hours on Patti's blog. Thanks for that Monique.

    1. Fun to find new ideas! I agree..Like Mix and Measure on latest find..Happy Spring!

  17. My sweet little white orchid is reblooming as well alongside a beautiful new pink striped orchid my girlfriends gave to me for my birthday.

  18. I love the idea of keeping a garden journal. I should have started one last year because I couldn't remember where we planted certain things, and I was curious all winter. LOL Enjoying your spring pictures very much, and tacos have been on my list ever since the Magnolia magazine arrived on Monday. They gave several taco ideas, and I could live on tacos on weeknights. Scilla is a sure sign of spring here also, and I have been enjoying them on my walks at the college. Happy Spring!

  19. I hope you add one to some of your posts:) It's a great is sooo popular..It really is one I know has heard about it..yet Target..their Magnolia so so popular..what a lovely family too..I've learned so much on IG;)Have a great weekend!

  20. Wow, you have been so busy in the garden Monique! You are a true artist at heart, both on the ground and on paper. I love seeing all of your photographs. They are sooo pretty. Your blooms, the tea. You have a beautiful eye for . . . beauty! I love the colours in your blanket. They are so YOU. I have started my pink one for the baby, four shades of pink from very light to brilliant and then white to offset them. So far I think it looks quite pretty. This is the favourite crochet pattern for a blanket I have ever made and they are the perfect size. Your cake looks magnifico!! I will have to pin that recipe. I did a marble cake today. It turned out wel. Watch for it. I hope you are enjoying a lovely May weekend with lots of lovely warm temps. So happy you got your girls home now. I am sure they are busy telling you about all of their adventures from over the Winter! xoxo

    1. I just went out to give them clean water..more food and a slice of cheese..they are off their eggs this AM..yesterday one laid one..the little blonder Bécassine is quite the chatter now LOL..
      I think you would love to follow Mix and Measure on IG..since we like the same things;)Gardens in Spring and Fall backbreaking..the rest is just TLC..and TLC and TLC..but not hard labor;)
      Have a lovely day Marie..Thanks for the Naan inspo!

  21. I thought I commented yesterday but I guess I was not signed in again and didn’t realize it. Seems every once in a while I’m not signed in, who knows. Glad spring is coming your way Monique! I love Scilla and snowdrops and all the new flowers that spring brings. Any sign of your hellebores? The daffodils, snowdrops are done for the season. Especially since we had two 90 degree days. I love your crocheted blanket. Such cheery colors and you have made such great progress from your 1st attempt. Bravo! I’m glad you enjoyed the cake. It was nice and light, good with coffee or tea. I think blackberries would be nice too.

    1. Blackberries would be beautiful! Yes Hellebores everywhereI planted..but no yr I will say Alleluia Terry!..Just not yet:)Love making granny much!

  22. Man oh have been busy!!! The only things I have done in the gardens is RAKE!!! Bravo to you!
    Your photos are spectacular...always take my breath away...
    Your afghan is is whatever you want it to be...there are no rules...
    I use whatever hook I like...whatever yarn I like...after is my project...right???
    The shawl/scarf I made Lissa should have been with a finer yarn...and a bigger hook...but, it is what it is!!!'Perhaps I will try that one again...
    Foggy here today...still warm...rain moving in...and BIG winds predicted...hope the wee cottage survives!!! 80 kms down there 😳
    Miss V coming tomorrow...Miss N's baptism on Sunday...I can finally give her her present that I made for her 😊
    Have a great weekend Monique...must look thru my teacups this afternoon...after I make clam chowder that is! hahaha!!!
    Linda :o)

    1. I love that.."it's my project right?"
      My new motto;)

      Did out the teacups because I am a debutante.
      I joined one thing once and it ended badly..
      This won'

      You have a busy weekend my dear..all fun..all girlie..of course your hubby and son and son-in-laws notwithstanding;) raised bed is not happening..we bought one a few years ago..perfecto..this one ..we just realized was one height not 2.. so too small..! Where oh where will I put my tomatoes now..oh lala..
      Have a GREAT weekend!Enjoy the chowder..crappy weather here..heavy..damp..grey drizzle and chilly..:(

  23. Hello Monique,

    It looks like I've missed a whole bunch. While I've been lying in bed trying not to move, it's so wonderful to see you cooking, baking, crocheting and working in the garden. I think this may be The Spring That Wasn't for me. I'm grateful that I got help here and at the lake a long time ago.

    The weather here is iffy. It can go from sunny to gloomy in a matter of hours. But everything is so GREEN!

    I'm feeling better with each day. Today for some reason I am very sore. The pain meds make you very loopy...going into the wrong drawer, forgetting almost everything, but just for a second. I'll be glad when I can tough it out. I'm sleeping way too much as well. IG is so simple--just lay on my back and use my thumbs. It's great keeping up to date with all of you ladies!!

    1. Dear Jane..I have had a Spring like yours:( One of my daughters remarked during that summer that the gardens had taken care of themselves for me:) She isn't a gardener but I loved her words..and it seemed to ring true to me.
      Hope never dies in the heart of a gardener jane..It's amazing how you are healing so well and steadily..I think it is go forward..and then back..albeit so very hard..because all we want is to feel normal and to get on with life.
      I hear you..I hear you..I must go peek for your address again..I do want to send you a note:)
      I am thinking I would love snail mail...if I was on my back..because I love it even not.
      Take care..Keep your courageous have to..that family of yours:)♥
      I love that page on many Mary Engelbreight Day to Day calendars..

      ~All Will Be Well

      Let's keep that thought:)

  24. Replies
    1. Thank you! Such a far cry from my usual color picks..I'm livin' dangerously:)

  25. The Naan dinner looks amazing, Monique, I want to give it a try. I like the way you arranged the vegtables and garnished everything. It is all in the details.

    1. Thank you Amalia..Bon weekend!We lost power..since 9 last just came back on..catch up:)

  26. Beautiful and colorful blanket. You have come a long way and it shows. So glad it’s garden time. Your winter has been extremely long. We have been working in our yard quite a bit. The temps are warming up here. Happy Sunday.

  27. Dearest Monique,
    This is the time for lifting up our spirits with beautiful spring gardens, at least still in your area!
    Here we have the Magnolia grandiflora in full bloom; spectacular too.
    Enjoy it and the cooking and baking becomes a joy as well.
    As for me, still healing and meanwhile I've tackled 25% of the scanning of old letters and cards. Precious for having saved those years and Pieter gets to read them before we toss them out. One day I will be healed and DONE with this mega task.

  28. Happy gardening! I love the blanket - you are very talented! :)

    1. :) At last! Sunday was sunny and a bit warmer..just so late this year..the same to you:)

  29. Hello Monique...just discovered your blog...Your photography is beautiful..
    the watercolours you blog are are very talented...
    I have just started my first afghan rug after finding a tutor on u-tube...
    crochet is so quick and lovely to do....your work is inspiring....
    I borrowed a book recently on Frida and husband Diego...very interesting life...
    she endured much hardship..but was gifted with abundant talent
    I need to get out more into the garden and rake our leaves ...
    our autumn colours are so pretty at present

    1. Bonjour! Isn't it ovely this crocheting? I love keeping my hands busy..I have seen movies on Frida..have not read any books..she seems to be eternal of course:)The one with Selma Hayek stands out for me.
      Thanks for your encouraging words:) Have a lovely day..sunny here!

  30. You take Home Arts to a Beautiful level!! How lucky you are that your creativitiy is able to flow so freely! And then you share it all...I saw a book on Provence at a Library used book sale recently. I thought about sending it to you, and then I thought, but your photos are so much more beautiful! Oh what a book you could publish!!!!

    1. I would not want the responsibility of having to create something that would or could sell:(
      That is so sweet of you..but my working days are over and I am now at a stage where I have accepted it and am so grateful to not work.
      The stress..can you imagine?
      C'est fini pour moi les inquiétudes de ce genre:)
      I'll ponder why only one girl is laying and where should I plant my tomatoes..and check yarn sales:)♥
      And paint and bake and read..sounds so quiet..and it is..and as you know I love that now..
      On the other hand..LOL..
      I want you to do one!!:)

  31. Oh Monique, your photos -- as always -- are stunning, real gems. And I am so very happy to see that spring has finally come to your world! It's been a long wait, hasn't it and I know you were so very ready. The blooms are beautiful! And your cooking and stitching projects look ambitious (and in the case of dinner, quite delicious!).

    Life is so very good!

    1. :) Spring has sprung and I realize how much I have missed warmth this winter.Why can't winter be here w/ warmth?:)